How Do You Clean Rubber Car Mats? – Ask The Experts

Rubber car mats are excellent at catching and containing spillages, whether that be dirt or liquids. However, one of their most useful features can also be a drawback; ridges and grooves designed into the topside of the mat can trap these substances so well that they’re difficult to remove once dried. If you don’t clean your car mat regularly enough, then it can soon become even dirtier than the rest of your car and can even begin to smell.Picking up a brand-new rubber car mat is cheap and easy, though it’s even cheaper and quicker to simply clean your existing mat. Unlike carpeted … Read more

Can You Wash Car Mats in the Washer? – Ask The Experts

For such a simple product, many vehicle owners are still not clear on whether you can put your car mats through the washer. This is unsurprising, given that there is no clear-cut answer either way. The truth is that is depends entirely upon the specific type and design of car mat that you’re using. Read ahead to find out more. Quick Navigation Carpeted car matsMachine washingHand washingRubber car matsHand washingPressure washingBottom line Carpeted car mats Carpeted car mats are inevitably going to get stained, as they don’t have the same liquid or dirt repellent properties as their rubber counterparts.  Fortunately, they are easy … Read more

Car Battery Leaking From Top? Here’s What You Should Know

It’s called sweating. Your car battery is covered with drops and eventually it turns to a hard substance.What is it and what are you supposed to do about it?Don’t panic. These guidelines will help you.So here are the facts to know when your car battery is leaking from the top. Quick Navigation Is a sweating battery dangerous?Is it normal that new batteries leak?Why is your battery leaking?Rapid charging:Overfilled battery chambers:Expanding plates:Did you tip it?:A Cracked Battery:Cold climate:Old age:Conclusion: Is a sweating battery dangerous? The short answer is yes. Below you’ll see many reasons for a battery’s leaking. Some circumstances are … Read more