Fastway E2 Hitch Review

Fastway E2 Hitch Review

QUICK OVERVIEWReview of: ​Fastway E2 HitchCategory: ​​Weight Distribution Hitches ​Build Quality​Excellent build quality, with components that won’t bend or warp. Value For Money​Small investment, but most certainly worth the money. ​Integration​Lacks a ball, despite advertising suggesting otherwise. ​Ease of Use​Vastly reduces the sway associated with alternative mechanisms. What I Like ​Extremely good build quality ​Weight distribution is excellent ​Complete unit with nothing to disconnectWhat I Like ​Difficult to set up first time ​Setup requires a level footing ​Doesn’t include a ball despite advertising CHECK LATEST PRICE ON AMAZON.COM Quick Navigation QUICK OVERVIEW​Product Overview​Who is This Product For?What’s Included​Overview of Features​Conclusion … Read more

Equalizer Hitch Review

Equal-i-zer Hitch Review

QUICK OVERVIEWReview of: ​Equal-i-zer HitchCategory: ​​Weight Distribution Hitches ​Build Quality​Among the best weight distribution systems, featuring steel and rust-resistant dipped steel. Value For Money​Lacks a ball as part of the packaging, but this component can be purchased separately. ​Integration​Can be tricky to get set up for the first time. You may need assistance from your dealer. ​Ease of Use​This system truly makes your handling a breeze. Setup can be tricky, but no other skill is required.What I Like ​Extremely good build quality ​Weight distribution is excellent ​Complete unit with nothing to disconnectWhat I Like ​Difficult to set up first time … Read more

Best Work Boots For Concrete in 2018? Reviews & Comparison

Due to the solid properties of concrete, this type of flooring can play hell with your feet when stepping on them over extended periods of time. This is particularly true for construction workers, for example, when long hours are spent on concrete with heavy loads. Having the right pair of boots with sufficient load-bearing protection can help to reduce this load, vastly reducing aches and pains that can be caused by cheap or poorly-designed footwear. Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section Comparison ChartOur ​Work Boots For Concrete Reviews1. ​Irish Setter Work Boot​2. ​​Wolverine Raider Boot​3. ​Wolverine Moc-Toe Work Boot​4. Timberland … Read more

How To Choose Tires For Your Car : Let Us Help You [Guide]


There are a few things to consider when purchasing new tires for your car. Check them all in this guide to make sure you buy the right ones and avoid costly and potentially dangerous mistakes. Determine the required size for your vehicle The sidewall of a tire can be seen on the exterior rubber surface and contains unique identifying information that is divided into 3 distinct sections: the tire specification, DOT code and UTQG code.Tire specificationWithin the tire specification, you’ll find the basic characteristics of your tire, which includes the size, build, speed rating and so on. Some of the codes … Read more

How Much for Tire Installation? Know The Actual Price Here


The costs involved with purchasing new tires and having them installed on your vehicle has fluxed constantly for the past several years. This is due to a number of factors, involving the continual complication of car tires, as well as changes in manufacturing and safety regulations. For example, certain states have already begun to phase out lead wheel weights, owing to the health implications of the lead material. ​There has also been a steady introduction of new required features by law, including tire pressure monitoring. Other aesthetic features can also inflate prices, such as larger rims, larger tires, deeper treads and so on. … Read more

Best All Season Tires For Snow and Rain in 2018? Reviews & Comparison


While you could theoretically use your usual tires on the snow, you’d experience far worse traction, and in some cases, could end up in a position where you couldn’t get your car up or down a hill without losing grip. Investing in a good pair of all-season tires can save you time in the long-run, as they can be left on your vehicle all year round. To help you choose the best all-season tires for your vehicle, we’ve collated 5 of the most popular all-season tires on the market right now, gathering tires from each end of the budget range. We’ll look at … Read more

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