How Do I Know if My Timing Chain Needs Replacing?

A complete new timing chain replacement kit lies on a gray tool cart

Compared to timing belts, timing chains are commonly used in automobiles because of their durability. And so, most of us do not pay much attention to them because we think they last a lifetime. But, although made to give you service for the entire useful life of your vehicle, timing chains wear out, more so in cars that go long miles. A timing chain is an essential component of your engine that actuates the opening and closing of air intake and exhaust valves, and so in cases where it fails, it leads to serious engine problems. Therefore, it is imperative to … Read more

How to Tell if Brake Hose or Caliper Is Bad

Mechanic with lamp checks car brake hoses

Most modern vehicles have braking systems that combine components to stop and slow down the vehicle. Following the application of the brakes, hydraulic fluid flows through the calipers to compress the pistons and cause the car to reduce its speed. After entering the brake system, the brake fluid must pass a brake line before reaching the caliper. A brake hose connects the brake calipers to the wheel cylinders. To accommodate the suspension travel of the vehicle, the calipers must be flexible under unstable conditions and when the wheels are turned. Often overlooked, they play a crucial role in the brake mechanism, … Read more

what causes a blown head gasket?

Sealing gasket in hand.

A head gasket is an important part of your vehicle’s cooling system, a seal that sits between the engine block and the cylinder head. The head bolts attach them, help the head gasket prevent coolant from leaking into your engine and protect the cylinders from overheating. In addition, the head gasket seals the combustion chamber, which prevents hot combustion gasses from escaping and causing a fire hazard. For your vehicle to run at its best, it’s important to keep this seal in good condition by regularly checking for leaks, cracks, or other signs of deterioration. Head gaskets are usually made out of … Read more

What Is The Proper Way To Rotate Tires?

mechanic holding a car tire

Tire rotation is an essential part of vehicle maintenance; all automobile owners should do it for maximum safety and tire upkeep. Most tire warranties require that your vehicle’s tires be rotated after reaching a certain mileage. This article closely examines how to do this essential part of vehicle maintenance. We will also investigate rotation patterns and how they should be done on different types of vehicles for the best results. Let’s jump in and learn how to correctly rotate the tires on a vehicle for safety. Quick Navigation Why Do You Need to Rotate Your TiresDifferent Types of Tire Rotation PatternsFront-Wheel Drive … Read more

how to know if shock absorbers are worn

shock absorber strut with coil spring

Shock absorbers also called shocks, are integral vehicle components that need to be maintained and monitored regularly. Shock absorbers wear out gradually, and the degree of wear depends on some factors, such as road and climate conditions, how you drive, and the load carried by the vehicle. You don’t want bad shock absorbers; the vehicle’s overall performance is affected when worn out and, if left unchecked, may lead to an accident. How do you know if your shock absorbers are worn? By being aware of the changes in the behavior of your vehicle. This article will discuss knowing when your shock … Read more

When To Replace The Timing Belt

mechanic cleaning timing belt in warehouse of garage

What is the recommended interval for changing your timing belt? Car makes and models will dictate this. Furthermore, the time you spend driving the vehicle is a factor. To find out what the manufacturer recommends for mileage, check the car’s handbook. It’s important to change the belt when needed to avoid damage to your vehicle. Many people don’t know the signs to look for when it’s time to change one. Here we will explain what they are and when it’s time to replace the belt. Quick Navigation Timing Belts: What Do They Do?Do You Have a Belt or Chain?What Is The … Read more