How do You Prepare a Garage Floor for Painting?

Because we spend most of our time in our homes—not in garages—we often forget their importance. Do you make this same mistake? Garages can actually add more value to our lives than we think. And how you maintain the interior determines this. Are you ready to put a bit more thought into painting your garage floor? If you’re wondering why your garage floor always seems to be cracking and forming dust, it’s probably because it wasn’t prepared right before painting. So what about attempting a DIY project?Below we tell you how to prepare a garage floor correctly for painting. Get this right and your … Read more

The Cheapest Way to Heat a Garage

A garage is your place of solace, right? It can be the perfect place to get away from it all. And this goes for men and women. Whether it’s the place you park your vehicles or the space you turned into your personal studio, it’s valuable floor space you use optimally.But  garages aren’t cozy. Winter months turn them into ice cold rooms that you dread to go into, unless you heat them properly. And no, you don’t have to pay a lot. I’m going to show you the best way to make use of your garage again, even in the midst of … Read more

Easy-Kleen EZO4035G-K-GP-12 Review

This review looks at a high-end, premium pressure washer from the Easy-Kleen brand, which is suited for the biggest commercial tasks you can find.Usability is more complex than most other, smaller models, and this machine can take some getting used to as a result.  Quick Navigation Things I likeThinks I don’t likeAbout the Easy-Kleen EZO4035G-K-GP-12What’s Included in the Box:Features Overview:Final Thougths                  Review of: Easy-Kleen EZO4035G-K-GP-12                            Category: Pressure washer Quality of BuildThough expensive, this is one of the most feature-rich … Read more

Garage Floor Paint vs Stain—Which One is Best?

Don’t always go for the most obvious solution.Remodeling or building your garage gives you the opportunity to make the most of that room.And the floor covering you pick will play a huge role.Yes, garage paint is an affordable option that can serve you well. You can choose from different types such as:Latex acrylicPart epoxy garage paintSome products only bond to the top layer of your floor. In contrast, stains are acidic or acrylic liquids that have chemical reactions with the particles in your concrete floor. They bond with the cement and especially the acrylic versions penetrate much deeper than normal paint. These … Read more

Best Tool Chest to Organize Your Tools in 2022

What Is The Best Tool Chest

If you are a person who works with your hands, you know that your tools are the most valuable thing in your arsenal. That being said, you need a good place to keep those tools, a place that is durable, secure, and maybe portable too. Well, today we are here to look at some awesome tool storage options, all of which are top contenders for the title of the best tool chest around.  Let’s get started! Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section Comparison ChartOur Tool Chest Reviews1. Milwaukee Drawer 16 Tool Chest2. Milwaukee Drawer 8 Tool Chest3. Waterloo W5004. Homak BL040114105. … Read more

Best Tool Bag for Mechanics of 2022

If you are a mechanic, computer or TV technician, or anything like that, you know how valuable good tool bags are. They carry your stuff, keep it safe, and you always have your tools when you need them. Today we are going to find out what is the best tool bag for mechanics. Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section Comparison ChartOur Tool Bag for Mechanics Reviews1. STANLEY Mixed Tool Set, 210-Piece2. ​WORKPRO 176 –Pieces Tool Set with Trolley Bag3. ​B&W International Tool BagFINAL VERDICT Comparison ChartOur Tool Bag for Mechanics Reviews 1. STANLEY Mixed Tool Set, 210-PieceThis is a great high-quality tool … Read more