The Best Car Battery Charger in 2019? (Top 6 Reviews and Comparison)

Best Car Battery Charger

What is the best car battery charger in the market?

Whether you own a small shop or are a car enthusiast, you know that getting a good battery charger is a smart investment.

We’ve all had the experience of coming out to our car to turn it on, only to find out that the battery is dead.

There are a couple of different types of machines you can get; the first is a jump starter that will get your battery started (surprising isn't it), and the other is a charger that will refill your battery 100% so that you don’t have to keep it running for a long time after you start it. Which we would add it's not the best way to charge a battery, anyway.

Usually, however, good battery chargers do come with a jumpstarter feature, so they are a much better option overall, which is why we are going to look at some of the best battery chargers on the market. 

Battery Charger Comparison Chart

IMAGEPRODUCTCharges 6v BatteriesCharges 12v BatteriesFast Charge Mode
1. Schumacher SE-8050
  • Durable construction
  • Ideal for fleet vehicles and industrial use
  • Works for multiple battery sizes
  • Can test batteries and alternators
  • Rapid charge takes less time
Charges 6v Batteries: YESCharges 12v Batteries: YESFast Charge Mode: YESVIEW ON AMAZON
Schumacher SE-4022 review2. Schumacher SE-4022
  • Durable construction
  • Reliable operation is designed for fleets
  • Fast charging times
  • Two rotary switches included
  • Voltmeter built-in
Charges 6v Batteries: YESCharges 12v Batteries: YESFast Charge Mode: YESVIEW ON AMAZON
Schumacher SE-3010 review3. Schumacher SE-3010
  • Insulated to keep water out
  • Easy-carry handle built-in
  • Six-foot power cord
  • Six-foot jumper cables
  • Backlit charge indicator
Charges 6v Batteries: YESCharges 12v Batteries: YESFast Charge Mode: YESVIEW ON AMAZON
NOCO Genius G Series review4. NOCO Genius G Series
  • Durable construction
  • Resists scuffs and scratches
  • Multiple sizes and amps available
  • Works well on most vehicles
  • Cars, trucks, RVs, boats, ATVs
Charges 6v Batteries: NOCharges 12v Batteries: YESFast Charge Mode: YESVIEW ON AMAZON
Schumacher SE-5212A review5. Schumacher SE-5212A
  • Compact and portable
  • Durable construction
  • Automatic overload protection
  • LED indicator shows progress
  • Fast operation charges in about three hours
Charges 6v Batteries: NOCharges 12v Batteries: YESFast Charge Mode: YESVIEW ON AMAZON
  • Durable construction
  • Compact and portable design
  • Three charging modes
  • Automatic overload protection
  • One-button charging
Charges 6v Batteries: NOCharges 12v Batteries: YESFast Charge Mode: YESVIEW ON AMAZON

Battery Charger Reviews

1. Schumacher SE-8050

Starting our list is this industrial-grade charger from Schumacher. The SE-8050 is designed to work with a fleet of vehicles, meaning that you get more than enough power and reliability for any hiccup in power.

That being said, if you are looking only for something to keep your car in good shape in case your battery dies, this will probably be a little too much for you. Nonetheless, those who need a lot of power and capability will be impressed with this machine.

It works on both six and twelve-volt batteries, meaning that you can use it for a wider variety of vehicles than just cars.

As such, it could be a good option for any rental company that uses ATVs or other motorized vehicles with batteries.What makes this charger so dependable is the fact that it has a ton of power capacity.

Not only that, but it can check your batteries and alternators to see if they need to be replaced or will still hold up for a while longer.


Schumacher SE-8050 review

Overall, you get a ton of versatility with this device, as well as the ability to charge ultra fast.

While portable chargers may take up to six to ten hours to get your battery fully charged, this machine can do it in just one or two.

With 30 amps on a six-volt or sixty amps on a twelve-volt, you can get back on the road in no time.

That’s another reason why this is designed for high-capacity use so that you can get multiple vehicles charged in much less time.

Finally, the control panel is super easy to use, and it is built to last. This is in my opinion the best car battery charger available in the US at the present moment.


  • Amp Output: 30 amps at 6 volts, 60 amps at 12 volts, 300 peak amps
  • Charges 6v Batteries: Yes
  • Charges 12v Batteries: Yes
  • Fast Charge Mode: Yes



2. Schumacher SE-4022

We’ve already seen what Schumacher can provide as far as a high-quality battery charger, and this is the slightly less powerful version for those who don’t need as much raw energy.

Still, even with that in mind, the SE-4022 is still built for fleets or those who need an industrial-strength charger, so don’t think that you’re out of luck if you get this version instead.

What we like most about this machine is that it not only provides plenty of juice for your battery, but it can run a full diagnostic on it and your alternator as well.

This way you can find problems before they become complications and fix them accordingly.

This makes the machine a helpful tool in any fleet mechanic’s belt.

Resource: Charging Lead-Acid batteries, what you need to know.


Schumacher SE-4022 review

As for performance, this model has more than enough power to go around. Best of all, the versatility is incredible, such that you can charge a wide variety of batteries in a relatively short amount of time.

Smaller units can use the 2-amp setting, or you can go even faster and charge with ten amps. If time is of the essence, this device can run up to 40 amps while charging, and it has a 200-amp jump starter as well.

In the end, you can do a lot with this machine that you wouldn’t be able to with any portable unit.

That being said, if you aren’t managing multiple vehicles, this is probably going to be too much for you to handle.


  • Amp Output: 10 amp fast charge, 40 amp rapid charge, 200 amp starting charge
  • Charges 6v Batteries: Yes
  • Charges 12v Batteries: Yes
  • Fast Charge Mode: Yes



3. Schumacher SE-3010

So far, we’ve seen Schumacher Chargers that are built for fleet vehicles and cars, but what about if you need to recharge a battery out in the field?

The one’s we’ve seen are far too large and cumbersome to be portable, but the amount of power you get is incredible.

Fortunately, the SE-3010 Model is a more travel-friendly version, meaning that you get the same high-quality results without having to lug a massive machine with you.

In fact, this particular charger is made for outdoor use on the farm or the ranch, which is helpful because that also means that it’s insulated for protection against the weather.

It’s not completely weatherproof, but it will last a lot longer than most other chargers.

Also, it’s relatively lightweight at just over twenty-five pounds and it has an easy-carry handle so you can bring it out to your tractor, combine, or whatever else you may have.

As far as performance goes, this unit works as well as everything else we’ve seen.


Schumacher SE-3010 review

It can work with both six and twelve-volt batteries, and it provides either ten or thirty amps of charging power, meaning that you can get your vehicle ready to go in much less time.

Not only that, but it has a 200-amp starting charge that can revive a dead battery instantly.

The only downside to this model (and the others we’ve seen) is that it doesn’t have automatic overload protection.

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This means that you have to pay attention to when the battery is full so that you can stop it in time.

Otherwise, it could cause the battery to overheat and potentially create a fire hazard.

Thankfully, the charging meter is backlit so that you can see it clearly in any condition without problems.

Overall, this portable charger is a great buy and can provide excellent results for any vehicle you have, large or small.


  • Amp Output: 10 amps fast charge, 30 amp rapid charge, 200 amp starting charge
  • Charges 6v Batteries: Yes
  • Charges 12v Batteries: Yes
  • Fast Charge Mode: Yes



4. NOCO Genius G Series

When you want raw power and reliability, a charger like the ones from Schumacher is a great buy.

However, they are beset by the issue that you have to manually operate them and monitor your battery’s health to ensure that they don’t overload or overheat.

In this case, however, the NOCO Genius earns its name by being one of the most versatile and smartest chargers on the market.

First and foremost, this particular model comes in a variety of sizes.

While we are showcasing the G26000, there are seven different chargers available, starting from 0.75 amps.

That also means that smaller versions can work on 6-volt batteries, which the G26000 cannot.

So, with that in mind, be sure to pick the unit that works best for your needs.

What we like most about the NOCO Charger is that it knows how to make the most out of your battery.

Whether it’s completely dead or needs a gentle charge, it will figure all of that out automatically and adjust accordingly.


NOCO Genius G Series review

Not only will it detect the amount of amperage it needs, but it will protect against accidental reversal of the poles and will go into maintenance mode when the battery is full.

Also, it has a LED indicator that shows you its progress at it goes.While the smartness of the device is incredible, we also like its size.

It’s ultra compact and can fit into any car trunk or glove compartment, making it an excellent option for any travelers who want to keep something on hand in case of emergency.

It has a water-resistant shell and a rubberized base that won’t get scuffed or scratched and will keep the internal components safe in the event of any bumps or falls.

Overall, this is a fantastic charger to have available.


  • Amp Output: 13 amps at 24 volts, 26 amps at 12 volts, 30 amp jump charge
  • Charges 6v Batteries: No (other versions do)
  • Charges 12v Batteries: Yes
  • Fast Charge Mode: Yes



5. Schumacher SE-5212A

Next, we have a battery charger that is both highly portable and functional, while still being more cost-effective than the competition.

While we love all of the smart features of the NOCO above, it all adds up to a rather expensive machine, so if you want something a bit more modest, this unit from Schumacher is a better way to go.

When talking about performance, this device is capable of charging most twelve-volt batteries in a few hours.

It has a fast setting that uses ten amps to fill the battery and a trickle setting that uses two.

The latter is important for when the battery is full, as this model has an automatic shutoff sensor that activates when that happens.

This way, you never have to worry about overcharging and damaging the battery.

If you want to learn more about how car battery chargers work, here's a good resouce.


Schumacher SE-5212A review

In addition to a quick-charge mode, this device also has a jump mode that can start most nearly dead or all dead batteries, although it may not work all of the time.

This feature only uses fifty amps, so it might not provide enough juice for some all-dead versions.

What we like about this charger is that it is small and compact and super easy to use. It has solid-state switches that enable you to move back and forth between amperage quickly and easily without accidentally putting it on something you don’t want. It’s also only ten pounds, which makes it much easier to carry.

Overall, if you want something in your car for emergencies, this is an excellent choice.


  • Amp Output: 2-amp slow charge, 10 amp fast charge, 50 amp jump charge
  • Charges 6v Batteries: No
  • Charges 12v Batteries: Yes
  • Fast Charge Mode: Yes




Our final stop is with this portable charger from Black + Decker.

This particular unit is a great piece of equipment, delivering the same level of smart features as the NOCO model but at a much better price point, making this one of the best options you can find.What we like most about this charger is that everything is automatic.

No matter what kind of battery you have or what level it’s at, this machine will detect and adjust itself accordingly.

Not only that, but it will protect against accidental pole reversal as well as overloading when the battery is full.

Finally, it can run diagnostics on your alternator or jump start a battery in as little as eight minutes. Overall, you get a ton of great features with this machine.

As far as performance goes, this charger works on almost all 12-volt batteries, including AGM and gel cell models.



It has three charging options to make sure that you get the best results each time, and with up to fifteen amps of capacity, you can get your battery full in much less time.

Best of all, it has an LCD screen so you can see everything as it happens, and it has a one-touch activation so you can simply set it and walk away.


  • Amp Output: 0-15 amp charging mode, 40 amp jump start
  • Charges 6v Batteries: No
  • Charges 12v Batteries: Yes
  • Fast Charge Mode: Yes



Final Verdict

After checking out these various chargers, we have two that we like better than the rest.

First, we love the raw power that comes with the Schumacher SE-8050, which is ideal for anyone who needs a reliable charger that will last for some long years. If you run a shop, this really is the charger you want to get.

Second, for those who don’t need a giant workhorse but still want something reliable and versatile, the Black + Decker BC15BD is the best portable battery charger I’ve seen.

It has much better features and benefits overall and is an indispensable piece of equipment to keep for your car.

Alright so these were my picks as the best car battery chargers! 

Last Updated on 05/10/2019

The Best Car Battery Charger in 2019? (Top 6 Reviews and Comparison)
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The Best Car Battery Charger in 2019? (Top 6 Reviews and Comparison)
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The Best Car Battery Charger in 2019? (Top 6 Reviews and Comparison)
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