15 Great Gift Ideas for Gearheads

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I remember being a kid. It was so easy to make me happy with any kind of gift. I wanted it all! Board games, gameboy games (90’s boy!) comics, books (I’ve always been a bit of a wookworm) Lego stuff, hot wheels, StarWars things…

But with the years I started shifting more and more into techy stuff that was rather hard to understand for my parents, sisters and (eventually) girlfriend. They knew I had my house full of tools, dvds about driving techniques, a garage with one half-built 125cc motorcycle, an old car with only god knows how many speakers and amplifiers (ah, the memories…) and they had a really hard time being non-generic with their Christmas gifts.

Sure thing, I still love grandma’s knitted pullovers. But besides my riding pals, no-one knows what to get me. I don’t complain though, it is just how it is.

Do you have that kind of friend? Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s a great list to give you a lot of ideas of stuff I am 100% sure will make any gearhead extremely happy.

And if you’re that friend no-one really knows what to gift because you’re a wheeled-stuff freak, just share it with your people! Maybe they get the hint 😀

1. Underseat Subwoofer

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I have to open the list with this one as I have a particularly fond memory of getting my car the summer I turned 18 and then my best friend Paul gifted me that Christmas a Pioneer sub that fitted under the seat of my ridiculously small Golf II.

I cant’ tell you how much the factory speakers sucked without cursing, so all of a sudden having that (for me) amount of power and bass made me a happy guy for a loong time.

Recently I published a review of my favorite underseat subwoofers. They are really simple to install, just wiring, no need for extra amplifiers to make them work and in most cases they really are not expensive for what they are.

A gift that made me very happy. Gear4wheels certified. 

2. Badass Helmet: The Shark RAW

41HvjKig4ML. SL500

A helmet that’s been for too long on my bucket list. I had the chance to test one around spring last year and I was very surprised with it.

I ride a custom built chopper and I look for helmets that look as awesome as possible. 

When I tried the Shark RAW (the soyuz version actually, with some sick russian inspired paintjob) I was reluctant as many of this helmets with fancy faceshields and goggles etc tend to feel crappy or to be very noisy but this one is pretty solid.

It is an absolute head-turner so make sure the one you gift it to likes getting some extra “attention”

3. Multitool: A lifesaver

31tagpJSorL. SL500

I carry one on the glovebox in my Chevy and one on a saddlebag on my motorcycle. 

Reason? It is just a lifesaver. You see, if there’s something I may need to fix, put in place or whatever, most times I can do it with this tool.

I recall I paid less than 30 bucks for it and I’ve used it uncountable times on my car.

Then this year for my birthday my father got me the one in the picture from Leatherman and that’s the one I carry on my motorcycle and I love it!

4. Professional Set of Ratchet and Sockets

41lfkmP4o0L. SL500

Right besides the only other tool that I carry around on my rides, the multitool, is a ratchet set. I have this exact one from the picture in two different versions. The smaller 40 pieces set on my motorcycle’s saddlebag, alongside with a multitool, a cover, a headlight gear4wheels1-20nt and the legal papers.

Then I have the bigger one with 123 pieces on the trunk of my car alonside with way too many other stuf hahahaha. 

With those two tools I know I can fix ANYTHING that may happen driving any of my rides.

Besides, sometimes we ride stuff we don’t truly trust not to break… always good to have “insurance” on place.

Oh and don’t worry. I have 3 sets in total, all of them are missing one or two sockets. I’d gladly have a another set and probably so does your friend even if he’s got already one.

5. Detailing Kit

513abGY34XL. SL500

Hey just because it may be obvious doesn’t mean it isn’t effective! We car guys pride ourselves on keeping our rides impeccable.

I’d always happily accept more detail and car care supplies and I don’t know a single gearhead that wouldn’t. My favorite brand is Meguiar’s and that’s what I recommend you go for. (nope, they do not sponsor me. If you’re a Meguiar’s Rep reading this, when you’re going to start doind it, huh??)

6. Leather Driving Gloves

A total must for riding motorcycles, and almost a fetish accesory for driving cars. 

I am telling you, it is a different experience to drive with fine leather gloves on. Not even talking of driving stick AND using gloves. That’s a whole ‘nother level.

7. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

41s6CPn0pqL. SL500

If you need the perfect gift for a gearhead that’s also a gamer, look no further than this:

The Logitec G27.

Sure thing, it is expensive as hell but it is the wet dream of every car guy that can’t afford going to the tracks as often as we would like to.

8. GoPro Hero 4

51REmnk2rgL. SL500

You’ve probably thought about this one by yourself. I know, great minds think alike.

We all love taking videos of ourselves riding here and there and taking it everywhere and only God knows what else can you do with a GoPro. I’ve taken over 2TB of videos with mine. It’s the camera I use for everything. From recording my motovlogs to the DIY Video Series I will publish very soon here, to record my latest trip in Germany as a dash-cam.

9. Window Tint

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A thing no-one thinks about in winter yet we all appreciate in summer. 

A good window tint doesn’t have to break the bank, it is relatively easy to DIY install and it looks really good.

The car wont’ just look cooler but feel cooler inside, plus the UV protection is great stuff to have.

Here’s our post about the best window tint if you want to check some recommendations out. Just make sure it complains with your state’s window tinting percentages law.

10. Ryan Gosling’s Jacket from Drive

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A fan of the movie? Somebody who enjoys being the center of attention? A fashion victim trapped inside a grease monkey? You’ve found your perfect gift then.

11. Sons of Anarchy: The Complete Series – Reaper Collector’s Boxed Set Edition

41Rqi7Ui AL. SL500

A collector’s delight. The complete Sons of Anarchy series on a beautiful reaper case that resembles the table in the clubhouse (church). Whether a fan of the series or never seen it before, this show is just so awesome anyone who likes harleys, badass guys, drama and motorcycle chases with loads of action will love this gift.

12. Physics for Gearheads

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Physics for Gearheads: A book I got a little over a year ago after one of my best friends and I had a conversation about the physics involved in driving such as acceleration, turning, cornering… we were in our way to the go-karts and he recommended that I got myself a copy and read it. He finished 1st that day, and I remeber doing somehting terrible like 8th position. Enough said, I got myself the book.

I’ve gone through it uncountable times and I love the explainations given. Simple, easy-to-understand English with formulas and graphics that every car guy will understand.

No rocket science, just a great manual about the basic forces that surround everything we do with our cars.

13. OBD2 Scanner

Ten years ago, when I was just an aspiring grease monkey trying to fix my old Golf’s myriad of problems, this things costed an eye and a leg. 

Luckly for us, nowadays these can be found for even less than 20 bucks (like the one in the picture) and work just as good. From the super-inexpensive ones that only read codes (great for troubleshooting tho) to more complex and expensive ones, this is a great tool for any car guy. We did include it in our auto mechanics tools list a few weeks ago, just after I got my Innova 3100i. Oh how I wish I had one of these a few years back… it would have saved me SO many headaches!

14. Aftermarket Speakers

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We’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time testing speakers, doing reviews and comparisons about the best car speakers because we know that factory speakers suck and that for less than 50$ we can change that into amazing sound, via aftermarket speakers.

This is a gift that you could actually get for anyone that you know who drives a lot, loves music and has just the factory speakers on their car. DIY install is in most cases as easy as plug and play, so really worth having a look at!

The ones in the picture are our top pick in this topic, the Rockford Fosgate Punch Series.

15. Head Unit with Navigator

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If you have a pretty penny to spend, this is something you may want to consider.

Double Din head units usually come with an absurd amount of applications and capabilities such as phone sync, bluetooth sync, Sirius XM, Navigation…

We dedicated a whole article to review the 5 best double din head units. Have a look at it and consider it as a great gift (just make sure the person you have in mind’s car does actually have a double DIN space!)

The one in the picture is the Pioneer AVH 4100NEX, my favorite one.