Mixing Subwoofer Sizes: Is it really THAT BAD? (Solved)

You may have seen people running multiple subwoofers of different sizes or even two different subs of the same size in a single or multiple enclosures.There’s a few reasons why this is a bad idea.Let’s look at a few topics related to subwoofers (and speakers in general) and learn why mixing and matching subs is a downright terrible idea. Quick Navigation Let’s get something rightBefore you do weird stuff: Back to BasicsKey parametersHow this all matters more than you’d thinkSituations where this general rule doesn’t necessarily apply. Introducing: CrossoversConclusion Let’s get something rightMost people who aren’t at least somewhat educated … Read more

Do Subwoofers Need To Be BROKEN IN? (Solved!)

It looks like it’s that time again. Time to open the ol’ proverbial can-of-worms.Few car audio topics on the internet get as much back and forth and outright bad information as the answer to this question.Do a quick Google search on breaking in subwoofers and you’ll get a load of comments on car audio forums with answers ranging from technical explanations and numbers to outright ridiculous anecdotes of people’s subwoofer break-in stories. Quick Navigation How to break-in a subwooferSo do they need break-in or not?Cases where this makes (some) senseWhat the manufacturers have to sayWrapping up How to break-in a … Read more

Jl Audio Speakers Review: Are They Really THAT Good?

Welcome to another review by your friends at Gear4Wheels! In this article we will be taking a look at JL Audio’s front stage offerings.JL Audio, founded in 1975, is a very well-known and renowned brand in the mobile, marine and home audio industry.Based in Miramar, Florida, they are one of the few companies that still make its products in the US and they have continued to be an industry leader in quality and innovation.Their R&D team has made many advances in speaker technology over the years and they have incorporated that technology into their drivers to create some truly amazing … Read more

Best Car Alarms of 2020 [Reviews and Comparison]

So you finally got that system you’ve been wanting installed and you’re happily bumping your music and showing off for the honeys. Wouldn’t it be a shame if some crackhead decided it would look better in a pawn shop? You probably spent a decent chunk of hard earned change on building your car audio system, so why not spend a little on making it secure? The point is, why spend all that money on a nice car audio system and leave it unprotected? A locked door is not a big deterrent to a thief. The sad fact of the matter is that no amount of … Read more

Monoblock vs 2 Channel vs 4 Channel vs 5 Channel amps

Quick Navigation About Wiring2-Channel Amplifiers4 Channel Amps: What For?What About 5 Channels then?How to power all this When you’re deciding on what amplifier to buy for your audio system, one of the biggest factors is how many channels it has. If you’re looking for an amp to power subwoofers, in most cases you only need a single or “mono” channel Class D amplifier, even if you’re running multiple subs. This can be achieved by wiring the voice coils of multiple subs together in series or parallel configurations which will present a certain ohm load to the amp depending on how … Read more

Coaxial vs Component Speakers. Which Ones Are Best?

There are a number of factors that go into deciding what speakers will work best for different car audio applicatio​ns.If you’ve read our article where we review the best car speakers​ available on the market, you’ve probably seen all the differences between speakers.In this article, we will examine a few aspects to take into consideration when deciding which speakers to select for your install. As the title suggests, we will focus on the difference between coaxial and component speakers and outline a few common applications of each type of speaker. As a general rule, component speakers are going to sound better … Read more