How to Clean Fuel Injectors [Machine Vs. Fuel Cleaners]

When it comes to maintaining your car, it’s essential that you keep every part of it as clean as possible over time.Typically speaking, most of the components of your vehicle’s engine will collect deposits and filth as you drive, which will adversely affect their performance.One of the most susceptible parts of your engine is the fuel injector.Because your car’s efficiency is directly related to the amount of fuel and air that feeds into the engine, it’s crucial that your injectors are cleaned on a regular basis.However, given the relative complexity of them, most car owners neglect to do it themselves.While … Read more

What Is The Best Wax For Black Cars? [Reviews and Comparison]

We all knot that while bold colors can look incredible with a brilliant shine when waxed, if your car is black then it’s a whole other story.To get this glossy, silky show car kind of effect isn’t as easy as we’d like to.Some waxes turn out too shiny and it looks like a pimp’s limo, and some waxes fade too quick or just stay with a matt touch that looks like sh*t.To help you find the perfect wax for your ride, I’ve done some good research and here I present to you the 5 best car waxes for black cars that … Read more

What Is The Best Spray Wax for Cars? [Reviews and Comparison]

Do you like to keep your car looking shiny and clean?Then you are already aware of the value that a good wax brings to your clean car.The issue with waxing is that you don’t always have time for a deep waxing.Fortunately, spray waxing makes it really quick and easy to wax your car after a deep wash.The only problem is finding one that’s truly worth the money.​Today, we are going to look at some of the best spray waxes for cars, and how they match up against each other.Spray Wax Comparison Chart IMAGE PRODUCT Lasting Spray Type TOP PICK! 1. … Read more

Best Diesel Injector Cleaner 2020 [Reviews and Comparison]

The most common issue with diesel engines is typically the death of an injector or two due to accumulative build-up.Yes, you know what that means:A very expensive visit to your mechanic.To help your very expensive injectors stay in good shape, it’s a good idea to use a specific cleaner every so often.Hence, I’ve compiled a list of the best diesel injection cleaners that you can buy right now, to keep your engine running for a lot of miles.Each of these products will ensure that your fuel system is optimized and running as well as the day it was built.Diesel Injector Cleaner … Read more

What is the Best Carnauba Wax? [Reviews and Comparison]

For the purist detailer, carnauba wax beats all othersBut because there’s quite a few to choose from and not all of them will give you the kind of show-car look you want, we’ve selected the top 5 carnauba car waxes and reviewed so you know exactly which one to buy​ Check this list out, it’s all you’ll ever need to read to find the perfect wax.Carnauba Wax Comparison Chart. Quick Navigation Carnauba Wax Reviews 1. Migliore Primo2. Pinnacle Signature Series3. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax4. Meguiar’s G7014J Gold Class5. Mothers 05750 California GoldWhat is Carnauba Wax?Benefits of Carnauba Wax for Your Car’s FinishHow Often Should You Apply … Read more

Best 0w20 Synthetic Oil In 2020? (Top 5 Reviews & Comparison)

When talking about motor oil, the best in the industry are true synthetics.Unlike traditional dino oil, these products are much better at handling temperature extremes and maintaining a high level of viscosity throughout the life of your engine.To ensure that your oil is purely synthetic, it has to be of the base group IV or V, as any other base stock isn’t a pure synthetic but rather a synthetic blend.The 0w20 is one of the most common SAEs and we’ve got ton of requests about what the best options are. Here are our top 5 picks.0w20 Synthetic Oil Comparison Chart. … Read more