Are JBL Car Audio Subwoofers Any Good? [Honest Review]


The parent brand Harman designs and engineers revolutionary sound audio for automakers, consumers and corporations. The company is driven to deliver rich experiences for all users of their sound systems.Harman believes it can manufacture sound systems that are suited for any generation and its taste in music. The subsidiary JBL is no different. The unit’s engineers work hard to craft perfect audio options for everyone. The success of this division and the continuous innovation have led JBL to provide the sound of professional musicians & venues.  Quick Navigation Subwoofer series.Subwoofer Reviews1. BassPro SL2. JBL Club WS12003. JBL CS1014Conclusion: Subwoofer series. S2 … Read more

Viper Car Alarm Systems [Honest Review]


Viper is a subsidiary of Directed Electronics Incorporated. Around 2000, Viper was introduced and since then it has been the world’s best-selling vehicle alarm and remote engine start brand.The company has a high ranking among elite product publishers such as Gear4Wheels.The company uses precision engineering and the best technologies to give you features you’ll love in a car alarm & security system.Viper created the first ever Smartphone control category and is leading the keyless revolution. You can trust that Viper will constantly improve and provide you with reliable products  Quick Navigation Alarm model Series.Alarm Reviews1.Viper 350 PLUS 3105VClone-Safe® Code-Hoping® Failsafe® Starter … Read more

Are Prestige Car Alarms Worth The Money? [Honest Reviews]

Prestige car alarm review

The rich history of Voxx Electronics began in 1965 with John Shalam first started selling large stocks of radios.While audio electronics is the company’s main area of focus, in 1981 it expanded to vehicle security.The company knew this was going to be a lucrative field, and took full advantage by offering car owners affordable and reliable aftermarket car alarms. Around 2000, Voxx Electronics wanted to offer an extensive range of car alarms.Voxx acquired the assets of well-known code alarm security companies; the big acquisition of Jenson, Phase Linear, AR and Advent brands helped Voxx Electronics offer the popular aftermarket alarms. Prestige and … Read more

8” vs 10” vs 12” vs 15” Subwoofer—How to Choose the Best

8'' VS 10'' VS 12'' VS 15'' SUBFOOFER

You probably think that bigger is better, right? When it comes to speakers this assumption is wrong. You’ll be surprised at how much more you enjoy your music if you pair it with the right type of speaker and subwoofer. And it may not be the size you thought you needed.Your output is determined by the subwoofer your system has. It will only match the original recording if your subwoofer has the features to reproduce the original sounds correctly. And each genre of music has unique features. Therefore, a small speaker may be able to let your favorite piece of music sound … Read more

Are VM Subwoofers Any Good? [Honest Review]

vm subwoofers review

VM Audio is a globally established and expert industry leader in high-performance sound products.The company is dedicated to bringing all music lovers quality sound products that deliver music unparalleled by any other sound company. Through the company’s unbending dedication, it has expanded its audio range to more than simply one type of listener.From the casual listener to the professional DJ, there is a product for all. Listeners can enjoy fine tunes from their cars, Smartphones and/or computers. Yes, even from your yacht. VM Audio professional engineers listen to their users and sculpt new product lines based on customers’ opinions and experiences.Let’s … Read more

Are Rockford Fosgate Speakers Any Good? [Honest Review]

Rockford Fosgate Speakers review

Jim Fosgate made a discovery while working in his garage in 1973. He realized music and the human ear have different audio properties.He discovered the human ear didn’t have the same sonic curve or signature as music. This leads to lower frequencies at soft volumes sounding different than the actual music. From this discovery Jim Fosgate and his friends spent days and nights engineering the perfect sound equipment for consumers.The timeline of innovative products began with the PR-7000 amplifier.Shortly after its success, Fosgate introduced the Punch and Punch Power brands to create sound quality that was never experienced before. Quick Navigation Rockford … Read more

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