Best All-Weather Car Mats in 2020? [Reviews and Comparison]

A high-quality car mat can protect your vehicle’s carpeted interiors from a lot of abuse, including soiling from water, mud, and other chemicals, as well as general wear and tear from footwear. Though you can get carpet-based car mats, the products crafted from more durable materials such as rubber will last much longer. Below, we’ve covered 5 of the best options available to you right now.​Comparison Chart Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section Comparison ChartOur All-Weather Car Mats Reviews1. Weathertech W2392. Motor Trend 4pc3. ProLiner4. FH Group5. OxGord Universal FitFINAL VERDICT Our All-Weather Car Mats Reviews 1. Weathertech W239The Weathertech … Read more

Best Car Mats in 2020? [Reviews and Comparison]

Decent-quality car floor mats can help to maintain the interior of our cars, protecting them against grime, dirt and debris. Certain substances and chemicals can even corrode and irreversibly damage car interiors. Thus, it makes complete sense to protect the floor of any vehicle with a car mat, so that these substances and dirt cannot transfer directly onto the car’s interior fabrics.​Comparison Chart Of Top Rated Mats Click or Tap To Jump To Any Section Comparison ChartOur car Mats Reviews1. Motor Trend 4pc Black Car Floor Mats Set 2. OxGord Universal Fit3. Motor Trend Flex Tough Baseline – Heavy Duty Rubber Floor … Read more

Rubber Car Mats vs. Carpet [Direct Comparison]

Except for a select few models that can be picked up in faux leather or similar, most car mats are constructed from durable rubber, or from strong carpet fabrics.Each of these types of car mat come with their own advantages and drawbacks.Below, we’ll look at the differences between the two, as well as which is better overall. Quick Navigation Direct Comparison:Breaking it DownEase of Cleaning:Durability:Personalization:Final Recount:Pros and Cons:Rubber car mats:Carpet car mats:Final Verdict: Direct Comparison:Rubber Car MatsCarpet Car MatsEase of Cleaning:Can be washed with light detergents or even weak power-hoses. Most mud flakes come off once dry.Usually resistant to chemical … Read more

How to Remove Salt from Car Mats? – Ask The Experts

One of the greatest challenges facing your car mats is the road salt laid down on public streets to prevent ice forming during the winter months.Though practical from a driving perspective, it can also play havoc with your car interiors. You can keep salt from damaging or staining your vehicle’s carpeted flooring by using car mats, but if you’re using carpeted car mats, then all you’re doing is transferring the problem onto another surface.Fortunately, it’s possible to get salt stains out of your carpeted car mats. We’ve put together a quick guide that will help you to quickly and easily remove these … Read more

How to Clean Rubber Car Mats with Bad Stains – Ask The Experts

Most rubber car mats are designed with deep ridging to help capture a range of debris, such as food, mud, stones, and other unwanted substances that could otherwise stain your vehicle’s carpet. Though replacing a stained car mat is reasonably inexpensive, there’s little point in throwing away a mat that is otherwise perfectly fine. In most cases, you can shake off your rubber car mats every now and then to remove unwanted debris and water from your vehicle, but on the occasion that you’ve spilled something more sinister on them, you might need to put in a little more elbow grease to … Read more

How Do You Clean Rubber Car Mats? – Ask The Experts

Rubber car mats are excellent at catching and containing spillages, whether that be dirt or liquids. However, one of their most useful features can also be a drawback; ridges and grooves designed into the topside of the mat can trap these substances so well that they’re difficult to remove once dried. If you don’t clean your car mat regularly enough, then it can soon become even dirtier than the rest of your car and can even begin to smell.Picking up a brand-new rubber car mat is cheap and easy, though it’s even cheaper and quicker to simply clean your existing mat. Unlike carpeted … Read more