Kicker Subwoofers Review

Are Kicker Subwoofers Any Good

Few manufacturers have as dedicated a following as Kicker. Let’s have a look at the brand, their current subwoofer series and a few of their models to find out if they are worth your hard earned cash.The BrandOriginally founded in 1973, this company quickly became the go-to manufacturer for car audio enthusiasts of every stripe and preference. Mainly though, they have long been the favorite of young bassheads looking to build their first powered subwoofer system for their car stereo. Kicker makes both high end subwoofers that will please even the most discriminating audiophile or competitive basshead, and more affordable economy options that … Read more

Kenwood Speakers Review: Best Models Ranked

The name Kenwood is well-known in many contexts.Thanks to the company’s focus on quality parts and excellent workmanship, it has become an expert in many of these spheres.Kenwood started this process in 1946 as Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd. Through many chapters of development, it established itself in Japan—its country of origin—as well as other countries such as America.It’s one of the most widely known car audio speaker brands, but that’s not all they do.What do they manufacture?Amateur radio equipmentHome stereo unitsCar audioTwo-way radio systemsIt’s important to note that this company is not related to the homeware manufacturers that bare the … Read more

JL Audio Subwoofers Review: Best Models with Pros & Cons

JL Audio is one of the most popular brands in the high-end car audio scene. But are they really as good as people believe? Let’s have a look at the brand, their subs series and a few models to find out.The brandFounded in 1975 by business partners James Birch and Lucio Proni, JL Audio takes its name from the first initials of its founders. Although they did not initially start out in the car stereo business (they were a home speaker system kit builder), they eventually became one of the preeminent sellers of high end car audio.Their speciality was and has … Read more

JL Audio 10TW3 Review

QUICK OVERVIEWReview of: JL Audio 10TW3Category: Shallow Mount Subwoofer Build QualityUnmatched build quality, using only high-spec components. Value For MoneyStrong bass for an affordable price tag, with a sturdy build. IntegrationUses only minimal space within the vehicle it’s installed. Ease of UseIncredibly easy to install and set up with an existing system. What I Like Unparalleled build quality Super compact design Durable components can stand abuseWhat I Like One of the most expensive units Lesser-known than some brands Can be tricky to set upWe’ve seen a lot of shallow woofers, but we’ve not seen one built in the same way … Read more

JBL Car Audio Subwoofers Review: Our Honest Opinion

The parent brand Harman designs and engineers revolutionary sound audio for automakers, consumers and corporations. The company is driven to deliver rich experiences for all users of their sound systems.Harman believes it can manufacture sound systems that are suited for any generation and its taste in music. The subsidiary JBL is no different. The unit’s engineers work hard to craft perfect audio options for everyone. The success of this division and the continuous innovation have led JBL to provide the sound of professional musicians & venues.  Quick Navigation Subwoofer series.Subwoofer Reviews1. BassPro SL2. JBL Club WS12003. JBL CS1014Conclusion: Subwoofer series. S2 … Read more

How to Install a Car Alarm [A Step-by-Step Installation Guide]

If you have a car alarm, then perfect. It means you’ll know if anyone attempts to hijack your car.However not all cars have a built-in car alarm. Don’t worry if you don’t have one because you can install one yourself.Learn more about car alarms with this informative article. Step-by-step instructions are supplied which indicate that it’s simple to install a car alarm.Get yourself one of these systems and feel protected today. Quick Navigation How does a car alarm work?The sensors:The car alerts:The radio receiver:What are you going to need? Step by Step: Instructions to Install a Car AlarmStep one: Choose an aftermarket … Read more