Cerwin Vega Speakers Review: Best Models Ranked

Cerwin-Vega has been involved in the professional audio market for over 60 years. The company was founded in 1954. During these years, it was first known as Vega Laboratories and had several name changes. It developed different departments and was bought by other companies, so today, the Cerwin-Vega mobile division—which produces car audio equipment—is an integral part of Diamond Audio Technologies. It can be considered one of the best car speaker brands. Quick Navigation Cerwin Vega Speakers Series.Cerwin Vega Speakers Reviews 1. Cerwin-Vega V465C2. Cerwin-Vega H465C3. Cerwin-Vega V4684. Cerwin-Vega H4652Final Veredict. During the 60 years of experience the company built on it became a … Read more

Focal Speakers Review: Top Picks Ranked + Pros & Cons

The Focal brand has been active in the audio component market since 1979. The company had its humble beginnings in St. Etienne in France when Jacques Mahul created powerful speakers in his father’s garage. Since that time, this company has grown to be a powerful contender in the sound industry. They are one of the most renowned car speaker brands inside the SQ & Audiophile circles. Today, Focal offers quality products in the following areas: Loudspeakers for home use Automotive sound systems Headphones Monitoring speakers Part of their success can be ascribed to the company’s attention to detail which prompts the … Read more

Focal Subwoofer Review: Things to Know Before Making a Purchase

Focal subwoofers are very special. Incredibily high fidelity, quality of components and overall amazing pieces of engineering.  Then you see the price tag and think ‘hold on! are they really worth it?’ Let’s find out.​The BrandA French-based boutique audio manufacturer, Focal has a 35 year reputation for building high quality car and home audio products that exceed the exacting standards of even the most selective audiophile. Quick Navigation The BrandProduct LineFocal Subs Reviews 1. FOCAL 33KX Double Coil Power 13″ SubWoofer2. Focal 11″ 27KX – Single K2 Power Series Subwoofer3. Focal 21V2 8″ Single Subwoofer4. Focal P25 10″ 200W RMS 400W Max Single 4-Ohm When … Read more

Hertz Speakers Review: Best Picks with Pros and Cons

Hertz is only one part of the powerful Elettromedia company, based in Italy. Elettromedia was started in 1977, with the Hertz division founded in 1998. For the past 20 years, Hertz has made a huge impact on the audio manufacturing market. Hertz was started as a division that focused on loudspeakers. However, this has evolved into many areas including mobile audio parts such as: Amplifiers Woofers Speakers Tweeters Digital interface processors Backed by the many years of Elettromedia’s experience, Hertz has established as one of the best brands for car audio speakers. It doesn’t stop there, because you’ll also find … Read more

Best Wire Connectors to Buy in 2022: Top Picks

Most use wire connectors to ensure a low-impedance and reliable connection between two or several electrical solid wires within a box.Current and flame-resistant exteriors and materials are now being used (such as polyolefin materials for insulation of wire connections and terminations).These connectors for wires preempt dangerous short circuits or other faults by preventing contact between wires and exposed conductive surfaces.Let’s look at some options in the market to find out which ones are the best types of wire connectors to buy in 2018. Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section Comparison ChartOur Wire Connectors Reviews1. Weilder Heat Shrink Wire … Read more

Boss Audio 616UAB Review

QUICK OVERVIEWReview of: BOSS Audio 616UABCategory: Single Din Head Units Build QualityOne of the cheapest models around, low-cost components have been used. Value For MoneyIf you really don’t want to spend much, this is an appropriate choice. IntegrationManages a range of wireless smartphone features. Ease of UseThis model does at least provide an easy-to-understand installation process.What I Like Installation quick and easy Various functions simple to understand One of the cheapest options aroundWhat I Like No LCD touchscreen Very small digital display Bluetooth version is more expensiveIn this review, we’ll examine the BOSS Audio 616UAB digital multimedia player. It’s an … Read more