Husky 32218 Center Line TS Review

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Build Quality

Bars, head and bracket are all lightweight and sturdy for a smooth and responsive ride that does not add much weight to your load.

Value For Money

Price isn’t the lowest in the market, but the performance gives you more bang for your buck.


This hitch has a maximum gross trailer weight of 12,000 pounds, which is great for all types of trucks and trailers.

Ease Of Use

The adjustable frame brackets combined with the lightweight bars make the installation a snap.

What I Like

  • Has a lightweight body that is easy to handle.
  • Installation is simple with a small learning curve.
  • Performance is quiet and enjoyable.

What I Like

  • Shank could have been made longer.
  • Powder coating can wear off sooner than later.
  • Can only hitch loads on flat ground.

Product Overview

The 32218 Center Line TS is a four-point weight distribution hitch designed to haul RVs and trailers using an everyday vehicle like a pickup truck or van.

This hitch comes with a gross towing weight of 12 thousand pounds, while its tongue weight can handle up to 1,200 pounds. It is the strongest hitch in Husky’s Center Line family.

This hitch has trunnion style spring bars to provide users with even weight distribution in addition to quiet handling and a comfortable, steady ride.

It is finished with a nice, dark gray color all throughout, stylish for any vehicle and trailer. This finish is also resilient and will take many years to peel or crack off.

Who is This Product For?

This Husky weight distribution hitch is for RV owners that need to carefully tow or haul large trailers or carriages that are up to 12 thousand pounds in weight. This is a strong hitch designed to haul large RVs or truck beds using a mere pickup truck, van or SUV.

Some RVs claim to have even weight distribution, but this hitch from Husky will make sure of that, while promising a smooth and comfortable ride from point A to point B.

What’s Included:

The 32218 Center Line TS comes with a few parts that you will need to attach it to your vehicle.

The main parts involve an adjustable shank, a system head, two lift brackets and two spring bars. No drilling or other modifications are required; it simply bolts onto your vehicle’s hitch receiver.

To install this hitch, you will also need a 15/16-inch open end wrench, a 1-⅛-inch box end wrench, a 15/16-inch socket, a ¾-inch socket, a torque wrench with at least 360 foot-pounds of torque and a measuring tape. These components are not included.

As for the warranty, any warranty that comes with a Center Line hitch lasts forever.  However, it will not cover normal wear and tear. It only covers manufacturer and transportation defects. Still, you can have the product sit in its box for years until you are finally ready to use it, and if you notice any defects, you can get the warranty honored as long as Husky is still in business.

Overview of Features

The 32218 Center Line TS is made of forged 1035 steel for exceptional strength and minimal fatigue over time. The hitch is constructed not only to save on costs but also to resolve the shortcomings of previously released Center Line hitches.

This hitch delivers remarkable sway control which ensures a tame ride regardless of how fast you drive or how sharply you turn. Compared to competing brands, the Center Line family of hitches address sway quicker to contain all your load’s energy.

Sway control is further reinforced with the hitch’s trunnion style spring bars. These 38-inch bars are made specifically for heavy loads and give your haul a flawless drive wherever you need to go.

Furthermore, the hitch provides a quiet ride when guiding your load. You won’t hear shaking, rumbling, scraping or creaking, whether you turn, brake or speed up. Drive on calmly regardless of how often you’ll be on the road.


Husky has built a heavy-duty hitch RV and truck owners that is well worth the money. It is easy to set up, light to handle and is made of high-grade steel for longevity and durability. If you own a long and heavy RV or trailer bed, this could be the only hitch you’ll ever need for years to come.

If you have had a negative experience with another weight distribution hitch in the past, perhaps it is time to switch to Husky. As long as you drive on flat ground, you can depend on this reliable hitch.

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