Best Tool Chest for Mechanics [Reviews and Comparison]

If you are a mechanic, you know just how much storage space you need for all of your tools and parts. The problem often arises when you need a tool chest with many different features. Well, today we are here to take a look at 3 top contenders, all of which might just be the best tool chest for mechanics. Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section Comparison ChartOur Tool Chest for Mechanics Reviews1. Viper Tool Storage1. Milwaukee Drawer 16 Tool Chest3. Husky Drawer Heavy-Duty Tool ChestFINAL VERDICT Comparison Chart IMAGE PRODUCT Lockable Charging System Material TOP PICK! 1. Viper Tool Storage … Read more

Craftsman 6 Drawer Review: Should You Buy Yay Or Nay?

If you need a new tool chest, you absolutely want to check out this Craftsman 6 Drawer review. Whether you are a home hobbyist or a handyman on the go, a good tool chest is always a useful part of your arsenal. In our opinion, the Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Top Tool Chest is one of the best around, so check it out today! cRAFTSMAN 6 DRAWER  QUICK OVERVIEWReview of: Craftsman 6 Drawer Category: Tool chestsQuality of BuildThe build quality of this tool chest is definitely top notch thanks to the steel build, powder coat finish, and very high weight … Read more

Milwaukee Drawer 8 Tool Chest Review. Worth Buying?

The Milwaukee Drawer 8 Tool Chest is a really nice option to keep in mind if you are on the hunt for a new tool cabinet. This particular one is large enough for a whole lot of tools, it can roll around, has a power station, and has a really durable build too. Let’s take a closer look right now with this Milwaukee Drawer 8 Tool Chest review. Milwaukee Drawer 8 Tool Chest: QUICK OVERVIEWReview of: Milwaukee Drawer 8 Tool ChestCategory: Tool Chests SafetyThe safety level of this chest is fairly high. The locking wheels and locking drawers are definitely big bonuses.  … Read more

Gas Vs. Electric Pressure Washer: Which One Should You Buy?


When it comes to pressure washers, many people are curious as to whether they need a gas or electric model, and indeed which type is better for specific tasks.Within this guide, we’ve looked into both types of washer in detail, so that we can guide you into choosing the most appropriate model for you and your needs.Recommended: Best Gas-Powered Pressure Washers For The Money Quick Navigation Direct Comparison:Breaking it DownDesign and Build Quality:Cleaning Power:Size and Weight:Overall Practicality:Final Recount:Pros and Cons:Gas Pressure Washer Electric Pressure Washer:Final Verdict: Direct Comparison:The below table compares some of the key selling points shared by both types … Read more

What Oil to Use for a Pressure Washer [Ask the Expert]

When it comes to sheer cleaning efficiency, gasoline-powered pressure washers output around double the power of electric machines.They also do away with mains AC power cords, allowing you greater freedom whilst cleaning.Though more powerful and convenient, there is a drawback; these types of washer require greater maintenance in the form of gasoline and oil.This is not limited to just one type of oil, either. Both your engine and pump will require a different kind of oil, and it’s important that you’re using the right product to keep your components in good working order. Below, we’ll look at the difference in these … Read more

What Kind of Soap Should I Use in a Pressure Washer? [Ask The Expert]

When you’re choosing a soap or detergent for your pressure washer, it’s important to know that not all cleaning products will work effectively.You don’t always have control over the ratio of detergent to water, which is normally determined by the washer, so you’ll often need a concentrated substance to ensure that tougher stains are properly cleaned.Recommended: How to use detergent with a pressure washer the right way.You’ll also want to consider what kind of surface you’re cleaning, as some detergents are more specialized for specific tasks than others.What’s more, using the wrong cleaner could result in damage to some surfaces … Read more