Best Diesel Injector Cleaner 2021 [Reviews and Comparison]

The most common issue with diesel engines is typically the death of an injector or two due to accumulative build-up.Yes, you know what that means:A very expensive visit to your mechanic.To help your very expensive injectors stay in good shape, it’s a good idea to use a specific cleaner every so often.Hence, I’ve compiled a list of the best diesel injection cleaners that you can buy right now, to keep your engine running for a lot of miles.Each of these products will ensure that your fuel system is optimized and running as well as the day it was built.Diesel Injector Cleaner … Read more

What is the Best Carnauba Wax for Cars?

For the purist detailer, carnauba wax beats all othersBut because there’s quite a few to choose from and not all of them will give you the kind of show-car look you want, we’ve selected the top 5 carnauba car waxes and reviewed so you know exactly which one to buy Check this list out, it’s all you’ll ever need to read to find the perfect wax. Quick Navigation Carnauba Wax Reviews1. Migliore Primo2. Pinnacle Signature Series3. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax4. Meguiar’s G7014J Gold Class5. Mothers 05750 California GoldWhat is Carnauba Wax?Benefits of Carnauba Wax for Your Car’s FinishHow Often Should You Apply Carnauba … Read more

Best Car Wax to Protect Car Paint [2021 Updated]

Using the Best Car wax is an excellent way to make your car shine bright, just like out of the dealership. If you car about your ride, waxing it regularly is the best way to protect its expensive paint, preserving the car’s value and looks. Wax can protect your vehicle from different road conditions. There are many types of car wax available, each with their own benefits.If you’re thinking about using a car wax, this guide will help you find the right one for you.Not all car wax is the same, and car wax is different from car polish. If you ever … Read more

Best Full Synthetic Oil 5w30 in 2021 (Top 5 Reviews)

OUR TOP #5 PICKS 1. Valvoline SynPower2. Liqui Moly Longtime High Tech3. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum4. Castrol EDGE Extended Performance5. Royal Purple High Performance What is the best 5w30 synthetic oil in the market?Easy to answer if you ask us.Here are Gear4wheels’ top 5 picks for the best synthetic oils on this popular SAE grade, commonly used on medium sized petrol engines and hybrid vehicles.Let’s jump right to this shall we?TOP 5 PICKS IMAGE PRODUCT 1. Valvoline SynPower Made in America 100% Synthetic Oil Superior cold-start performance and protection VIEW ON AMAZON 2. Liqui Moly Longtime High Tech Fully synthetic oil … Read more

How Does Car Wax Work? [Includes Quick Explanation of Wax Types]

There is no doubt you want to maintain the look of your car so it always looks the same as the first day you got it.Washing your car can help, but to always have that shine, you must wax your car.Whether your car is old or new, it can benefit from waxing. Quick Navigation How does car wax work?Why is it so important to wax your car?Conclusion: How does car wax work?The ingredients found in car wax consists of the following:  Carnauba wax which is found in the leaves of Brazilian palm leaves. This wax is thick and produces a … Read more

Best Car Polish In 2021? [Reviews And Comparison]

Whether I’m just stopping by my neighborhood store or cruising around town, I always make sure my car is looking great. I want it to shine like a diamond and I also want people to notice it. Even though it’s a few years old, I still receive a huge amount of compliments from people about the car’s appearance. They always ask me how I get it to shine like crazy, and I tell them everytime that I just use good polish and try to keep it clean. Check out some of these great car polishes to keep your car looking … Read more