What Class Amp Is Best For Subs? [Ask The Expert]

Typically, subwoofers are powered with Class D amplifiers.Why is this done and what kinds of different amplifier classes are available and what is the difference between them?There are many technical aspects to car audio that can be confusing and a bit intimidating to the non-audiophile. You don’t have to be an audio engineer or an electronic engineer to understand the basic concepts to amp design and function although things tend to get convoluted pretty quickly and the more you research, the more terms are used which most people don’t understand and are hard to make sense of without an in-depth understanding … Read more

AutoPhix OM126 OBDII Code Reader Review (Awesome value for money!)

A wise person once said “never pay a mechanic to tell you what’s wrong with your car”. Actually, that’s total BS and I just made it up, but there’s some truth to that statement.  Even without much mechanical knowledge, it never hurts to have as much information as possible about your vehicle, especially when something’s not right with it.  This is where an OBDII code reader can come in handy. I’m sure that most people reading this review know what a code reader is and does, but for the uninitiated:  The OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) is an automotive term referring to … Read more

Are car audio capacitors good or bad, and what’s the deal with them?

A lot of people are probably wondering if they need to add a capacitor to their car audio system.You might have heard that a friend added a capacitor to their system and it stopped their headlights from dimming or even experienced it for yourself.So you think to yourself “Hey, my power system must be better off with a cap installed, it fixed my power issues!”Well this is a double edged sword so to speak.Yes, your headlights might not be dimming any longer but that does not equate to a healthy electrical system, nor does it mean you’ve solved your voltage … Read more