Best Car Phone Charger in 2022 – [Reviews & Comparison]

Though smart devices are improving and so too are the batteries that power them, device processors are becoming more powerful and applications are becoming more power-intensive.With smartphones and tablets now so widely used, it’s useful to have a backup power supply in the car for long journeys or busy days. Modern vehicles often have AUX cables for wired charging in the glovebox, and some may even have built-in USB ports, though most older vehicles do not. As a result, you might benefit from having a portable phone charger, particularly given their small price tag. Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section … Read more

Coaxial vs Component Speakers. Which Ones Are Best?

There are a number of factors that go into deciding what speakers will work best for different car audio applications.If you’ve read our article where we review the best car speakers available on the market, you’ve probably seen all the differences between speakers.In this article, we will examine a few aspects to take into consideration when deciding which speakers to select for your install. As the title suggests, we will focus on the difference between coaxial and component speakers and outline a few common applications of each type of speaker. As a general rule, component speakers are going to sound better … Read more

What Class Amp Is Best For Subs? [Ask The Expert]

Typically, subwoofers are powered with Class D amplifiers.Why is this done and what kinds of different amplifier classes are available and what is the difference between them?There are many technical aspects to car audio that can be confusing and a bit intimidating to the non-audiophile. You don’t have to be an audio engineer or an electronic engineer to understand the basic concepts to amp design and function although things tend to get convoluted pretty quickly and the more you research, the more terms are used which most people don’t understand and are hard to make sense of without an in-depth understanding … Read more

Are car audio capacitors good or bad, and what’s the deal with them?

A lot of people are probably wondering if they need to add a capacitor to their car audio system. You might have heard that a friend added a capacitor to their system and it stopped their headlights from dimming or even experienced it for yourself. So you think to yourself “Hey, my power system must be better off with a cap installed, it fixed my power issues!” Well this is a double edged sword so to speak. Yes, your headlights might not be dimming any longer but that does not equate to a healthy electrical system, nor does it mean … Read more

Sealed vs Ported: The Nº1 Basshead’s Dilemma Solved

Here I am trying to settle the never ending debate: Sealed Vs Ported. Are you a tight bass kick or a boomy bass thunder basshead? There are a few factors that affect this, and your preference will largely be determined by the type of music you prefer to listen to in your car. However, the answer to that question will help you decide if you should go with a sealed subwoofer box, or a ported subwoofer box.RELATED: Best 8 Inch Subwoofer​ Sealed Vs Ported Which is Actually Better?Sealed Enclosures: Facts and FiguresOverview Ported Enclosure: Facts and FiguresOverviewThe Bottom Line: What You Should … Read more