How to Clean Rubber Car Mats with Bad Stains – Ask The Experts

Most rubber car mats are designed with deep ridging to help capture a range of debris, such as food, mud, stones, and other unwanted substances that could otherwise stain your vehicle’s carpet.

Though replacing a stained car mat is reasonably inexpensive, there’s little point in throwing away a mat that is otherwise perfectly fine.

In most cases, you can shake off your rubber car mats every now and then to remove unwanted debris and water from your vehicle, but on the occasion that you’ve spilled something more sinister on them, you might need to put in a little more elbow grease to restore their cleanliness.

If you’re dealing with tough, ground-in stains on your rubber car mats, then you should read ahead.

We’ve put together a quick 4-step guide to show you how best to remove a bad stain from your mats.

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Step 1: Remove any dirt or debris

Before you can get to the stains problem, you’ll want to carefully remove your rubber car mats from the foot wells of your car or truck and shake them outside of the vehicle.

This will remove any non-stuck stones, food, or other debris.

Providing the dirt has dried out, you might also be able to lose a lot of the ground-in stains by flexing and slapping your mats, as this will typically crack and break away mud, for example; the non-stick properties of rubber are excellent.

If you’re still left with the suspected stains on your mats, then you will want to progress onto Step 2. 

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Step 2: Rinse away dirt and loosen stain

Whether you’re left with a chemical stain or something more natural such as dirt, you should now rinse your mat with water from the tap, as well as trying to blast the stains with a high-pressure hose.

However, don’t use too high a pressure to avoid damaging your mats.

This step may be strong enough to blast away some of the stains, depending on what they are.

However, if you’re still left with a problem area, you can move onto Step 3.

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