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Meet the team behind G4W

Stablished in September 2016, Gear4Wheels has grown its online presence by striving to offer unbiased information about everything wheeled. 

We hope to become a trusted resource for all the gearheads, car audio enthusiasts and aspiring mechanics who're looking for up-to-date reviews and guides.​

Alex Meyer: Founder, Mechanics Expert and Chief Editor

blog author

My name is Alex and I'm a certified grease monkey and a purebred gearhead.  I've spent the last 13 years (man time flies!) fixing things with wheels and learning about car electronics, mechanics, car care and what not. 

I've worked for top automotive brands such as Mazda and Citroen, as well as an specialized Mercedes garage amongst others.

After a couple of years getting a lot of requests from friends and acquaintances who wanted to install car audio equipment in their cars but didn't know how, or had problems with their cars and wanted advice, or wanted me to detail their rides because they didn't thought they could do a good job themselves... I decided I could actually share what I know and do on a daily basis here, at Gear4Wheels.

I've spend over 3,000 hours on the last few years testing products to craft guides such as:

And I'm also a contributor on other car magazines and technical publications.

​When I'm not writing for this site or doing some mechanics work, I enjoy travelling and riding motorcycles. (Watch out for a 2-wheeled section soon!)

Joe Harvey: Technical Author and Mobile Audio Expert

I joined G4W as a Technical Author and Mobile Audio expert in August 2017, bringin over 15 years of expertise to the site.

Mobile audio has been a passion for me since I installed my first system at age 17 (back in the 90s when information wasn't as accessible as it is today) and I've been hooked ever since.

I enjoy playing music, travelling and aviation. I have lived in Oregon, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

I am currently pursuing my dream of changing occupations from I.T. Consulting to Commercial Aviation.

Joe Harvey Technical Author