Viper Car Alarm Systems Review

Viper is a subsidiary of Directed Electronics Incorporated. Around 2000, Viper was introduced and since then it has been the world’s best-selling vehicle alarm and remote engine start brand.The company has a high ranking among elite product publishers such as Gear4Wheels.The company uses precision engineering and the best technologies to give you features you’ll love in a car alarm & security system.Viper created the first ever Smartphone control category and is leading the keyless revolution. You can trust that Viper will constantly improve and provide you with reliable products  Quick Navigation Alarm model Series.Alarm Reviews1.Viper 350 PLUS 3105VClone-Safe® Code-Hoping® Failsafe® Starter … Read more

Pioneer TS-SWX3002 Review

​QUICK OVERVIEWReview of: ​Pioneer TS-SWX3002Category: ​​Shallow Mount Subwoofer ​Build Quality​Pioneer haven’t skimped on quality audio components. Value For Money​Decent quality, though lacks the power of larger subwoofers. ​Integration​Compact unit won’t consume all your trunk space. ​Ease of Use​Straightforward to connect to an existing audio system.What I Like ​Relatively inexpensive ​Brand known for quality ​Takes up a small footprint in the trunkWhat I Like ​No side brackets for mounting ​Only a single subwoofer ​Won’t give you ground-shaking bass​Perhaps you’re looking for an everyday component to improve your vehicle’s existing subwoofer, or maybe you need a powerful sound system that can compete … Read more

Pioneer Speakers Review: Are They Worth the Money?

Pioneer is a Japanese corporation founded in 1937 by businessman Nozomu Matsumoto, when he first introduced the Pioneer A-8 dynamic speaker to the world.Through its 80 years of existence, Pioneer has continuously developed and improved upon car sound devices with the goal of enhancing their customer’s sound experience.Pioneer offers additional car devices such as the GPS navigation systems and also a series of home entertainment systems, which include TV and DVD players.Pioneer became an all-round brand, offering many types of products.The company wants to be the number one option in consumers’ homes, and this desire drives them to provide nothing but … Read more

Pioneer AVH-X490BS Review

​QUICK OVERVIEWReview of: ​Pioneer AVH-X490BSCategory: ​Double Din Head Units ​Build Quality​7-inch full-color LCD supplemented by high-quality audio components. Value For Money​Cheaper alternatives are available, with a similar specification. ​Integration​Integration with mobiles, including GPS, calendar and more. ​Ease of Use​Easy to pick up, plus a user manual for if you get stuck.What I Like ​Hands-free call control ​iPhone Siri integration directly with stereo ​Control maps, contacts, calendar and moreWhat I Like ​App availability ​Cheaper alternatives are available ​Bluetooth connection can be unreliable​This review looks in depth at the Pioneer AVH-X490BS in-car stereo receiver. As an aftermarket model, it is a replacement to … Read more

Orion Amps Reviews [2022] – Guide & Comparison

In the context of vehicular use, an amplifier forms part of a modified music setup. When installed in a car or truck, the amplifier takes a low-power signal output from a music source (CD player, radio, connected device and so on), and converts it into a more powerful signal. This allows the signal to in turn power a subwoofer or set of speakers, improving audio volume and quality, as well as bass. Orion amps are good choices for use in a car audio system, so we’ve put together a list of 5 of the best Orion amps that you can buy on … Read more

Monoblock vs 2 Channel vs 4 Channel vs 5 Channel Amps: Which one to Choose?

When you’re deciding on what amplifier to buy for your audio system, one of the biggest factors is how many channels it has. If you’re looking for an amp to power subwoofers, in most cases you only need a single or “mono” channel Class D amplifier, even if you’re running multiple subs. This can be achieved by wiring the voice coils of multiple subs together in series or parallel configurations which will present a certain ohm load to the amp depending on how it’s wired and what the ohm rating of the voice coils are (usually 2 ohm or 4 … Read more