How To Buff Out Car Scratches At Home: A Quick Guide

how to buff out car scratches at home

Image Credits:​Scratches, dents and dings are all an inevitable part of a vehicle’s life. No matter how hard you try, small accidents happen and are often out of your control. Scratches are more than just cosmetic eyesores and can ultimately hurt the long-term resale value of your vehicle. What starts as a just small scratch can easily spread into something bigger and become much more difficult to treat. The clear coat can start to peel and crack (even more unsightly than the scratch you began with) or even worse, rust can begin to form. If you eventually plan to resell, buyers may … Read more

Car Insurance Frauds To Avoid: Things You Should Know

car insurance frauds to avoid

Pic Credit : PixabayThe following is a guest post by our friend James Burke from Big Motoring World. Enjoy! There are many millions of pounds of fraudulent insurance claims made every year and unfortunately it’s all too easy to become a victim of a car insurance fraud scam – here are some of the key car insurance frauds to avoid: Quick Navigation 1 ) Deliberate crash scams:2) Lying about the main car driver:3) Claiming the car was stolen:4) False insurance brokers:5) Lying about your personal details​:6) Claiming a whiplash injury:7) Staging a theft from a car: 1 ) Deliberate crash scams:This … Read more

Why Paint Your Garage Floor? [Ask The Experts]

dirty garage

 There are a wide range of reasons to paint your concrete garage floor, many of which can be applied to other concrete surfaces, such as basement flooring and concrete porches. So, without further ado, read ahead to discover how these paints can instantly improve your home. Quick Navigation Your cars and garage could be cleanerProtection for your concrete floorsIt helps maintain your home’s cleanlinessIt’s easier to clean than concreteIt can improve the lighting in your garageIt’s cheap and attractiveIt conceals defects in your flooringIt can help to prevent accidentsLast thoughts You’ll have experienced dust throughout your home; it’s a fact of … Read more

Should You Wax or Polish First? [And What Is Each One Exactly?]


In this article, we’re going to cover the frequently asked “should I polish or wax my car?” and to answer that question you first need to know what ​the difference is between a car polish and a car wax. Quick Navigation What is a car polish?What is a wax?So, which one goes first?Conclusion: What is a car polish?Polish:Verb, make the surface of (something) smooth and shiny by rubbing it.Noun, a substance used to give something a smooth and shiny surface when rubbed in.(Oxford English Dictionary definition)Here we’re going to talk about polishes that can PERMANENTLY restore the paint of your vehicle.There … Read more

How Often Should I Use Fuel Injector Cleaner? – Ask The Experts

How often should i use fuel injector cleaner

Every part of your car needs to be maintained. When you maintain your car you prevent it from failing at you when you need it. Are you ready to be a wise vehicle owner? One crucial component that needs to be clean is the fuel injector. A dirty and clogged fuel injector can cause your engine to malfunction. The repair costs are high and it may not be something you want to stress about. You can prevent this when you purchase a fuel injector cleaner. It’s easy to use at home. Quick Navigation How often should you use the fuel injector cleaner? … Read more

Do New Cars Need to Be Waxed? [Ask The Expert]

Do new cars need to be waxed

One distinct feature all new cars have is that shiny and glossy look. If you’re an owner of a new car you must feel proud having this aesthetically pleasing look.You can have this look for more than a couple of months after the purchase. You can have it for years and it starts from the first time you wash your new car.Your new car needs to be waxed to maintain the shine and for other protective benefits. Quick Navigation Why should new cars be waxed?How often should you apply wax to your car?How to effectively wax your new car Why … Read more

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