Synthetic Oil Change Interval: How Often Should You Change Synthetic Oil?

Following the correct synthetic oil change interval is an extremely important thing when it comes to keeping your car’s engine running nice and smooth for a long time. But we all know that synthetic oil does cost some good money so we don’t want to change it prematurely, right? We also don’t want to extend its service life too long and end up damaging the engine. So, let’s find that sweet spot. How often should you get an oil change? For those who have no more than 1 minute to get an answer to this issue here is your short … Read more

When to Replace Your Car Battery?

I’m guilty. I left my Civic’s battery die. I went down to my driveway this morning and the car just wouldn’t start.  It’s my fault. I knew it wasn’t on a good condition But I’m sure you can relate: Your car battery isn’t something you are day in and day out thinking about, is it?It isn’t until it gives up and leaves us shouting and cursing that we think “I’ve should have changed it before winter!” ​ So I thought I’d swallow my “I take such a good care of my rides” pride and see the silver lining on this, so today I want to talk … Read more

Why is Synthetic Oil so Expensive? Ask Alex #2

Today I want to answer a question that I’ve got millions of times.  Why is synthetic oil so expensive? The answer, although simple, involves a few insider tricks of the industry to explain you why you pay $35 for a regular oil change but $80 or more for a synthetic oil change​.  And I know you love some insider secrets. Let’s jump into it.​ Quick Navigation 1. Additives2. Base oil3. How garages lure you4. You actually save money (what???)5. Conclusion 1. AdditivesThe most important difference between conventional and synthetic oils, are the additives. Typically, synthetic oils come with a pack of additives such as detergents, … Read more

Why Do Car Batteries Corrode and How to Prevent it? Ask Alex #3

Hey guys! This week I want to aswer Kevin’s question back on the post where I reviewed my favorite car batteries. Kevin asked: Why do car batteries corrode? So i’m going to dive right into it to help you find out why this happens, what’s the effect it may have in your car’s functioning and how to get rid of corrosion! Quick Navigation The reason SOME car batteries corrode:When does this happen?Negative effects of corroded terminals.How to clean the terminals from corrosion.Wrapping Up: The reason SOME car batteries corrode:I’m sure you’ve seen this before: Corrosion (this blue-ish dust) on the battery’s terminals happens only … Read more

How to Wax a Car Properly and Tools You Need [A Step-by-Step Guide]

Do you want your car to be freaking shiny and looking like brand new? I know you do. I’ll teach you right now how to wax a car properly for ultimate protection, looks and awesomeness. Many car owners think wax are a thing from the past you know, from our grandpas era where car paints weren’t resistant at all.​ These car owners are very much mistaken: wax has long been essential to smart car care and preserving the resale value of your vehicle. Waxing your car has long been viewed by many car owners as just a way to make the paint look shinier on … Read more

How to Charge a Car Battery [Step-by-Step + Tips for Optimal Charging]

If you’re wondering how to charge a car battery without the use of jumper cables and instead by using a battery charger, then this is going to be the best guide for you to read. You’re going to learn everything you need in order to properly and safely charge the battery so you can get back on the road. You’ll learn how to prepare for charging, where to put the charger, and how to charge the battery when it is inside of your vehicle as well as when it is outside of your vehicle since both are possibilities.At the end of this … Read more