2 Way vs. 3 Way Speakers: Which one is better? Settling The Debate!

2 Way vs 3way speakers

There has been a lot of debate, trash talk, and condescension over the years about which type of car speaker sounds the best: 2-way speakers or 3-way speakers? While purported “experts” and “industry specialists” have all written and ranted on the idea that 3-way sounds better than 2-way based on various technical specifications and audio engineering data, there is a very clear and simple answer to this question: you have to have some general idea of what the terms 2-Way and 3-Way actually mean. If you’ve read our comparison between the best car speakers of this year, you’ve probably seen a lot … Read more

Kicker Speakers: Are they any good? [Our Review]

Kicker Speakers Are They Any Good

Kicker was introduced with a specific focus on car audio systems; therefore, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best brands currently featured on the market. In 1973, the brand was launched from Steve Irby’s garage.He launched the company with the amazing Original Kicker.This was the first full-frequency range speaker that was specifically meant for trucks and cars.This set the tone for Kicker’s impressive future as a trendsetter and innovative company.Today the brand is known for its wide range of products that offer vehicle owners quality options to upgrade their cars’ sound systems.Kicker enables sound systems to provide sound experiences that … Read more

Are JBL Car Audio Subwoofers Any Good? [Honest Review]

The parent brand Harman designs and engineers revolutionary sound audio for automakers, consumers and corporations. The company is driven to deliver rich experiences for all users of their sound systems.Harman believes it can manufacture sound systems that are suited for any generation and its taste in music. The subsidiary JBL is no different. The unit’s engineers work hard to craft perfect audio options for everyone. The success of this division and the continuous innovation have led JBL to provide the sound of professional musicians & venues.  Quick Navigation Subwoofer series.Subwoofer Reviews1. BassPro SL2. JBL Club WS12003. JBL CS1014Conclusion: Subwoofer series. S2 … Read more

Are Polk Audio Speakers Any Good? [Honest Review]

Polk Audio is an American corporation founded by Matthew Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross in 1972 Baltimore, Maryland. Polk Audio is best known for its affordable car audio speaker products. This range of products includes car amplifier systems. During all its years, Polk Audio has strived to continuously be the best and to elevate the sound experience of all its customers.Polk Audio is a corporation that understands that products are always evolving and that technology needs to be constantly updated. The engineers constantly do research and develop innovative products that can’t be matched by Polk Audio’s competitors. No matter what product you buy from … Read more

Are Sundown Audio Subwoofers Really That Good? [Honest Review]

Know for their premium engineered car audio products, Sundown Audio is a boutique car audio manufacturer based in Claremont, NC. Everything that Sundown builds is top of the line in terms of performance and power. They design their own cones, motor drives, magnets, and amplifiers to ensure complete quality control of the entire process. They are revered among bassheads all over the United States as a custom manufacturer that can bring the thunder when it comes to putting some industrial grade rumble in your vehicle stereo system. They manufacture runs of subwoofers in various series based on wattage, cosmetics, and design. Even their low-cost … Read more

Mixing Subwoofer Sizes: Is it really THAT BAD? (Solved)

You may have seen people running multiple subwoofers of different sizes or even two different subs of the same size in a single or multiple enclosures.There’s a few reasons why this is a bad idea.Let’s look at a few topics related to subwoofers (and speakers in general) and learn why mixing and matching subs is a downright terrible idea. Quick Navigation Let’s get something rightBefore you do weird stuff: Back to BasicsKey parametersHow this all matters more than you’d thinkSituations where this general rule doesn’t necessarily apply. Introducing: CrossoversConclusion Let’s get something rightMost people who aren’t at least somewhat educated … Read more

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