BOSS Audio BV9986BI Review

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Review of:BOSS Audio BV9986BI

Category: ​​Double Din Head Units

​Built Quality

​Touchscreen a plus, but physical buttons feel cheap.

Value For Money

​Surprising to see a touchscreen in a cheap-ish model.


​Some playback options, with smartphone integration.

​Ease of Use

​Loses points for difficulties with SD navigation.

What I Like

  • ​Supports DVDs and CDs
  • ​Detachable front faceplate
  • ​Full-colour touchscreen despite low price

What I Like

  • ​SD card navigation is troublesome
  • ​Overall navigation confusing
  • ​Physical buttons feel cheap

​In this review, we’re going to examine the BOSS Audio BV9986BI in-dash single DIN receiver. We’ll review the positives and negatives associated with the product, as well as the features that it comes with as standard.

​Product Overview

BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI - in-Dash, Single DIN, Bluetooth, DVD CD MP3 USB SD AM FM Receiver, Motorized 7 Inch Touchscreen, Detachable Front Panel

​Price-wise, the BV9986BI falls somewhere around the budget to mid-range, just tipping into the three-digit price range. It’ll set you back more than a simple digital-display receiver, but for the extra investment, you get a touchscreen built in. There’s wireless streaming and hands-free functionality, a number of playback options, and a range of physical buttons for controlling quick functions.

​Who is This Product For?

BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI - in-Dash, Single DIN, Bluetooth, DVD CD MP3 USB SD AM FM Receiver, Motorized 7 Inch Touchscreen, Detachable Front Panel

​As a relatively inexpensive media player that still manages to pack in a touchscreen, this model would be well-suited to anyone who wants to spend a smaller amount on an in-car aftermarket receiver, but still wants to enjoy some of the more premium features seen in pricier products. That said, the design can be deceptive; though it may include a touchscreen, it’s not the best in terms of quality and resolution.

If you want something that’s easy to use and that feels high quality in addition to looking the part, then you’d do best to avoid this model. Some of the menus, including the SD card navigation can be difficult to understand, plus the physical buttons have been neglected in light of the touchscreen and feel reasonably cheap.

​What’s Included

BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI - in-Dash, Single DIN, Bluetooth, DVD CD MP3 USB SD AM FM Receiver, Motorized 7 Inch Touchscreen, Detachable Front Panel

​In terms of accessories and extras, the BV9986BI model comes with a USB adapter and wireless remote. Those aside, you'll also get the BOSS official wiring harness and accompanying hardware, plus a detachable panel. Warranty information and a user manual are also packaged into the box. Unfortunately, the interface for connecting functionality to the steering column is sold separately, reducing the value for money offered by this model.

​Overview of Features

​With a sleek design, you wouldn't expect that this is a budget to mid-range product. It even boasts a considerably large LCD screen with crystal-clear displays. The touchscreen functionality is a welcome addition to a model that would normally be lumbered with a simple digital display, unless willing to fork out more money. However, this doesn’t mean that the menus are necessarily easy to navigate.

For a small price tag, you also get heaps of functionality in this device. Bluetooth connectivity has come to be expected from in-car music players, and this one is no exception. Other music playback options include manual AUX inputs, plus USB and SD storage playback for your older music collections. Unfortunately, there's a drawback in that iTunes (AAC) files don't always appear to be read correctly, with the system preferring MP3 and WMA formats.



​If you’re hoping to save a few dollars without sacrificing on quality, then the BOSS Audio BV9986BI in-dash single DIN receiver could be for you. Just bear in mind that the mantra ‘you get what you pay for’ applies in most cases. Though you get a touchscreen as part of this model, you’ll notice the difference between this receiver and one of a higher quality if you look closely enough.

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  1. I have the same model boss audio system as the one shown in the video, the BV9986BI with my system doesn’t give me half the features of the one shown in the video. How is that possible if I had the same model as in the video. Can someone explain the difference because there shouldn’t be one for the exact same model_ BV9986BI.

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