Sundown Audio X-8 D4 Review

Sundown always gets a spot or two in our “Best of” subwoofer reviews simply because their products are amazing. Any basshead will tell you so. In the smallest subwoofer size, our favorite is the X-8, for its consistent, amazing high excursion and LOUD bass.Unlike other 8 inch subs, this one does really hit those very low notes, giving your audio system much deeper sound. SpecificationsRMS: 750 WattsPeak Power: 1500 WattsSensitivity: 82.71 dBFrequency response: n/aImpedance: Dual 2 or 4 ohmsTop Mount Depth: 7.00″Cutout Diameter: 7.36″ReviewPower and Sensitivity With a sensitivity of 82.71 and a menacing 750W RMS, this is definitely a LOUD bass. It is designed … Read more

7 Badass Competition Subwoofers To Destroy SPL in 2019 (Reviews)

Do you want to feel bass so intense, it should be on the Richter scale? Do you want to make your car flex so strong that you’ll fear your windshield will crack?  I know you do, that’s why you’re reading this.  You want to know which ones are the best competition subwoofers.  Keep reading, you’ve found what you were looking for. Here’s our list of the 7 loudest Competition Subwoofers you can possibly buy.We’ve reviewed them one by one to let you know which one is the best competition sub.Competition Subwoofers Comparison IMAGE PRODUCT Size Power TOP PICK! 1. JL Audio 12W7AE-3 … Read more

Best Car Alarms of 2019 [Reviews and Comparison]

So you finally got that system you’ve been wanting installed and you’re happily bumping your music and showing off for the honeys. Wouldn’t it be a shame if some crackhead decided it would look better in a pawn shop? You probably spent a decent chunk of hard earned change on building your car audio system, so why not spend a little on making it secure? The point is, why spend all that money on a nice car audio system and leave it unprotected? A locked door is not a big deterrent to a thief. The sad fact of the matter is that no amount of … Read more

Best Monoblock Amplifier of 2019 [Reviews and Comparison]

Bassheads and car audiophiles know what’s up when one of their own decides to buy a monoblock amplifier: s**t just got real.Monoblock amps are designed to drive individual speakers by amplifying one speaker channel signal from a head unit or a separate multichannel signal amplifier. Individual amplification of this magnitude is usually reserved for big badass subwoofers only.Today I dig into the available options in the market to find the best performing amps of the year. Let’s jump right into it:Monoblock Amplifier Comparison Chart  IMAGE PRODUCT RMS Max Power Output TOP PICK! 1. JL Audio Monoblock HD1200/1 Powerful single-channel 1200-watts RMS Distortion … Read more

Kicker 40CWR122 CompR Series 12 inch Subwoofer Review

These subs are ideal for anyone that wants premium bass performance at lower power levels. Clarity and bass frequency response are exceptional even at low volume, giving your music’s low end some dynamic punch typically lacking in low volume play. Related: 86.9 dBRMS: 500 wattsPeak Power: 1000 wattsFrequency Response: 35-500 HzImpedance: 2-ohms The Good:If you are looking to throw some bass without paying the premium price of competition grade subwoofers, these subs make a good compromise between pro-level power and high-end sound and materials. EDITOR’S RATING: The Not-So-Good:In terms of raw power, these subs are not necessarily going to bring the noise like Kicker’s higher … Read more

Are Kicker Subwoofers Any Good? [Honest Review]

Are Kicker Subwoofers Any Good

Few manufacturers have as dedicated a following as Kicker. Let’s have a look at the brand, their current subwoofer series and a few of their models to find out if they are worth your hard earned cash.The BrandOriginally founded in 1973, this company quickly became the go-to manufacturer for car audio enthusiasts of every stripe and preference. Mainly though, they have long been the favorite of young bassheads looking to build their first powered subwoofer system for their car stereo. Kicker makes both high end subwoofers that will please even the most discriminating audiophile or competitive basshead, and more affordable economy options that … Read more

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