What Are The Best Ways to Heat a Detached Garage? – Ask The Experts

Detached garages provide more versatility than just storing our cars.We can use them as workstations or places for band practices. Cold weather is one of the few reasons why you wouldn’t want to set foot in your garage. There are different ways you can keep your detached garage warm. Cold weather doesn’t have to be the reason why you don’t enter your garage.I will explain here the best ways to heat a detached garage, so you can use the one that suits you best to enjoy it! Quick Navigation Things we can Do to prevent losing heatInsulation:Spray Foam:Fiberglass roll insulation: Foam boards … Read more

How Often Should I Use Fuel Injector Cleaner? – Ask The Experts

Every part of your car needs to be maintained. When you maintain your car you prevent it from failing at you when you need it. Are you ready to be a wise vehicle owner? One crucial component that needs to be clean is the fuel injector. A dirty and clogged fuel injector can cause your engine to malfunction. The repair costs are high and it may not be something you want to stress about. You can prevent this when you purchase a fuel injector cleaner. It’s easy to use at home. How often should you use the fuel injector cleaner? … Read more

Coaxial vs Component Speakers. Which Ones Are Best?

There are a number of factors that go into deciding what speakers will work best for different car audio applications.If you’ve read our article where we review the best car speakers available on the market, you’ve probably seen all the differences between speakers.In this article, we will examine a few aspects to take into consideration when deciding which speakers to select for your install. As the title suggests, we will focus on the difference between coaxial and component speakers and outline a few common applications of each type of speaker. As a general rule, component speakers are going to sound better … Read more

What Is The Longest Lasting Car Wax? [Reviews and Comparison]

What Is The Longest Lasting Car Wax

If you want to keep your car looking its best, then you have to utilize car wax to ensure that it retains its luster and shine for days.Unfortunately, given how much wear and tear your vehicle endures on a regular basis, waxing may have to be done on a constant basis to maintain the same level of protection and appearance.Hence, we’ve crafted a list of the longest lasting car waxes that you can buy right now, apply and forget about waxing for weeks. Let’s check it out!Longest Lasting Car Wax Comparison Chart Quick Navigation Longest Lasting Car Wax Comparison ChartLongest Lasting … Read more

How to Clean Fuel Injectors [Machine Vs. Fuel Cleaners]

When it comes to maintaining your car, it’s essential that you keep every part of it as clean as possible over time. Typically speaking, most of the components of your vehicle’s engine will collect deposits and filth as you drive, which will adversely affect their performance. One of the most susceptible parts of your engine is the fuel injector. Because your car’s efficiency is directly related to the amount of fuel and air that feeds into the engine, it’s crucial that your injectors are cleaned on a regular basis. However, given the relative complexity of them, most car owners neglect … Read more

What Class Amp Is Best For Subs? [Ask The Expert]

Typically, subwoofers are powered with Class D amplifiers.Why is this done and what kinds of different amplifier classes are available and what is the difference between them?There are many technical aspects to car audio that can be confusing and a bit intimidating to the non-audiophile. You don’t have to be an audio engineer or an electronic engineer to understand the basic concepts to amp design and function although things tend to get convoluted pretty quickly and the more you research, the more terms are used which most people don’t understand and are hard to make sense of without an in-depth understanding … Read more