Best Jack Stand for Cars of 2022

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Imagine getting trapped underneath your 2,500lb pickup truck.

I know, I know, not exactly a cool thing to think about.

That's why you're here. It's time to get your hands on the best jack stand so that next time you work on your ride, you're clear from any sort of accidents.

I've seen all sorts of dumb accidents because of this. From mechanics school to professional garages. From "quick fixes" that were relying only on the car jack (don't ever ever do this!), to poorly positioned or bad selected (usually lower capacity than the car's weight) stands.

So make sure aswell to check out the recommendations section to lift and secure your car the right way.

Jack Stand Comparison Chart





Our Rating

Torin T42002



Min: 11"

Torin T43002A 



Min: 11¼”

Wilmar Performance Tool W41023



Min: 15½”

Powerzone 380036



Min: 11”

Torin T43004



Min:10 ¾

Sunex 1410 10-Ton




What to look for in a Jack Stand?

Choosing the right jack stand means knowing a little bit about what to look for. While most jack stands operate in similar ways, there are some important terms, definitions, and differences that you need to take note of to help you make a fully informed choice.


Jack stands are rated in tons.

The “tons” in this case refers to the amount of weight a pair of jacks can hold, being 1ton 1,000kg or 2,200lbs For example, a 2-ton jack stand can hold 4,400 pounds.

Since jack stands are usually used in pairs, putting two jack stands under the front of your car means that you are good to go for up to 6,000 pounds. While that may seem like a lot, many vehicles can easily clear that amount of weight, so it’s always important that you overestimate the amount of weight you need to handle.

In fact, it’s usually a good idea to figure out how much weight you will be putting on your stands, and then by jack stands rated for at least one ton higher. There is no such thing as “being too cautious” in this respect!


Jack stands are typically made out of either aluminum, steel, or cast iron. The material used can affect its overall tonnage rating, with aluminum being used for lightweight stands, and steel and iron being used for the heavy-duty jack stands.

Min Height / Max Height

A jack stand’s minimum and maximum height are important numbers, and, depending on your vehicle, will go a long way in determining the effectiveness of your jack stands.

For example, if your vehicle sits higher than a normal car or truck because you’ve raised the suspension, then you need to have a pair of jack stands that are tall enough to reach the bottom of the vehicle and still hold it high enough to give you the clearance you need.

Conversely, if the minimum height if your jack stand is taller than the maximum reach of your car jack, then you’ve wasted money, because you won’t be able to fit the jack stands under the car in the first place.

Retention System.

The retention system refers to what method is used to keep the jack stand extended even when under the vehicle’s full weight. Typically, a jack stand uses either a pin system or a ratchet bar, but different jack stands can use other methods as well.

As with most tools, this is a one-off investment well worth dedicating a minute to get right. If you're serious about working in your car, you'll be lifting it a lot of times, so knowing that you can trust your stands is mandatory.

Jack Stand Reviews

1. Torin T42002 2 Ton

The Torin T42002 is a strong, durable jack stand designed for smaller vehicles.


  • Tons: 2 Tons
  • Material: Steel
  • Minimum Height: 11”
  • Maximum Height: 16 ¾”
  • Retention System: Ratchet bar with a lock and pawl system


Torin T42002 2 Ton review

Since the 2-ton rating is for a pair of stands, and not each as an individual, you aren’t going to be able to safely lift much more than a compact car.

In addition, with a shorter minimum and maximum height, you will be limited in which cars these jack stands will be effective for.

However, if you are working on a smaller car, the strong steel construction gives you strong and durable jack stands that you can trust with your life, and the iron ratchet bar lock-and-pawl retention system lets you adjust the height with ease for the perfect fit.

This particular jack stand series is also available in 3- 6-, and 12-ton models. Each model is constructed similarly, but in addition to a difference in tonnage rating, expect a difference in minimum and maximum height.



2. Torin T43002A 3 Ton

The T43002A series is an upgrade from the jack stands mentioned above.


  • Tons: 3 Tons (as a pair)
  • Material: Steel
  • Minimum Height: 11 ¼”
  • Maximum Height: 16 ¾”
  • Retention System: Ratchet bar with a lock and pawl system, double-locks with safety pin


Torin T43002A 3 Ton review

Like the T42002 these jack stands are constructed of high-quality steel. A strong four-point leg system helps to provide stability, and the ratchet bar gives you the ability to fine tune your height adjustments.

However, Torin goes one step farther by providing a safety pin mechanism for an additional level of safety. These are taller than the Torin 2-ton stands, which give you the ability to work on a larger variety of vehicles.

This series of jack stands also comes in 2-ton and a 6-ton models, which will be similarly constructed but offer a difference in tonnage and height ratings.



3. Wilmar Performance Tool W41023 6 Ton

The Wilmar Performance Tool W41023 provides you the ability to work on more than small cars.


  • Tons: 6 Tons (as a pair)
  • Material: Steel
  • Minimum Height: 15 ½”
  • Maximum Height: 23 ½”
  • Retention System: Ratchet bar with a doubling locking pawl system


Wilmar Performance Tool W41023 6 Ton review

With a combined rating of 12,000 pounds, and a maximum height of over 23 inches, these jack stands are made to handle everything from compact cars to light-duty pickup trucks.

The strong, heavy-duty steel is built to withstand a lot of punishment, and is sure to give you long years of use from these stands. For smaller vehicles, this series of jack stands also come in 3- and 3-ton ratings.



4. Powerzone 380036 3 Ton

The Powerzone 380036 is another strong and durable jack stand option.


  • Tons: 3 Tons
  • Material: Steel
  • Minimum Height: 11”
  • Maximum Height: 16 ½”
  • Retention System: Ratchet bar with a lock and pawl system


Powerzone 380036 3 Ton review

These 3-ton stands are in many ways very similar to the Performance Tool jack stands previously listed. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, these stands are meant to last.

With the ability to hold up to 6,000 pounds as a pair, and a maximum height of over 16 ½ inches, these jack stands work very well for both small cars and large sedans.



5. Torin T43004

The Torin T43004 series offers a different style of jack stands than the two products we’ve seen before. Instead of a four-point pyramid-shaped based, this model has a flat base.


  • Tons: 3 Tons (as a pair)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Minimum Height: 10 ¾ ”
  • Maximum Height: 15 ⅝”
  • Retention System: 5-hole locking pin


Torin T43004 review

This design solves several problems in the four-point base design, including issues that can occur when one leg is dented or damaged. The strong aluminum gives these stands a weight rating of 3 tons, for a combined lifting weight of 6,000 pounds.

This is more than enough to lift most small cars, which is good, because these jack stands are shorter, and therefore unable to lift most larger vehicles.

The 5-hole locking pin mechanism is very safe and an easy way to lock the jack stands at a specific height. However, unlike the ratchet systems, you only have 5 possible heights to adjust the stands to, which is a disadvantage as well.



6. Sunex 1410 10-Ton

Our final jack stands on this list are the monster-sized Sunex 1410 10-ton High stands.

Just so that it's clear, the best jack stand of 2017 is right in front of you. There is no contender for this heavy-duty, badass stands.​


  • Tons: 10 Tons
  • Material: Steel, heavy schedule pipe
  • Minimum Height: 28”
  • Maximum Height: 46 ½”
  • Retention System: 9-hole locking pin system


Sunex 1410 10-Ton review

These stands are exactly what that name suggests: massive, tall, and able to carry a monstrous amount of weight. If you are working on large vehicles, farm equipment, etc, then you need a pair of these. If not, it might seem like these are too tall for you, and you’re probably right.

The good news, though, is that these jack stands also come in Low and Medium sizes, which offer the same 10-ton capacity, but are made to fit under shorter vehicles.



How to Use Jack Stands Correctly.

how to use Jack Stand Safety

If you’re not familiar with how to correctly use jack stands, no worries: they’re easy to figure out, with only a couple of important points to keep in mind:

  • Use one per wheel: You would think this was a no-brainer, but just in case, make sure you understand this very crucial tip. Each jack stand is designed to be used on one wheel area of a vehicle.
  • Use in pairs: Another very important thing to know is that jack stands are sold in pairs because they are meant to be used in pairs. Never use a jack stand to prop up only one corner of a vehicle. Not only will you likely be putting too much weight on the stand, but you will be creating an unstable situation, making a collapse much more likely.
  • Place them in the right spots: This can be a bit tricky. After you lift the wheel up with a jack, it’s important to place the jack stand in the correct spot. Typically, the best place to put a jack stand is right behind the front wheels (or in front of the back wheels) on the thickest part of the car frame.
  • Make sure to find a level spot: Jack stands only work on completely flat ground -- no hills or inclines! Otherwise, it’s very possible the jack stand can flip, causing damage to your car and, if you’re not careful, you.
  • Check your weight limits: Always make sure you are using jack stands rated high enough to lift the weight of your vehicle. This is not an area you want to cut corners with!

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Final Verdict

While many of the jack stands we’ve seen are based on a similar design, each one had its own pros and cons to take into account.

When all is said and done, though, the Sunex stands are the ones that get my recommendation. Why? Well, with a 10-ton rating, you really can’t get much stronger. The wide base still gives plenty of stability, and the 9-hole pin system allows for a lot of adjustment.

The only downside to this stand is its incredible height, but as we mentioned before, it also comes in low- and middle-height designs, which still give you the 10-ton weight capacity, but easily fit under smaller vehicles.

These are in my opinion the best jack stands there are, period. Buy them with confidence, they are just the best.

In an more affordable range, and a great value for money for small car owners, the 3T Torin are also a great choice. 

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