What is the Best Wax for Black Cars for the Perfect Shine?

We all knot that while bold colors can look incredible with a brilliant shine when waxed, if your car is black then it’s a whole other story. To get this glossy, silky show car kind of effect isn’t as easy as we’d like to. Some waxes turn out too shiny and it looks like a pimp’s limo, and some waxes fade too quick or just stay with a matt touch that looks like sh*t. This is why instead of just learning how to wax a black car, it’s particularly important that you take the time to find the best car wax in the first … Read more

Best Synthetic Motor Oil for Protecting Your Car’s Engine [2022]

Finding the best synthetic motor oil for your car can be a tricky task. I’ve spent hundreds of hours investigating the oil market (and done hundreds of oil changes myself) andI have combined my knowledge on motor oil with the thousands of customer reviews from a lot of top-of-the-league synthetic oils to craft this list. I’ve added a comprehensive buyer’s guide that is an absolute MUST read in order to help you understand which oil to buy for your car in particular.Comparison Chart By SAE IMAGE PRODUCT BASE STOCK 1. Valvoline SYNpower FULL SYNTHETIC Full Synthetic oil 100% American Made with the … Read more

What Is The Best Spray Wax for Cars?

Do you like to keep your car looking shiny and clean? Does a smooth finish over your paint job matter to you as much as the color and design?Then you are already aware of the value that a good wax brings to your clean car.The issue with waxing is that you don’t always have time for a deep waxing, which usually happens when you use paste waxes.Fortunately, spray waxing makes it really quick and easy to wax your car after a deep wash.The only problem is finding one that’s truly worth the money, giving you that shiny armor against nasty … Read more

Best Oil Filter for Your Car of 2022

What Is The Best Oil Filter

Like choosing which synthetic motor oil brand works for your vehicle best, finding the best oil filter for your car is not an easy task.If you go to an auto-parts dealer and tell them your car’s make and model, they will give you a filter that fits. And that’s great.The problem is that it doesn’t necessarily provide an answer to our question: Is it the BEST oil filter for your car?Most likely, the answer is no.It could just be what the carmaker chose for your engine’s compatibility but not necessarily what can optimize its performance.Another option you might be thinking … Read more

What is the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner in 2022?

With that many products out there making huge claims on improving fuel economy, increasing horsepower, cleaning carbon deposits and fuel injectors, finding the best fuel injector cleaner is a hard task. Are those claims real or just marketing? In principle, fuel injector cleaners are designed to take harmful carbon deposits off of your engine’s inside. Deposits that may lead to misfire, knocking, less responsive throttle, rough idle, lowered fuel economy and many other problems.But do they actually work? Well, we will answer that question in great detail, because as always… it depends. Some do, some don’t. Because we want you to get your hands … Read more

Best Diesel Injector Cleaner 2022 [Reviews and Comparison]

The most common issue with diesel engines is typically the death of an injector or two due to accumulative build-up.Yes, you know what that means: A very expensive visit to your mechanic.To help your very expensive injectors stay in good shape, it’s a good idea to use a specific cleaner every so often.Additionally, with a wider range of diesel fuel additives available today, it is best to have a glimpse of the best ones. This way, you can compare what each has to offer that will better suit your engine.Hence, I’ve compiled a list of the best diesel injection cleaners … Read more