Pioneer AVH-x4800BS Review

Review of: Pioneer AVH-X4800BS Category: Double Din Head Units Quality of Build Features Characteristics Bang for the Buck Things I like Capable of listening to all radio stationsLarge and easy to read screenVoice command capableStrong internal ampSyncs automaticallySupports Apple and Android devices Thinks I don’t like Problems playing music from the phone via Bluetooth. Wiring instructions in b/w. You better know how to interpretate those or get it professionally installed.Lacks options for Android. CHECK PRICE Pioneer AVH48000BS Motorized DVD Reciever As far as systems go for your car, none are quite as important as your speakers and sound.  Whether you like … Read more

Pioneer AVH4200NEX Review

Review of: Pioneer AVH4200NEX. Category: Doble Din Head Unit. Quality of Build Features Characteristics Bang for the Buck Things I like Largest screens you can find Multiple Channels.Compatible with both iOS and Android devicesCan sync with Google Maps or Apple Maps from your phone. Thinks I don’t like Difficult to install.No built-in navigation. CHECK PRICE Pioneer AVH4200NEX Double Din Head UnitWhen it comes to installing new equipment into your vehicle, nothing is quite like a brand new stereo.  If you love listening to music, then it can be magical to have something that pumps up your jams so that you … Read more

Best 10 Inch Subwoofer 2020 [Reviews and Comparison]

What is the best 10 inch subwoofer?  It really depends on what you’re looking for, your budget, your music taste, how much space you got available, if you are looking for component subs or for a 10 inch sub with built-in amplifier and box all together. Maybe what suits you better is a 8 inch sub, or even something bigger, like a 12″ sub or a 15″ subwoofer.​  Let’s have a look at the best options around.We’ve tested hundreds of subs in this last year and selected the best:10″ Subs Comparison Chart IMAGE PRODUCT RMS Peak Power 1. JL Audio 10W6v3 Hand Built Made … Read more

Best 4 Channel Amp to Buy In 2020? [Reviews and Comparison]

We’ve reviewed a lot of speakers lately and you’ve been asking us about amplifying speakers. It is time for us to deliver. We’ve tested the best 4 channel amp from every tier 1 car audio brand during the course of the last 3+ months and we’re pretty much positive we’ve found which ones are the best. There were some surprising results… On the table below is a comparison among the 3 best performing 4-channel amp series.Comparison Table ROCKFORD FOSGATEBest Bang for Your Buck Extra powerReduced in sizeValue for Money Heat issues CHECK PRICE JL AUDIOXD400/4Best 4 channel amp 2017 QualitySizeRMS OutputHeat Dissipation Price CHECK PRICE … Read more

Best 15 Inch Subwoofer 2020 [Reviews and Comparison]

Woah, so you’re looking for some serious bass huh? I’m here to help you find the best 15 inch subwoofer so you get the flex you deserve. Now, be careful!  Once we reach this size and power, you really DO NOT want to go for something of low quality. It’s going to be expensive anyway so buy something that lasts and that makes some massive BOOM. Here I’ve got all the info you need to find the perfect 15 inch sub for your needs.Make sure to also check my selection of the best 12 inch subwoofers!​ 15 Inch Subwoofer Comparison Chart IMAGE PRODUCT RMS Peak … Read more

Sealed vs Ported: The Nº1 Basshead’s Dilemma Solved

Here I am trying to settle the never ending debate: Sealed Vs Ported. Are you a tight bass kick or a boomy bass thunder basshead? There are a few factors that affect this, and your preference will largely be determined by the type of music you prefer to listen to in your car. However, the answer to that question will help you decide if you should go with a sealed subwoofer box, or a ported subwoofer box.RELATED: Best 8 Inch Subwoofer​ Sealed Vs Ported Which is Actually Better?Sealed Enclosures: Facts and FiguresOverview Ported Enclosure: Facts and FiguresOverviewThe Bottom Line: What You Should … Read more