Car Pressure Washers Damage Car Paint? [Ask The Experts]

Can pressure washer damage car paint

Many people choose to wash their cars by hand or with a hose, but there are advantages to be had by using a pressure washer instead.Not only is it far less manual effort than washing by hand, but it also uses less water than a traditional, unpressurised hose.People often question whether washing a car with a pressure washer can damage the vehicle’s paint. Though this is possible if proper care is not taken, it doesn’t have to be the case. Below, we’ll look at how a washer can be used without any risk to your car’s paintwork. Quick Navigation Choosing a … Read more

How to Heat a Garage Without Electricity – Top 3 Ways

Don’t want to add more electricity consumption to your bills? No problem.You can warm your garage with a heater that doesn’t need electricity.You can continue working on your projects during winter without the high utility costs. So, let’s have a look at the different types of garage heater you could install to get yours warm with NO electric supply needed! Quick Navigation Garage heaters:Things to know:Square meters:Safety:Propane heater:Natural gas heaters:Portable heater:Conclusion: Garage heaters: Propane:​ Propane heaters consist of certain parts which produce heat when they work together:The fuel powers the propane heater. It can use gas or LPGThe igniter develops electrical … Read more

What Are The Best Ways to Heat a Detached Garage? – Ask The Experts

Detached garages provide more versatility than just storing our cars.We can use them as workstations or places for band practices. Cold weather is one of the few reasons why you wouldn’t want to set foot in your garage. There are different ways you can keep your detached garage warm. Cold weather doesn’t have to be the reason why you don’t enter your garage.I will explain here the best ways to heat a detached garage, so you can use the one that suits you best to enjoy it! Quick Navigation Things we can Do to prevent losing heatInsulation:Spray Foam:Fiberglass roll insulation: Foam boards … Read more

AutoPhix OM126 OBDII Code Reader Review (Awesome value for money!)

A wise person once said “never pay a mechanic to tell you what’s wrong with your car”. Actually, that’s total BS and I just made it up, but there’s some truth to that statement.  Even without much mechanical knowledge, it never hurts to have as much information as possible about your vehicle, especially when something’s not right with it.  This is where an OBDII code reader can come in handy. I’m sure that most people reading this review know what a code reader is and does, but for the uninitiated:  The OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) is an automotive term referring to … Read more

Innova 3100 OBD2 Scanner Review

Review of: Innova 3100 Category: OBD2 Scanner Quality of Build Options Ease of Use Bang for the Buck Things I like Easy to read interfaceUser-friendly codesAllows you to erase code when finishedSee info in color or black and whiteExcellent customer supportChecks emission levels Thinks I don’t like Comprehensive repair reports cost extraDoesn’t support some exotic import brands.Sometimes the display behaves weirdly CHECK PRICE  Innova 3100 ReviewFor most people, when the check engine light comes on in their cars, they panic.  Part of the reason for that is because it can mean all kinds of things. Will my car need repairs? … Read more