Hertz Speakers: Are they really that good? [Our Review]

Hertz is only one part of the powerful Elettromedia company, based in Italy.

Elettromedia was started in 1977, with the Hertz division founded in 1998.

For the past 20 years, Hertz has made a huge impact on the audio manufacturing market.

Hertz was started as a division that focused on loudspeakers. However, this has evolved into many areas including mobile audio parts such as:

  • Amplifiers
  • Woofers
  • Speakers
  • Tweeters
  • Digital interface processors

Backed by the many years of Elettromedia’s experience, Hertz has stabished as one of the best brands for car audio speakers.

It doesn’t stop there, because you’ll also find water and dust resistant units which are perfect for using on boats.

Hertz Speakers Series.

  • Uno
  • Dieci
  • Energy
  • Hi-Energy
  • Mille

Hertz’ Energy series shows improvement in many aspects of car audio systems.

HERTZ Energy Serie Speakers Review

This improvement is both in the variety within the range, as well as the quality sound the components provide.

Whatever your preferences are, you’re sure to find it in the Energy series.Hertz includes both component and coaxial systems in this series.

You’ll see how units have an increased power performance when compared to other Hertz products. Characteristics you can look for:

  • Tweeters are enhanced and uses RHFC technology
  • The speakers are flatter and perfectly symmetrical

Hertz includes items such as grilles and sub boxes, so you can purchase all necessary parts for the ultimate car sound system.

Hertz Speakers Review

The following 4 reviews are meant to cover some of the most popular models from Hertz. Enjoy

1. Hertz DCX 165.3

The Hertz DCX165.3 is an excellent option in terms of functionality and installation.

To top this off, the speakers’ minimalistic design is perfect to fit any car’s interior.


  • Sensitivity: : 93 dB
  • RMS: 60 Watts
  • Peak Power: 120 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 60-21,000 Hz
  • 2way/3way/4way: 2-way 

You can install them yourself as they’re easy to fit.

They do have an average mounting depth of 2.5”, so keep space in mind before you start the process.


Hertz DCX 165.3 review

The speakers support high-pitched tones as well as low notes, thanks to the neodymium tweeter and PEI dome.

However, you won’t hear your very low bass notes as it only supports from 60Hz upwards.

You’ll love that there’s virtually no resonance, thanks to the thermoplastic polyurethane surrounds.



2. Hertz HSK 165

These speakers have a reputation thanks to their clarity and power.

I chose them as the best 6.5 car speakers of 2017 in my recent round-up list. Check that out too.​

This makes them an excellent option to upgrade an existing car audio system.

The low frequency support is limited, so consider adding a woofer if you’re in search of pumping bass sounds.


  • Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • RMS: 125 watts
  • Peak Power: 250 watts
  • Frequency Response: 50-22,000 Hz
  • 2way/3way/4way: 2-Way 

Thanks to the neodymium REN tweeter you’ll get amazing high-frequency sounds.

These sounds are further enhanced by the silk used as part of the cone.


Hertz HCX 165 review

Some users say it might even be too sharp.

You may need a professional to tend to this, as it’s possible to tune the system to a correct setting so your ears will no longer get tired from these high pitches.

This speaker system incorporates tweeters, woofers and crossovers.

If you’re installing them yourself, make sure you find space for all these components.

You have to build a protective box that houses all parts; therefore, this isn’t the easiest of systems to install.

The speaker offers a range of excellent features that improve its handling power and sound quality:

The bottom plate has vents and the cone contains fiber mesh, so your sound system is protected against overheating

A huge magnet is used which enhances the energy the speaker produces and increases the control



3. Hertz HCX690

You’ll love these Hertz HCX690 speakers for their range and power.

You can push a lot of watts through these speakers without damaging them.

These speakers are so good, that I chose them as the best 6x9 car speakers of 2017.


  • Sensitivity: 94 dB
  • RMS: 130 Watts
  • Peak Power: 260 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 32-23,000 Hz
  • 2way/3way/4way: 3-Way

They also offer up excellent, clear sounds thanks to:


Hertz HCX690 review

A vibration proof magnet cover.

This prevents distortion of sounds.

The damped mesh fiber used in the woofer component.

These amazing features can easily become part of your car’s sound system, because the HCX690 model is easy to install, as long as the oval shape doesn’t cause any hassle.

As long as you place them in safe compartments in your vehicle, these units won’t easily be damaged thanks to:

A die-cast aluminum basket which can withstand a lot of pressure and shock

The heat dissipation ability of all the components, so you don’t have to be concerned about the speakers overheating

When compared to other speakers of this type, you’ll love that low frequencies are supported; bass sounds from as low as 32 Hz can be heard through these speakers.

If you want even lower tones, you’ll need an additional woofer, but for the average music lover, this speaker should suffice.



4. Hertz HCX130

These coaxial speakers don’t support the very low bass tones, but it produces sufficient mid and higher notes.


  • Sensitivity: 91 dB
  • RMS: 70 Watts
  • Peak Power: 140 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 60-22,000 kHz
  • 2way/3way/4way: 2-Way

This is assisted by the Rotary High Frequency Contour (RHFC) system in the tweeter.

This system allows you to position the tweeter in the exact place where it produces optimum sound throughout the vehicle.


Hertz HCX130 review

These speakers present you with all the features that are synonymous with Hertz.

This includes excellent insulation via polymer rubber surrounds, which protect the speaker units and enhance sounds.

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This is done via the “less loss” feature of these surrounds, so no sounds can be lost or bounce back to create echoes.



Final thoughts

Hertz seldom disappoints. Reading through this review, I’m sure you can see how Hertz’s range of speakers offers something for every car owner.

Hertz’s signature features of durability and quality shines through in each unit, so you’re sure to enjoy your sound system if it’s got the Hertz logo attached to it.

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