Best Car Tweeters To Buy In 2022? (Reviews and Comparison)

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If you want to get the best car audio experience, you know you need to get your hands on the best car tweeters.

While most of us think about speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers for cars, you cannot forget about tweeters as well.

To help you get started on your quest to upgrade your system, we will be looking at some of the best tweeters from the best brands out there.

Car Tweeters Comparison Chart

IMAGE PRODUCT Power Sensitivity
TOP PICK!Rockford Fosgate PP-T Punch review 1. Rockford Fosgate PP-T Punch
  • 4-ohm and 8-ohm versions available
  • Powerful response means that you only need one
  • Full range performance delivers best sound quality level
  • Billet machined aluminum phase plug improves thermal capacity
  • 4.5 kHz at 6db/octave crossover
Power: RMS: 50w Peak: 100 W Sensitivity: 105 dB VIEW ON AMAZON
JBL GTO19T review 2. JBL GTO19T
  • Soft dome speaker set
  • Oversize voice coils to dissipate heat
  • Delivers smooth, fatigue-free highs
  • Carbon-composite baskets
  • Low-impedance design (three ohms)
Power: RMS: 45w Peak: 135 W Sensitivity: 93 dB VIEW ON AMAZON
Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Tweeter Kit review 3. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Tweeter Kit
  • One-inch PEI dome tweeters
  • 4-ohm impedance level
  • High-frequency range for a fuller sound spectrum
  • High sensitivity delivers better results
  • L3.5 kHz high-pass 12dB/octave crossover
Power: RMS: 60w. Peak: 120 W Sensitivity: 90 dB VIEW ON AMAZON
Polk Audio DB1001 review 4. Polk Audio DB1001
  • Marine certified composite dome tweeters
  • Liquid-cooled silk polymer coating
  • Neodymium magnet installed for clearer highs
  • Swivel mounting cups allow for repositioning
  • In-line 4kHz at 12db/octave crossover
Power: RMS: 92W Peak: 180 W Sensitivity: 92dB VIEW ON AMAZON
Alpine SPS-110TW review 5. Alpine SPS-110TW
  • Pure silk dome tweeter
  • r4-ohm impedance
  • High power output for better results
  • Fifteen-degree swivel cup mounting bracket
  • Shallow depth for easier mounting
Power: RMS: 100w Peak: 300 W Sensitivity: 88 db VIEW ON AMAZON

Top Car Tweeters of 2022 Reviews

1. Rockford Fosgate PP-T Punch


  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • RMS: 50 Watts
  • Peak Power: 100 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 4kHz - 20kHz

For over thirty years, Rockford Fosgate has been synonymous with high-quality audio systems.

As such, when looking at products from this company, you should be expecting the best; whether it’s better components or specifications, this brand has everything you need to make your car’s sound system more incredible than ever before.

Starting us off is the amazing PP-T Punch Tweeter. Unlike most models, this is sold as a single unit, but don’t worry, you won’t need to add another one to your car.


Rockford Fosgate PP-T Punch review

This is one of the most powerful and dynamic tweeters on the market, delivering some of the best sound imaginable.

The secret to the success of this device is that it has a remarkable crossover system inside that helps improve its power consumption and reduces the chance of a blowout.

This means that you can pump up your music and still get crystal clear audio coming out of this machine.

Best of all, because it has one of the highest sensitivity ratings, you can still get the same level of quality at lower volumes as well.Another reason that we like this tweeter is that it’s made with durable aluminum components that won’t overheat or break down. While it is larger than most car tweeters, the fact that you only need one for your system means that you will actually be saving space.

Also, it comes with its own mounting hardware for your convenience.




While the PP-T Punch Tweeter above is built for high-powered systems, this model from JBL is designed for car stereos that don’t have a ton of power.

This tweeter is made more for efficiency than anything else, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants an improvement but doesn’t want to go hardcore.

It may sound like we’re knocking this tweeter, but the fact is that there are plenty of times when you want to upgrade your sound system but you don’t need something that is professional grade, which is why this tweeter is perfect for you.


  • Sensitivity: 93 dB
  • RMS: 45 Watts
  • Peak Power: 135 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 2.5kHz - 21kHz

What we like most about this product is that it has a soft dome design with durable carbon composite baskets.

Overall, these tweeters are built to take some abuse, meaning that they won’t burn out on you quickly. Best of all, they have oversized voice coils to dissipate heat even further.


JBL GTO19T review

The other thing that we appreciate is that they are edge-driven, meaning that you get much cleaner sound at any volume than you would with other tweeters.

That, coupled with a high-pass crossover (12 dB) means that you get sublime results with this set.

Additionally, they have a pivot mounting system which allows you to place them however and wherever you want for optimum results.



3. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Tweeter Kit


  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • RMS: 60 Watts
  • Peak Power: 120 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 3.5kHz - 22kHz

While we love the PP-T Punch from Rockford Fosgate, if you are looking for something a bit smaller and more efficient, then this set will be a better choice.


Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Tweeter Kit review

While the PPT system is made for hardcore sound enthusiasts, this duo is built for a more discerning audiophile.

What we like most about these tweeters is that they are small and easy to install, making them an excellent choice for anyone who values simplicity and ease of use.

With a compact one-inch dome design and a better mounting system, you can get these up and running in minutes.

As far as performance goes, these tweeters have excellent sensitivity and power control, which is only helped by a high-frequency response rate and an incredible crossover wiring system inside. Overall, these are fantastic tweeters.



4. Polk Audio DB1001

So far, we’ve only looked at tweeters that are designed for use in your car. However, what if you want to upgrade your sound system on some other type of vehicle, like an ATV or a boat? If that’s the case, you need something like these tweeters from Polk Audio.

They are marine certified, which means that they can handle rough terrain including water and mud.

Simply put, if you want to improve your sound system on any outdoor vehicle, these are the units to get.


  • Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • RMS: 60 Watts
  • Peak Power: 180 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 4kHz - 23kHz

What we like about these besides their durability and reliability are the high sensitivity levels and incredible frequency range.

This means that no matter what volume you have your music at, it will be crystal clear with these devices.


Polk Audio DB1001 review

Overall, they are great regardless of what type of system you use.



5. Alpine SPS-110TW

Our final stop is with these tweeters from Alpine.

The SPS-110TW system is built for high-performance systems. You can tell because they have a broader frequency range and a much higher power level than most other units.

This way, if you are a hardcore audiophile and you like to crank up the volume, these tweeters will be able to handle the extra load.


  • Sensitivity: 88 dB
  • RMS: 100 Watts
  • Peak Power: 300 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 1kHz - 22kHz

Overall, we highly recommend these devices for anyone who has such a system installed in their car.

With a silk dome design and a high-pass crossover, you can do a lot more with these tweeters than with most others.


Alpine SPS-110TW review

The only thing we would like better is if the sensitivity level was higher, as it can get a little crackly at either end (low or high volume).

Otherwise, mid-range and higher range sound come through beautifully.



Final Verdict

After looking through each of these tweeters, we have to say that our top pick has to be the PPT-Punch from Rockford Fosgate.

The level of power and sensitivity you get with that tweeter are second to none, making it the premier choice for both audiophiles and music lovers.

No matter what your setup is, this tweeter will only enhance it.

I can confidently recommend them as the best car tweeters in 2018

Last Updated on 02/23/2022

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