Best 4 Inch Speakers in 2020 [Reviews and Comparison]

What are the best 4 inch speakers?  If you’re tired of the quality or volume your current speakers produce and you think it’s time to get you some new speakers, I’ve got you covered. I’ve tested over 300 different models from brands like Hertz, Rockford Fosgate, Kicker, JL, Pioneer… and I’ve found what I believe are the top 5 speakers to buy in 2017. Let’s go straight to it and see which speakers are right for you.​4 Inch Speakers Comparison Chart IMAGE PRODUCT Power Sensitivity TOP PICK! 1. HERTZ DCX 100.3 Excellent audio fidelity across the frequency spectrum Powerful sound in a small package Compatible … Read more

Best 5.25 Car Speakers in 2020 [Reviews and Comparison]

Looking for new speakers? Look no further. I’ve spent 90+ hours testing and researching the best 5.25 speakers on the market to bring you a summary of the top 5.25 inch car speakers​ you can buy in 2019. If you’re in a rush, make sure to check the comparison chart to get a quick idea of which options are going to suit your needs best. Also, don’t forget to check my review of the best car door speakers of the year, where I cover the very best models there are, regardless of their size!​ Let’s go!​5.25 Speakers Comparison Chart IMAGE PRODUCT Power Sensitivity TOP PICK! 1. … Read more

Best 6.5 Car Speakers in 2020 [Reviews and Comparison]

What are the best 6.5 car speakers? For some, it’s clear that the Hertz HSK 165 are highest quality speakers you can get on this size, but they won’t fit everyone’s budget. Some will prefer JL’s ZR line. Also not a cheap treat. That’s why I’ve made this selection of my favorite 5, and that’s after testing over 60 units! When it comes to finding the best aftermarket car speakers, I’m relentless and over the course of the past years I’ve tested and installed hundreds of speaker sets. Enough talking, here’s my comparison:Comparison Chart IMAGE PRODUCT Power Sensitivity TOP PICK! 1. Hertz HSK 165 Comes with frequency crossover … Read more

Best 6 x 9 Speakers in 2020 [Reviews and Comparison]

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: Finding the best 6×9 speakers isn’t really an easy task. I mean, there’s so many brands and models, which ones are going to perform best and last the longest? For me one of the best full range drivers to get on this size are the Hertz Audio HCX 690 or the Morel Ultra Integra 692. Very hard to beat their quality or punch. (Full reviews on those further below) High-quality speakers for cars are typically not budget friendly, but for those with a tighter budget, I’ve also included a few good choices for the money.Comparison Chart Quick … Read more

Jensen VX7020 Review: A Great Head Unit With Navigator For Cheap

Review of: Jensen VX7020 Category: Double Din Head Unit  Quality of Build Specifications Characteristics Bang for the Buck Things I like GPS navigation Easy to install Thinks I don’t like In rare cases, the unit may cause a slight buzz in your speakersDifficult to update system CHECK PRICE Quick Navigation Jensen VX7020 Review6.2 Inch TouchscreenBuilt-In Bluetooth Highlighted Features Built-In GPSApple Device ControlsSteering Wheel Control ModuleColor CustomizationFinal Thoughts Jensen VX7020 ReviewConsidering that we spend so much time in our cars, it would make sense to upgrade your vehicle’s interior to be more functional and convenient.  Instead of having a standard radio … Read more

Best 5 Channel Amplifier 2020 [Reviews and Comparison]

If you want to get the best sound in your car, then the best way to get there is with the best 5 channel amplifier.  It will power up to four speakers and one subwoofer, meaning you won’t need to have a separate 4 channel amplifier and a monoblock amplifier for your subwoofer. You save space, and more importantly, a ton of money. Most cars that go to professional car audio shops, leave with a 5 channel amp on them.There are plenty of brands and models, but today we are going to be focusing on the top 3 models available in the market … Read more