Best Car Lift For Home Garage in 2018 – Our Top Picks & Reviews

Home garage lifts can be useful for either dealing with basic home maintenance on a car, or for storing 2 vehicles within a garage that only has the length and width size for a single car. They can come in single-vehicle units that hoist one car from the ground, or double-car units that stack one on top of another. To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the best home garage lifts that you can pick up on the market right now. Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section Comparison ChartOur ​Lift For Home Garage Reviews1. ​BendPak … Read more

What Size Tool Chest Do I Need? – Ask The Experts

If you don’t already own a tool box or chest, then the first question that you should be asking yourself is whether you really do need one. If the answer to this question is yes, then there are a range of options at your disposal, depending on just how many tools you own that require storage or a means of transport. Below, we will look at the different options available for storing or transporting tools, as well as their advantages. Quick Navigation Handheld tool boxesTool bags and beltsRolling tool boxTool chest or cabinetAlternatives to a tool chest Handheld tool boxesPortable, hand-carry tool … Read more

How to Organize Wrenches and Tools in a Toolbox

A tool box, cart or chest is the perfect home for all your wrenches and other tools. When it comes to tool organization, everybody is going to have a different idea of what’s effective or right for them. Regardless, it’s important to have some form of organization, as it’ll help you to find what you need quickly, as well as keeping your tools in good condition and not piled on top of each other. Below, we’ve put together some general tips and advice on how you could properly organize your toolbox. Quick Navigation Organization by type of toolCascading organizationTop drawersMiddle drawersBottom drawersOrganization … Read more

Do I Need a Tool Chest with a Battery Box?- Ask The Experts

Battery boxes come in many shapes and sizes, and the purpose of using one can even change from one industry to another. For example, those who engage in yachting activities need to secure spare batteries within a box for compliance purposes. When it comes to simple DIY in the home, or owning a workshop on a business premises, you’ll still want to consider a battery box for storage of power cells, though not for the same reasons. Read ahead to find out more.The main justification for getting a battery box is when you have no space for any more equipment within your tool … Read more

Best Concrete Paint of 2018 [Reviews and Comparison]

Are you looking to restore the look of your concrete floors? You can do this simply with concrete paint. It’s an affordable DIY solution that leaves your concrete floors with professional looks. In the article below lies the complete reviews of the five best concrete paints.  Compare the reviews with one another and you can decide which concrete paint is suited to your needs.  Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section Comparison ChartOur Concrete Paint Reviews1. Quikrete Concrete coatings2. United Gilsonite Lab 3. RTG Concrete Floor Paint4. KILZ Floor Paint5. Eco AdvanceFINAL VERDICT ​Best Garage Floor Paint 2019 IMAGE PRODUCT Durability Coverage TOP … Read more

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Paint in 2018 [Reviews and Comparison]

There is no question whether you need a durable garage floor or not. It’s one area in your home where there is constant pressure created not only by you but your cars too.  You don’t want to waste your time constantly repairing or repainting your floors. One quick and effective solution to make it durable is with epoxy paint.Epoxy has a high reputation for making your garage floor resistant to stains, peeling, and wear and tear. Compare these five best garage floor epoxy paints and be the judge on which one is best for you.  Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section … Read more

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