Battery Comparison: Odyssey vs. Optima

When it comes to your vehicle, one of the most important things to consider is your battery. Your ride might have all the bells and whistles available, but if your battery doesn’t work, what good are they? Having a good, reliable battery that you can trust is of utmost importance, so it makes sense to take your time when shopping for just the right one. There are a lot of batteries out there to choose from, but two that you should definitely check out are the Odyssey PC680 and the Optima 8040-218 YellowTop.Read More: The Best Car Batteries to BuyBoth of … Read more

Pioneer AVH-X3800BHS Review

Want the most double-DIN bang for your buck? This Pioneer AVHX3800BHS definitely delivers with all the features an audio-focused car audio fanatic needs without premium extras. A unit we phased off our list of the best double din radios in the market only because time has brought us more killer units with more features, but for the price you may want to consider it, still.  Check this out: The Good Feature HighlightsDVD/CD player with a decen internal amp power and 6.2” touchscreen make for a versatile head unit that is ideal for those interested in making this the nerve center of their … Read more


Remember everything we just said about most Single DIN units being less versatile? This is not one of those.  Its primary feature, the one that sets it apart from all the competition, is its flip-out display with 7-inch Clear Resistive Touchscreen. While we won’t longer include it on our list of the best single din head units because of stock issues (good luck finding one) we still recommend it.This effectively makes this Single DIN unit even bigger than a Double DIN, and that touchscreen also potentially gives it all the capabilities of a Double DIN. Although the unit itself does not have … Read more

Kenwood KMM BT315U Review

This single din radio has some good features, but there’s also some stuff I didn’t find totally convincing. Even though the display brightness is adjustable, it isn’t bright enough in the majority of daylight situations, and that makes the display somewhat hard to read. Additionally, the Bluetooth connection isn’t 100% reliable. During my tests, the sync was lost a couple of times, causing a call to end. If you plan to use Bluetooth features a lot, i’d look at the other models instead.It does feature Android Open Accessory, allowing it to interact more easily with Android devices. This unit can be adapted for … Read more

2 Way vs. 3 Way Speakers: Which one is better? Settling The Debate!

2 Way vs 3way speakers

There has been a lot of debate, trash talk, and condescension over the years about which type of car speaker sounds the best: 2-way speakers or 3-way speakers? While purported “experts” and “industry specialists” have all written and ranted on the idea that 3-way sounds better than 2-way based on various technical specifications and audio engineering data, there is a very clear and simple answer to this question: you have to have some general idea of what the terms 2-Way and 3-Way actually mean. If you’ve read our comparison between the best car speakers of this year, you’ve probably seen a lot … Read more

Kicker Speakers: Are they any good? [Our Review]

Kicker Speakers Are They Any Good

Kicker was introduced with a specific focus on car audio systems; therefore, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best brands currently featured on the market. In 1973, the brand was launched from Steve Irby’s garage.He launched the company with the amazing Original Kicker.This was the first full-frequency range speaker that was specifically meant for trucks and cars.This set the tone for Kicker’s impressive future as a trendsetter and innovative company.Today the brand is known for its wide range of products that offer vehicle owners quality options to upgrade their cars’ sound systems.Kicker enables sound systems to provide sound experiences that … Read more

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