Boss Audio 616UAB Review

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Review of: ​BOSS Audio 616UAB

Category: ​Single Din Head Units

​Build Quality

​One of the cheapest models around, low-cost components have been used.

Value For Money

​If you really don’t want to spend much, this is an appropriate choice.


Manages a range of wireless smartphone features.

​Ease of Use

​This model does at least provide an easy-to-understand installation process.

What I Like

  • ​Installation quick and easy
  • ​Various functions simple to understand
  • ​One of the cheapest options around

What I Like

  • ​No LCD touchscreen
  • ​Very small digital display
  • ​Bluetooth version is more expensive

​In this review, we’ll examine the BOSS Audio 616UAB digital multimedia player. It’s an aftermarket media system that can be installed in vehicles both old and new, bringing digital music playback on the road. However, as a budget range system, you’ll likely not be fitting this receiver into a brand-new car off the forecourt.

​Product Review

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The BOSS Audio 616UAB is a single-DIN digital media player, with wired, wireless and storage media playback. At 4.9 x 7 x 2 inches and weighing approximately 1.3 pounds, the faceplate is occupied by a small digital display and numerous physical buttons. As a budget model, there’s no touchscreen functionality included by default. This player is predominantly for music streaming, listening to the radio, or playback from physical media sources; there is no CD player built in.

​Who is This Product For?

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​This particular player is best suited to somebody on a budget. Costing little more than you’d pay for your weekly takeout coffee, it’s a budget-range model that tries to squeeze an array of features into a small price tag, resulting in a low build quality, audio playback that won’t win any awards, and a minimalistic display. You get what you pay for.

If you’re a smartphone lover who likes a myriad of functions available at the tap of a touchscreen, then you won’t get on well with this media system. In fact, the screen real estate is very limited in general. There’s no touchscreen functionality and the digital display you do get is very small. This makes it difficult to see much information at all; for example, songs longer than 10 minutes won’t display an accurate timer after this point.

​What’s Included

​The 616UAB digital media receiver comes equipped with two accessories. A wireless remote can be used for first-time setup and general interaction, which can be invaluable in a media system that has such a small digital display. Secondly, a Bluetooth microphone is included for voice-free calls from a connected smartphone.

What this package lacks are the inclusion of any components for installation, such as a wiring harness; you will have to buy this accessory separately. Though it’s not technically required, it will be far more difficult to install an aftermarket media system without a harness. Most vehicles require this component for a straightforward setup.

Overview of Features

​This single-DIN multimedia player is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that allows wireless streaming from compatible mobile devices. This integration with smartphones includes the ability to stream directly from popular music applications, such as Spotify and Pandora, as well as allowing you to make hands-free calls.

Aside from wireless streaming, other playback options include an AUX input for directly hooking up a phone or MP3 player, plus SD card and USB thumb drive ports. Even if your music is spread across multiple formats, you should be able to take all of it with you on the drive. Additionally, there’s a built-in AM/FM radio system.


​When it comes down to personal preference, if your No. 1 factor in choosing a digital media player is your budget, then this is a viable option. To the manufacturer’s credit, they’ve managed to squeeze a lot of functionality into a very cheap model.

However, if money isn’t much of a concern, then it makes much more sense to spend a little more and pick up a higher-quality model from a brand such as Sony or Pioneer.

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