Best Car Lift For Home Garage in 2020 – Reviews and Comparison

If you’re a serious car guy, at some point you’ve felt like upgrading from jacks and stands to a proper car lift. I mean, few things feel more baller than having two rides stacked up in your garage. Lifts ain’t cheap though, and for sure you don’t want to risk it with something you’ll be using to suspend a few thousand pounds over your head.  Hence, we’ve done the heavy lifting (pun intended) for you, and found the best garage lifts you can buy for your home garage right now. The following car lift reviews will cover everything you need to know to … Read more

Best Garage Heater in 2020 (Reviews and Comparison)

Winter is coming. You know it. Your garage is going to get cold as a dead turkey. You ain’t working there without a solution… But hell, there’s so many heaters out there! Electric heaters, propane heaters, natural gas heaters… units at 80 bucks, others at 500 bucks… Which one should you buy? Well, it depends on your personal situation. To help you out find the perfect unit, we’ve researched and analyzed 70+ garage heaters on multiple online retailers and narrowed it down to the absolute best 5 garage heaters you can buy right now.  Check them out below!Garage Heater Comparison Chart IMAGE PRODUCT Power/BTUS Square Ft … Read more

How Much Oil Goes in a Pressure Washer Pump? [Ask The Expert]

There are a wide range of advantages to regularly swapping out the old oil from your pressure washer.As with automotive oil, one of the largest benefits is in keeping the pump lubricated and functioning efficiently.With regular replenishment of fresh oil, a pump will enjoy a longer working life and perform better overall.The majority of pressure washers will accept a 30W non-detergent based oil product.Unless the product manual suggests that it is OK, you should avoid introducing any special additives or cleaning fluid to the oil compartment.Pressure washer pumps don’t require a great deal of oil, though they should always use … Read more

The Definitive Auto Mechanic Tools List [With Pictures and Comments]

Here is the most comprehensive, extensive and illustrated auto mechanic tools list ever in the Internet. You will find three different groups of tools, from Basic tools, the ones you need to start doing any jobs in your car, passing by Intermediate tools, more specific sets of tools that will allow you to jump into more complex repairs, to Advanced tools, the ones the Professionals use for very specific cases and situations. For the DIY home mechanic, car enthusiast or aspiring professional mechanic, what’s in this list is everything you will ever need to do 99.9% of jobs in any car or … Read more

Milwaukee Tool Chest vs Craftsman

Being someone who works with your hands, you probably need tools.After all, you can’t screw in screws, cut wood, or tighten bolts with just your bare hands. You need a good set of tools to be a true hero in your profession.That being said, tools are not the only thing you need. You probably need a good tool chest, box, or cabinet to keep those tools in.There is nothing worse than needing a certain tool but not being able to find it or have it on site. There are a lot of things which a good tool chest can do … Read more

The Best Garage Floor Paint in 2020 [Reviews and Comparison]

Why leave your garage out when you decorate your home? If you do that little bit extra, you add value to your home and you’ll enjoy your space more. And what does it take? For the most effective results you need only to paint your garage floor. What are the best garage floor paints? You can be the judge of that when you compare these reviews. If you’re new to the world of garage floor paints, don’t stress. This buyer’s guide will show you the important details of garage floor paints.  Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section Comparison ChartOur Best Garage … Read more