Best Car Polish

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Whether I’m just stopping by my neighborhood store or cruising around town, I always make sure my car is looking great. I want it to shine like a diamond and I also want people to notice it. Even though it’s a few years old, I still receive a huge amount of compliments from people about the car’s appearance. They always ask me how I get it to shine like crazy, and I tell them everytime that I just use good polish and try to keep it clean.

Check out some of these great car polishes to keep your car looking its best.

Best Car Polish

Comparison Chart

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CAR GUYS Hybrid Spray Wax – Advanced Car Wax – Long Lasting and Easy To Use – Safe on All Surfaces – 18 Oz Kit
4144bSHMQzL. SL500
Meguiar’s M0716 Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze – Exceptional Polish Restores a Deep Wet Shin, 16 oz
Chemical Guys GAP_VKIT_101 V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish and V38 Final Polish, 16 Ounce, 2 Items
31r+yHKF56L. SL500
3D Speed Car Scratch Remover Polish & Wax – 16oz – All-in-One Scratch Remover, Swirl Correction & Wax Sealant Protection with Glossy Shine
41E 3qCKEnL. SL500
Car Polish by Nu Finish, NF-76 Liquid Polish for Cars, Trucks, 16 Fl Oz Each

1. CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant

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CarGuys formulated this custom synthetic-based sealant to make your car’s finish pop. It’s applied by simply spraying it on and wiping it down. You might have to use more than one application on older vehicles, but it’s well worth the effort. The sealant protects your car from life’s daily hazards such as dirt, grime, bird poop and so much more. 

Surprisingly, you can use the hybrid wax sealant on all sorts of material from glass, metals such as stainless steel, chrome and so much more. It’s also very good at repelling water. You won’t have any problem with oxidation either.

This product went on very easy. You’re able to squeeze out the polish without it being too thick or thin. The wiping is quite nice and the formulated polish allows for a nice even coat when applying. The polish dries in no time. Getting it all wiped back off was at times a bit of a challenge, but it’s not like you’re forced to remove it with a buffer or anything. The Hybrid Wax does love to stick to plastic trim, so be careful to mark off those areas or you’ll be stuck with white smears that will be a little hard to remove. 

CarGuys knocked it out of the park with this product. The Hybrid Wax Sealant does a phenomenal job at covering and sealing those annoying scratches and marks that all vehicles get from time to time. You can use it quickly thanks to the design of the bottle. Be sure to use it out of direct sunlight for best results. Customers who have purchased Hybrid Wax Sealant have also given mostly stellar reviews attesting to this spray wax’ unique ability to bring out the best appearance of your car.  

As long as you follow the directions on the bottle you should have no problems with the product. Just be sure to shake the formula well before using it. You only need to apply a little bit of the hybrid sealant, as spraying too much of it will leave white streaks and smearing on your car.


  • Uses carnauba wax
  • Super easy to spray on
  • Mixed with a special patented polymer to give a glossy effect
  • One full application lasts for up to six months
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Come with a great quality micro wiping towel


  • Only use on cool car surfaces, so find a shady spot before applying.

2. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze

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A favorite of both customers and the auto show circuit, Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze gives everyone the chance to experience the superior deep gloss and shine you can only find at a car show. The liquid glaze is especially good when used on dark colored vehicles. 

The best way to describe the product would be “intense”. It’s hard to describe the effect you’ll get when you use it on your car. The shine your car will experience is breathtaking. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze is the absolute “go to” product for bringing out the ultimate gloss on any vehicle’s paint job. 

Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze is a great all around product. You get what you give when using it, which means you might have to put in a little work to make it shine at its best. It does a fantastic job when applied to older model vehicles.

It also performs well when you want to eliminate minor scratches and rub marks. Customer reviews at many online shops give the product a thumbs up, so you can feel confident when purchasing for your vehicle. It’s very easy to see why so many car detailers and car show teams keep the wax sealant handy. 


  • Safe for all paint finishes
  • Does not dry white
  • Give an ultra glossy effect
  • Can be applied by hand or buffer


  • Can take some time to produce a perfect shine
  • Can be applied by hand, but will react better with a buffer

3. Chemical Guys GAP_VKIT_101 V36

Chemical guys certainly have a good reputation for creating excellent car detailing products. All customers would agree however that their product names leave a lot to be desired. Their V-36 Optical Grade Polish is designed to handle polishing duties as well as take care of minor to moderate scratches and swirling. We especially like that all CarGuys products are non-toxic and biodegradable.

V36 Optical Grade Polish can make your car look great. You’ll have to do a bit of work to get it to cover minor scratching and rubbing, but you’ll be pleased with the results. The formula’s abrasives help when you want to restore old paint finishes and vehicle panels. 

The glaze applies very easily without much fuss. It must be stressed that you need to make sure your car is super clean before application, or else you’ll see the imperfections of your cars’ finish displayed quite prominently. Other than that, the V36 formula was very impressive.

Using a buffer with it would be best, as the product is designed to get rid of mid to moderate scratches. With a bit of agitation from an electric tool this isn’t a problem. V36 had no problem filling in and taking care of anything we threw at it. 

We even tried the wax to restore a headlight that was badly hazed from years of road wear. All we did was make sure it was perfectly clean. V36 knocked out both the haze and mild crazing like it wasn’t even there in the first place. The wax even took care of some rims we had lying around, making them look better than we’ve seen them in years. Very impressive.

Customer reviews for this product are very good, and it’s easy to see why. Be sure to shake the product vigorously before using and you’ll see that the application will last for quite some time. V36 cab purchased separately or as part of a larger kit.


  • Smooth liquid goes on easy
  • Uses optical grade abrasives to help eliminate scratches
  • Leaves your car with a very glossy effect
  • Versatile, can also be used on car trim to cover rubbing and scratches
  • Safe for all surfaces


  • Sometimes hard to tell if it’s working because it doesn’t go clear once applied
  • Might take a few passes of the microfiber towel to see best results
  • Leaves a lot of “dusting” when applied
  • Best results when using a buffer
  • Can be used to restore headlights

4. 3D Speed All In One Polish/Wax

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This liquid style polish does a decent job of protecting the finish on your car. Easy to apply, it’ll leave your car looking great every time you use it. 3D Speed All in One Polish is a favorite of auto detailing shops and car dealerships, with good reason. 

It goes on easy, polishes and waxes at the same time, which makes it an excellent economical choice. The purplish polish/wax is smooth and gives a decent shine, but you’ll notice that the application doesn’t last all that long. 

Most will appreciate what 3D Speed All in One Polish/Wax can do for their vehicles. The polish isn’t perfect. It needs to be applied in the right way, preferably with professional tools. It gives your car a beautiful shine, but it simply doesn’t last all that long. 

The more you use this product the better it’ll treat your car’s finish. Application was fairly simple and straightforward. By the time it was applied it was ready to take off. 3D polish can be easily removed by hand, but a buffer would’ve come in handy. This is because the polish/wax is so glossy that imperfections or missed spots can be noticed from a certain angle. 

When we went over the area with our orbiter, the difference was immediate. We kept the revolutions low and slow, and by the time we finished, the door panel looked like it was made of glass. Any swirling was a thing of the past. It’s really amazing what this polish/wax can achieve when combined with the right tools. 

The manufacturer claims that 3D Speed has “surface-correction” technology. It’s hard to see any change when using the product when compared to any other. For a quick detailing and a glossy finish, it’s hard to beat.


  • Easy to apply
  • Wax and polish your car in one go
  • Gives your vehicle that ultra high gloss shine
  • Can be used with orbital polishers and buffers


  • Not so great at scratch removal without the proper tools.
  • Polish doesn’t last as long as the competition
  • Waxing results can be mixed. 

5. Nu-Finish NF-76 Liquid Car Polish

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Nu-Finish has been around for a long time now. Their products are highly rated and its NF-76 Liquid Car Polish has been well received. NF-76 is easily applied and the company says that it’ll last for a whole year. This is one of very few polishes that can actually be used in direct sunlight. You do need to be careful not to get any on dark or black plastic trim, as NF-76 can stain them and it won’t be easy to remove. 

Still, don’t let that stop you when deciding on a good polish that’s durable and helps your car look its best. Nu-Finish NF-76 is not perfect, but customer reviews are very good so far. 

Nu-Finish NF-76 does what it says it will do, to a point. Although it is classified as a car polish, some car wax experts will say it’s more of a sealant than anything else. That’s because it is a 100% wax-free product. Still, it can handle the task of making your car look good. 

When we applied the formula to our test vehicle, we decided to do it in direct sunlight to test the NF-76s claims. We were not disappointed. The polish applied quite well and came off like a champ. It’s really nice when a manufacturer can make a claim that can be proven on the spot.

We did find that the polish doesn’t really remove scratches and spots as well as some other brands, but it will do an admirable job. You can tell it’s high-quality when you see it going on your finish, it just seems to soak right into the paint. It bonds quite well to whatever surface you want and comes off quite nicely. Nu-Finish did a fantastic job making the NF-76 and it shows. 

This polish easy to use and no doubt lasts a long time.One interesting feature is that the polish can be applied in direct sunlight, something most polishes cannot handle. It’s not going to cover your car’s scratches. Being a wax-free product, NF-76 can still make your car shine, and will bead off the water in a heartbeat.  


  • Company claims one application per year is all that’s needed
  • No hard rubbing needed
  • Can be used in direct sunlight
  • Leaves a great shine
  • 100% synthetic
  • Sold in both liquid and paste versions
  • Uses a no-wax formula


  • Be careful when applying, will stain plastic surfaces
  • Doesn’t really remove scratches all that great
  • Will stain black trim

Buyer’s Guide

Types of car polishers

  • Paste: Easy to use, some last up to one year.
  • Liquid: Long lasting and durable, take a bit longer to cure.
  • Spray: Simple application, wipes off nicely.
  • Hybrid: Mix of wax and polish, long lasting and economical.

What Does Car Polish Do?

Not to be confused with car wax, car polish acts as an extra protectant for your vehicle’s paint finish. Car polish is very good against things such as dirt, oxidation and minor imperfections. It can even preserve auto paint. It also can cover minor scratches and rubbing on exterior surfaces. Car polish is normally used before wax is applied.

How Clean Does the Car Have to Be Before Polishing?

  • A car needs to be washed thoroughly before applying polish. Pay special attention to the exterior of the car when washing
  • Carefully inspect the car for scratches and rub marks. Now would be a great time to use clay or a good rubbing compound to fill in any medium or deep scratching and marks.
  • Make sure to strip the car of all wax before you begin polishing.
  • Double check that there are no other contaminants on the vehicle before you begin.
  • Be sure to read the directions carefully. Most car polishes require that your car be cool to the touch before use.

Do I Need to Do Anything After I’ve Used the Polish?

  • Do a final inspection on your vehicle after applying the polish. 
  • You normally don’t have to do anything else except for proceeding with the waxing of your vehicle.

Benefits Of Car Polish, Tips For Buying And Using Car Polish

  • The main benefits of using a car polish is that it is designed to protect your car against oxidation and other environmental hazards. Car polish also helps to remove or cover over minor scratches and swirls. 
  • When buying car polish, look for one that is safe for all color shades. Some darker colored cars can be damaged by polish if it isn’t formulated for darker colors. 
  • Use car polish in a shady area if possible. Never attempt to apply it to a hot car surface. 
  • You can eliminate vehicle scratches. Car polishes are designed by nature to fill in and seal minor, shallow scratches without having to do a huge amount of work. The light-reflecting properties of the polish should make most scratching unnoticeable if applied properly.
  • Rub marks and even spots can be hidden. You won’t be able to entirely remove some annoying spots and marks with just polish, but you should be able to effectively hide them, especially after using a good wax after polishing those areas. 
  • Extend your car finish. A good polish should be able to assist with keeping out dirt and grime, oxidation and corrosion. Acting as a seal, the car polish can save on the wear and tear of the paint on your car. 

How To Polish Your Car

Car polishing is essential for removing imperfections to a vehicle’s exterior, such as swirl marks, oxidation, water spots, and light scratches. The process removes a significantly thin layer of paint, which effectively minimizes the visibility of the aforementioned blemishes. Polishing is not as popular as washing and waxing, but it can fully revitalize the car’s external gloss.

While its effects are impressive, polishing is a corrosive process. It’s highly recommended to polish your car when absolutely necessary because each time you polish, you remove a layer of paint. Over-polishing will strip away the paint prematurely. In some cases, it could penetrate the protective coating and the paint surface itself, detrimental to the car’s exterior.

Polishing Methods

You may do polishing either manually or via machine. Using hands is theoretically safer, but it will be time-consuming and tedious, especially if you work on all of the exterior panels. A machine polisher is more efficient and often used by pros.

By Hands

1. Apply the car polish

Grab a polishing pad and dip it in clean water. Ensure it is damp because too much moisture will make the application difficult. If the pad is too dry, the polishing mixture might damage the paint.

You can put the solution either directly on the surface or on the polishing pad. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the recommended amount.

2. Spread the polish

Place the pad on the surface. Apply consistent, gentle pressure while moving the pad across the exterior. You can do a circular motion or back and forth when working on the panels.

After applying the polishing solution in a consistent manner, it will spread and eventually dissipate. You will see a shinier, vibrant finishing comparable to a brand-new car. 

3. Wash the surface

Once you’re done with all the panels, it’s time to wash the car. Use a specialized car soap to clean while ensuring there won’t be residuals from the solution.

Wipe the car’s surface with a moist towel. Then, rinse it with clean water using a hosepipe or a pressurized sprayer.

By Machine

1. Apply the solution to the panel

Apply a decent amount of polishing solution to a panel. Mount a damp pad properly on the polishing wheel. Turn on the machine but don’t place it on the surface yet. If you confirm that the pads are intact, you’re ready for the next step.

2. Spread the polish using the machine

Using a medium or normal speed is recommended when spreading the polishing solution. Ensure the spinning pad makes contact with the surface consistently to prevent swirl marks.

Apply steady pressure and go back and forth across the panel’s surface. Scratches will start to fade once the paint becomes warmer than usual.

The high-quality shine will become more evident once the polishing pad absorbs all the solution and moisture. Repeat this step for all remaining panels.

3. Clean the car

Turn off the machine and rinse the pad with a hose or a power washer to keep it from getting saturated with the polishing solution. When completed, wash, rinse, and dry the car.


Using a high-quality car polish can not only add a fantastic sheen to your vehicle, but also help maintain its value. All of these polishes have some great qualities about them. They are all fast-acting, easy to use and do a very good job of maintaining the finish of your car. When you treat your car as an investment, it’ll give you much more in return. If you give any one of these excellent polishes a chance you won’t regret it.