Best Liquid Car Wax 2018 [Editor Picks and Reviews]

Last year alone I spent over $500 testing and trying different brands of wax.From all kinds of wax I’ve tried, one of my favorites has been liquid wax. If you know how to use a buffer properly, it’ll get you the best results for your ride.Here are my picks for the best liquid car waxes of 2017.Liquid Car Wax Comparison Chart  Quick Navigation Liquid Car Wax Comparison ChartMy Reviews 1. Liquid Glass LG-1002. Griot’s Garage Best of Show Wax3. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax4. Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax5. Mothers California GoldFinal Verdict ​The Best Liquid Car Wax of 2019 1. Liquid Glass LG-100 This particular brand … Read more

Best Car Wax of 2018? [Reviews and Comparison]

Using the Best Car wax is an excellent way to make your car shine bright, just like out of the dealership. If you car about your ride, waxing it regularly is the best way to protect its expensive paint, preserving the car’s value and looks. Wax can protect your vehicle from different road conditions. There are many types of car wax available, each with their own benefits.If you’re thinking about using a car wax, this guide will help you find the right one for you.Not all car wax is the same, and car wax is different from car polish. If you ever … Read more

What is the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner in 2018? [Honest Reviews]

With that many products out there making huge claims on improving fuel economy, increasing horsepower, cleaning carbon deposits and fuel injectors, finding the best fuel injector cleaner is a hard task. Are those claims real or just marketing? In principle, fuel injector cleaners are designed to take harmful carbon deposits off of your engine’s inside. Deposits that may lead to misfire, knocking, less responsive throttle, rough idle, lowered fuel economy and many other problems.But do they actually work? Well, we will answer that question in great detail, because as always… it depends. Some do, some don’t. Because we want you to get your hands … Read more

How to Charge a Car Battery [Step-by-step]

If you’re wondering how to charge a car battery without the use of jumper cables and instead by using a battery charger, then this is going to be the best guide for you to read. You’re going to learn everything you need in order to properly and safely charge the battery so you can get back on the road. You’ll learn how to prepare for charging, where to put the charger, and how to charge the battery when it is inside of your vehicle as well as when it is outside of your vehicle since both are possibilities.At the end of this … Read more

How To Change Oil In Your Car And Save Money [Full Guide]

Changing your car’s engine oil is not a difficult task to do yourself, but it is one that you should do the right way. This is a step by step guide on how to change oil in your car. We recommend you to read this other articles on the right synthetic oil change interval, how to find the best synthetic motor oil and best oil filter so you count with all the information you need to get the right supplies for this operation. Table of Contents Time needed: 30 Mins.Difficulty: EasyMaterials and Tools NeededStep 1. Check owner’s manual for the recommended SAE … Read more

When To Replace Your Car Battery [Hint: Before it dies]

I’m guilty. I left my Civic’s battery die. I went down to my driveway this morning and the car just wouldn’t start.  It’s my fault. I knew it wasn’t on a good condition But I’m sure you can relate: Your car battery isn’t something you are day in and day out thinking about, is it?It isn’t until it gives up and leaves us shouting and cursing that we think “I’ve should have changed it before winter!” ​ So I thought I’d swallow my “I take such a good care of my rides” pride and see the silver lining on this, so today I want to talk … Read more

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