Fastway E2 Hitch Review

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Review of: ​Fastway E2 Hitch

Category: ​​Weight Distribution Hitches

​Build Quality

​Excellent build quality, with components that won’t bend or warp.

Value For Money

​Small investment, but most certainly worth the money.


​Lacks a ball, despite advertising suggesting otherwise.

​Ease of Use

​Vastly reduces the sway associated with alternative mechanisms.

What I Like

  • ​Extremely good build quality
  • ​Weight distribution is excellent
  • ​Complete unit with nothing to disconnect

What I Don’t Like

  • ​Difficult to set up first time
  • ​Setup requires a level footing
  • ​Doesn’t include a ball despite advertising

​When you’re towing a large load, you’re pulling with you a great deal of responsibility. If you’re using an inefficient towing mechanism, you’re potentially lugging around hundreds of pounds of wood or metal that can be a danger to yourself or other road users.

What’s more, not balancing the load correctly can result in damage to your vehicle, including excessive tire wear and tear. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you choose a towing mechanism with adequate sway control.

Often, you’ll have a free weight-distribution system thrown at you as part of a trailer deal by a dealership. However, these products are often ineffective, cheap and poorly optimized. They may be more of a hinderance than a help.

Thus, it’s essential to know what products are available on the market and choose the correct one for your vehicle and the load you’re towing. In this review, we’re looking at the Fastway E2 Hitch, which is one of the better systems that money can buy.

We’ll tell you what the positive and negative points are, as well as whether you should invest your money in this weight distribution system.

​Product Overview

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​The E2 Hitch is the perfect gear4wheels1-20nt for an aging chain and lever system, offering greater stabilization to a towing vehicle and the unit being towed.

With this product installed, you can easily reduce the sway afforded by events such as the passing of larger vehicles. Weight distribution is far better than with existing towing mechanisms, with unparalleled anti-sway technology.

For the optimal and most secure towing experience, you may need to invest in the E2 Hitch, which provides your vehicle with more efficient and simplistic weight distribution and sway control.

Old hitches using a chain setup don’t provide built-in control over sway, and alternative add-ons are a pain to remove when you’re making tight turns or reversing. Conversely, the E2’s rigid brackets resolve both these problems, allowing you to hit the road more quickly and worry less about the cargo you’re pulling.

​Who is This Product For?

If you’ve been struggling with traditional towing mechanisms and want enhanced security and safety, then you may want to consider the E2 hitch.

Sway control is a problem for many trailer and caravan owners, particularly when conducting regular long-haul journeys on the highway.

In such situations, the E2 Hitch can be invaluable, providing peace of mind for those longer trips around the country.

What’s Included

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In addition to the Fastway E2 Hitch, you’ll also need a hitch ball. However, like many products of this type, one doesn’t come included within the package as standard.

They aren’t too expensive to pick up, so this isn’t a huge issue. As part of the bundle, you will however get all the necessary pins and levers needed to install the product onto your vehicle and trailer. This isn’t the easiest process though, so you might need to enlist the help of your dealership.

​Overview of Features

The Fastway E2 Hitch can be picked up in either trunnion or round bar-styles, depending upon your needs. Despite your choice, both styles offer simplistic and efficient integrated sway control and weight distribution. Where ground clearance is an important requirement, a trunnion style is perfect.

The E2 hitch revolutionizes how the towing vehicle and trailer integrate by creating a bridge, allowing both units to work together as a single entity.

Through this coupling, the hitch allows an even distribution of weight to both vehicle axels. When properlyset up, the towing vehicle is better able to keep its steering wheels planted firmly on the ground. This is the case even in the harshest of conditions, including during extremely powerful crosswinds, as regularly reported by consumers.

Integrated sway control is handled through built-in, specialized brackets that significantly reduce driver stress and fatigue when towing, as opposed to the traditional ‘add-on’ sway bars or cam type attachments. Two points of friction are created, preventing the spring arm from freely swinging back and forth.



For people who regularly tow a trailer around, be that for personal or business reasons, sway control can often be a problem.

Not only is it a safety hazard, but it can also place unnecessary wear on your vehicle’s tires for example. However, these needn’t be problems, as the right kind of product can help to alleviate them.

When using the E2 Hitch, you get exceptional sway control when compared to traditional chain systems. Though the bar can be difficult to set up in the first instance, and despite a lack of ball, the positives of using this towing mechanism overwhelmingly outweigh these minor niggles.