Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO Hitch Review

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Build Quality

Bars are made of Spring-steel, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride along with excellent construction.

Value For Money

Price may be steep for some, but can be used for multiple different vehicles.


Hitch can work with most vehicles, but depending on your vehicle’s ground clearance, some will work better than others.

Ease Of Use

Super easy setup with no shim packs, cams, or serrated washers necessary. You just need to set the hitch head at the right height.

What I Like

  • Cooperates well with no problems.
  • Produces no noise while driving.
  • Requires no disconnecting.

What I Like

  • Is a heavy hitch to handle.
  • Doesn’t control much sway.
  • Needs a decent amount of ground clearance.

Product Overview

The BXW1000 is a four-point weight distribution hitch designed to haul RVs and trailers using an everyday vehicle like a pickup truck or van.

This hitch comes with a gross towing weight of 10 thousand pounds, while its tongue weight can handle up to 1 thousand pounds.

The chain link system of this hitch offers decent sway control while still allowing mobility of your haul so it cooperates well with every turn, acceleration and break you make.

The BXW1000 is compatible with trailers that have frame heights in between three and six inches in height, in which many trailers can be connected with no hassle.

Who is This Product For?

This hitch is for customers who are serious about hauling trailers or loads properly via a hitch and need some quality equipment to make it happen.

You need a good weight distribution hitch to keep your trailer from swaying out of control after your vehicle makes a turn. Some RVs claim to have perfectly-good weight distribution, but a hitch will ensure that all your hauls will be carried safely from point A to point B.

Furthermore, customers that use multiple hitches can buy this hitch for all their vehicles. If you drive pickup trucks, SUVs, and other hitch-friendly vehicles, this could be your only hitch you ever need.

What’s Included

The BXW1000 comes with few parts you need to set up on your vehicle.

The main parts involve an adjustable shank, a system head, two lift brackets and two spring bars. No drilling is required, everything is either fastened with clips, clamps and locking hooks.

What you need is not included is a hitch ball with a shank of 1 to 1.25-inches in diameter.

As mentioned above, a lifetime limited warranty is also included.

Overview of Features

This hitch comes with rotating latches, made to clear obstacles and debris above the frame. These latches do great to minimize stress and problems to the connection of your hitch.

The hitch sports a powder-coated exterior, designed to prevent the steel from rusting out in addition to prolonging the life of the hitch.

Grease is trapped inside the pivot, eliminating the hassle of dealing with grimy bar ends. This makes your experience with your hitch more enjoyable than expected.

This hitch is great to use for light or heavy-duty trailers. This is a one-size-fits-all product and you can use it for your other vehicles when your primary trailer is stowed away.

Tightening the hitch ball is also fairly easy thanks to the open-head design. You won’t need outside assistance or customer support to help you install your hitch, making it super-easy to set up.

This hitch come with a lifetime warranty. No matter if you find problems with your hitch right away or have it sit in its box for seven years only to realize it’s defective, you can turn it in to get one that works. The warranty however does not cover wear and tear or accidents.

The biggest flaw of this Blue Ox hitch is it does not eliminate sway, but just reduce the sway. It will still work and you should guarantee to not lose control of your trailer all the same, but customers prefer something that provides next to no sway.


Blue Ox is certainly one of the best WDH manufacturers in the country. If you are experiencing a falling-out with Equal-i-zer’s hitch you might have had problems with, Blue Ox is sure to be the next best hitch to work with your trailer or RV.

The BXW1000 is a high-quality hitch that provides hauls and trailers with stability, comfort, and longevity. While not the perfect hitch, it can be used for all kinds of vehicles and hauls up to a thousand pounds, making it highly-valuable for travelers and haulers. Furthermore, the lifetime warranty can ensure you end up with a hitch that satisfies you.

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