Best Window Tint Film in 2021? (Top 5 Reviews & Comparison)

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With hundreds of tints on the market, I think you'll agree with me when I say:

It's damn hard to find a good one.

Luckily for you, I've made a pick of 5 tints that really are worth the money they cost.

I've even made a cool comparison between them to help you buy the perfect one for your needs and budget.

Another key thing to consider is whether the tint you want is legal in your state or not.

Have a look at our window tinting percentages page to check that before you buy any tint.

Automotive Tint Comparison Chart

TOP PICK! 1. MotoShield Pro Precut Ceramic Tint Film
  • Custom cut to the precise factory specifications of your vehicle
  • Blocks 99% of UV radiation at 5% visibility
  • Uses ceramics instead of metal to eliminate wireless signal interference
Type: Ceramic VLT: 5% - 70% VIEW ON AMAZON
Runner Up 2. Install Proz Double Ply Window Film
  • Easy to install year round
  • Guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty not to peel, crack or fade
  • 20% window tint for added privacy
  • Filters sunlight to help reduce sun damage and internal temperature on hot days
Best MetallizedBlack Magic review 3. Black Magic
  • Available in 2.5%, 5%, 20%, 35% VLT
  • Great heat reduction.
  • High resistance film.
  • Glass breakage protection.
  • Best metallic film on the market
Type: Metalized VLT: 5%, 20% VIEW ON AMAZON
SolarKing Nano Ceramic review 4. Solar Nano Ceramic
  • 90% IR (infra-red rejection); 48% solar energy rejection; anti-glare
  • High visibility, great throughput of visible light.
  • Fully enable wireless signals throughput, including GPS, cell phone, FM signals.
  • Glass breakage protection.
Type: Ceramic VLT: 70% VIEW ON AMAZON
Gila Heat Shield  review 5. Gila Heat Shield
  • Two Year Limited Waranty, deep dyed technology for the longest color retention.
  • Keeps the vehicles interior cooler.
  • Rejects up to 78 percent glare.
  • Glass breakage protection.
  • Available in 35%, 20% and 5% VLT.
Type: Dyed VLT: 5%, 20%, 35% VIEW ON AMAZON

Best Car Window Tint Film Reviews

The sun may make your car look good when it’s freshly washed and waxed, but it’s hard on you, your passengers and your interior. 

Done right, window tinting not only adds a sleek, professionally customized look to your car, but it also protects interior surfaces, upholstery, and your skin from the harsh UV and IR radiation of the sun.

If you want the best results for your money though, you need a quality tint film installed for your windows, and you need to ensure that the fit is perfect. 

Professionally installed tint can be expensive, but there is another solution for DIYers: precut ceramic tint film. 

These precision cut films arrive ready to install on your windows quickly and easily, and they will last for years to come.

Our pick for the budget conscious custom car person is the MotoShield Pro Precut Ceramic Tint Film.

You can shield your interior and passengers from 99% of the sun’s most harmful rays, and have your car look great without spending extra money.

Using precision cut tint film fitted according to factory specifications for your make, model and year makes a tint upgrade fast and easy. Here’s why we think you’re going to love this tint film.

The Good

  • You want blackout tint on all four sides? MotoShield Pro literally has you covered with up to a 5% visibility rating for side windows and rear windshields.
  • Want to shad your window tint to match your paint job? Not a problem, just include it in your order.
  • Best of all, this tint film uses ceramics rather than metal flakes, so it won’t interfere with wireless signals to or from your vehicle. That’s important for fully functional mobile phones, stereo remotes and keyless entry/remote starter kits.

The Not-So-Good

  • If you haven’t installed window tint film before, you may want to check out some tutorials or practice with a cheap film on a glass pane first.
  • Having precut films makes installation much easier, but you should still practice applying tint smoothly before attempting DIY installation.
  • Precut films are also non-returnable, so you want to make sure you get it right so as not to lose your investment.



Adding window tint to your car makes sense from the perspective that you are preserving your car’s interior from sun damage, providing yourself with added privacy and keeping your interior cooler on hot summer days.

Choosing a tint film is a bit trickier, as you want to get a quality product that will last for years to come without cracking or fading.

For car DIYers on a budget, Install Proz Double Ply Window Film is a cost-effective option that lets you tint your windows and protect your car’s interior and your privacy. 

It’s double ply, so it doesn’t peel, fade or turn purple with constant exposure to the sun.

At 20% visibility, it’s also in compliance with automotive window tint codes as outlined by local government authorities, too.

Here’s our review of Install Proz Double Ply Window Film (36x100’)

The Good

  • Even though it’s double ply, this window tint film is easy to work with year round thanks to the unique substrate added during manufacturing.
  • Highly stable dye prevents fading, bubbling and spotting
  • Install Proz backs this film with a limited lifetime warranty for adhesive failure, peeling, cracking and fading.
  • This roll has enough window tint film  to cover the windows and rear windshield of a sedan.
  • Cut to fit your car’s windows and rear windshield quickly and easily

The Not-So-Good

  • The substrate of this film is non-metallic and non-ceramic, so it’s not all that great at reducing internal temperatures in your car or blocking UV and IR radiation.
  • This film does not come precut, so a steady hand and good measurement skills are a must.
  • 20% visibility may not be enough privacy for some, and they may find that this window tint isn’t dark enough for their taste.
  • No installation tools or kit is included with this roll.



Update: This used to be a great tint. Sadly, quality has consistently been dropping over the last months and it's NO longer recommended. I haven't yet found a good dyed tint worth making this top 5 to replace Gila. If you know one that's top of the class, please leave a comment below. Cheers!

This is probably the best dyed film for the price.

They also have films specially meant for curve windows (like rear windows) which will make the tinting process easier

  • Two Year Limited Waranty, deep dyed technology for the longest color retention.
  • Keeps the vehicles interior cooler.
  • Rejects up to 78 percent glare.
  • Glass breakage protection.
  • Available in 35%, 20% and 5% VLT.
  • The lowest percentages aren't legal in many states. For further infromation on this regard check our list of window tinting percentages per state.
Gila Heat Shield  review

The performance is the highest in dyed films at a extremely low price which will make tinting the whole car a very inexpensive procedure. 

If you want to tint your windows yourself, check the video at the bottom of this page to see a step-by-step example done by a professional.

Lexen film comes pre-cut for your car so you don’t have to worry about anything but sticking it to the glass and enjoying a nice dyed tint.

This is by far the most convenient film from our list.

Installing window tint by yourself isn't tremendously hard, but when you have the pieces already cut, it gets so much easier and faster that is almost a matter of a few minutes.

LEXEN computer Pre-Cut Complete Kit review
  • Model specific kit: Specify the Year, Make, Model, Body Type of vehicle
  • Keeps the vehicles interior cooler.
  • Non-Reflective Dyed Film w/ Anti-Scratch
  • Glass breakage protection.
  • Shades of 50%, 35%, 15%, 5%(Limo) tints
  • Installer friendly film, scratch resistant, 99% of UV Block
  • There are some cars for which Lexen doesn't have the measures for the windows, although not many.

Closing this best 5 list, we find Black Magic films.

We usually do not recommend metalized films because it interferes with signals like radio, GPS, phone and etc, but we thought we should include black magic as it is the best metallic film on the market.

  • Available in 2.5%, 5%, 20%, 35% VLT
  • Great heat reduction.
  • High resistance film.
  • Glass breakage protection.
  • Interferences with radio and other signals.
  • Made in China.
Black Magic review

Benefits of Tinting your Windows

  • It will help keeping the car’s inside cooler. Big deal if you live in places where summer sunlight feels like fire.
  • Block harmful UV rays (one of the causing factors of premature skin aging, cataracts, and skin cancers)
  • Reduce inside’s brightness and glare, reducing eye fatigue. If you drive long miles, this is vital.
  • Give you more privacy, specially on the backseat area.
  • Cool looks.
  • Increased glass resistance to shattering (the adhesive layer will keep the glass pieces together)

You probably already had in your mind some of those advantages and maybe you didn’t know some of the others.

What is the best tint film material?

There are three main types of window tint, each one of them with its advantages and disadvantages, being some of the latter something to really consider before deciding what to install on your car.

  • Dyed film
  • Metallic film

Dyed window film is made by placing a layer of dye between an adhesive layer (that sticks on the window) and a protective polyester top coating.

It provides a flat and opaque look from the outside, and good visibility from the inside regardless the tint percentage.

  • Less expensive option.
  • Dyed film produces the darkest effect, and it’s non-reflective.
  • Dyed film does not block radio waves.
  • This film blocks unwanted glare from headlights and other bright lights.
  • Easy to leave bubbles when installing.
  • Offers the least heat and UV reduction of all tints.
  • Under high heat, it can delaminate, with layers separating from one another.
  • Over time, the UV rays will age the dye, fading it, and turning the color from black to purple-ish.

How to install window tint

The best window tint won’t look like the best if it is installed the wrong way.

But don’t worry! It really isn’t that hard.

You just need the right tools and someone to show you the step by step method.

In the following video, Ralph Van Pelt from FlexFilm shows in great detail how to install window tint.

Additionally, if your car already has some old window tint that you want to get rid of before you install your brand new window tint, you can check this guide on how to remove window tint from car windows.

Got Questions? Leave a comment below! I read every single one of them and try to answer in as much detail as I can 🙂


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  2. Hey Vinay, yes these 5 in particular I’ve installed in a few occasions. Agreed Gila is absolute shite lately (there’s an update on its review) I haven’t done too many jobs on tints for the last 8 months so I’m to find some good replacements. Will update the list soon tho.

  3. I haven’t tested any of these out and I have been in the industry for 18 years now. Thank you for helping me get out of the box as they say. Which would you say would be best to start out with? I have my own personal truck that I can try this out on.

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