What Is The Longest Lasting Car Wax? [Reviews and Comparison]

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If you want to keep your car looking its best, then you have to utilize car wax to ensure that it retains its luster and shine for days.

Unfortunately, given how much wear and tear your vehicle endures on a regular basis, waxing may have to be done on a constant basis to maintain the same level of protection and appearance.

Hence, we’ve crafted a list of the longest lasting car waxes that you can buy right now, apply and forget about waxing for weeks. 

Let’s check it out!​

Longest Lasting Car Wax Reviews

Comparison Chart

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McKee’s 37 MK37-700 Trademark Carnauba Paste Wax, 8 oz.
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Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax – 11 oz.
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Mothers 05550 California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Paste (Ultimate Wax System, Step 3) – 12 oz.
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Turtle Wax T-136R Express Shine Spray Car Wax – 16 oz.

1. McKee’s 37 “Trademark”

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Since the late 50s and early 60s, one kind of wax has stood out above the rest regarding performance and durability.

Carnauba is sought after by most car enthusiasts because of its unparalleled ability to not only make your vehicle look its best but last much longer than the competition.


  • Lasting: Two Months
  • Composition: Paste
  • Wax Type: Brazilian Yellow Carnauba
  • Method of Application: Hand Polish or Buffer
  • Protection: UV Rays, Acid Rain

This blend from McKee’s is a prime example of what you can expect from carnauba wax, making it one of our top choices overall.

First, we love the texture and composition of this blend. It’s like soft butter, which makes it so easy to apply and remove.

You will be impressed by how well it goes onto your car. In fact, it’s so versatile that you can use your hand or a buffing machine to get the look you want without any issues.

Second, we love the shine and depth that you get from this product. It will enrich any color and provide a shimmering wet gloss that you can’t find with most other waxes. Best of all, it will retain this appearance for weeks on end so that your car will be stunning for much longer than it would with other materials.


  • Soft paste consistency
  • Rubs on and off with ease
  • One can equals 30 applications
  • Lasts up to two months
  • Wet and glossy shine
  • Applicator included
  • No chalky residue
  • Does not stain plastic trim
  • Protects against sun and contamination
  • Can be layered for a richer effect
  • No strong odor
  • Works on all colors


  • May not last as long in more extreme climates

​2. Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax

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Although carnauba is definitely one of the most popular and reliable waxes on the market, there is a growing trend of products made from all synthetic materials.


  • Lasting: 1.5 Months
  • Composition: Paste
  • Wax Type: Synthetic Polymers
  • Method of Application: Hand or Polisher
  • Protection: UV Rays, Advanced Hydrophobia

Since technology has become so advanced, it’s now possible to “wax” your car with a man-made polymer, rather than a traditional, natural wax.

Purists will argue that you can’t get the same level of detail, but the fact is that unless you are a robot, you won’t be able to tell the difference. Also, there are some bonuses to choosing synthetic over the regular kind.

First, this blend is designed to be both highly reflective and hydrophobic.

There is a ceiling on natural waxes that can only go so high, but when you bring science and engineering into the mix, you can achieve greater results.

In this case, you get much better water beading than you would with most other products, and the reflectivity makes it much less prone to UV damage.

Second, the benefit of going synthetic is that you don’t have to apply as many coats.

This particular blend can be a bit tricky to master at first because it’s not meant to be thick, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that you use a lot less material to get the same results.

Overall, if you’re not a wax purist, this is a fantastic way to go.


  • Soft paste material
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Fully synthetic for extra protection
  • Enhanced shine and gloss
  • Hydrophobic surface repels water
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Requires less wax than others
  • Applicator and towel included
  • Incredible reflectivity
  • Works on all paints and colors
  • No residue


  • For best results, you may need extra products from Meguiars
  • Not meant for multiple coats
  • Can be tricky to master at first

3. Mothers California Gold Ultimate Wax System

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As you already know, applying wax to your car is not a single-step process.

Before you can add this final coat, you have to clean your vehicle and make sure that there isn’t any dirt or residue on the surface.

Otherwise, it could create an unpleasant look once the wax dries.


  • Lasting: 1.5 Months
  • Composition: Paste
  • Wax Type: Synthetic Polymers
  • Method of Application: Hand or Polisher
  • Protection: UV Rays, Advanced Hydrophobia

For most waxes, how you clean your car is up to you, but in this case, Mother’s has a four-step process to ensure that you get the most out of the whole procedure.

As such, this wax is step three, meaning that you should purchase steps one, two, and four if you want to get the best results.

Overall, as far as this wax is concerned, if you follow all of the instructions (i.e., you have time to kill) then you can get a pretty decent coat. By itself, however, it’s not necessarily better than anything else on the market.

One thing that we like about this wax is that it’s almost 100% carnauba, meaning that if you are a wax purist, you will appreciate having no fillers involved.

However, because of that, this material is a bit harder and tougher to apply than most, so keep that in mind.In the end, if you’re not going to go with the complete Mother’s line of car cleaning products, you may not want to bother with this stuff.


  • All natural carnauba
  • No fillers or added chemicals
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Haze and streak resistant
  • Ideal for hot and humid climates
  • Works best on fiberglass and gel coats
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Works on most colors and finishes


  • For best results, you have to buy steps one and two from Mother’s
  • In rare cases, the wax may harden over time
  • Wax can be difficult to remove from your car

4. Griot’s Garage Spray-On Wax

When it comes to waxing your car, you can either spend hours getting the right depth and shine for your vehicle, or you can do a quick and easy polish to make sure that your paint doesn’t get damaged from the elements.

This product from Griot’s Garage is designed for the latter kind of application, meaning that it’s ideal for those who don’t have the time or energy to apply wax.


  • Lasting: 2-3 Weeks
  • Composition: Liquid Spray
  • Wax Type: Carnauba and Synthetic Polymers
  • Method of Application: Hand Polishing
  • Protection: UV Rays and Cold Weather

Overall, if you want to protect your car but you aren’t a huge wax enthusiast then you’ll appreciate the speed and simplicity of this wax.

It works best when you have just washed the outside (before it dries thoroughly) and it will add an extra layer of protection.

That being said, you’re not going to get the same results with this as you would with other waxes.

It won’t last quite as long (apply with each wash), and the shine will fade sooner rather than later.

This wax made into our list of the best spray waxes, not for its durability however, but for the show-car kind of shine it gives.

As such, you may either want something with a bit more longevity, or you’ll have to apply it more often to maintain the same level of shine.


  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn’t need any special tools
  • Fast drying
  • Adds protection
  • Cost-effective
  • Pleasant smell
  • Works on all colors
  • No residue
  • Lubricants will clean and protect


  • Not meant for high-end polishing
  • Works best if you already use a sealant as well

5. Turtle Wax Express Shine

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As far as car waxes go, none are quite as famous as Turtle Wax.

This brand has made a lot of high-quality products over the years, but one of the easiest and most reliable is the Express Shine.


  • Lasting: 2-3 Weeks
  • Composition: Liquid Spray
  • Wax Type: Carnauba and Additives
  • Method of Application: Hand Polish
  • Protection: UV Rays and Water Repellan

What we like about this item is that it is so easy to use that anyone can protect and enrich their car’s appearance, even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

While you won’t get the richness and longevity as you would with a paste or higher end material, this is perfect for those who want a fast waxing option.

When compared to other spray waxes, this one is actually better than most. You don’t need to rub it in (simply wipe to spread it evenly) and it will still last several weeks in optimum conditions.

It works for all colors and finishes, and it doesn’t leave any residue. With the level of convenience that you get, this is probably the best option if you don’t have time to wax your car more thoroughly.


  • Quick and easy application
  • No rubbing required
  • Works on dry and wet surfaces
  • Long-lasting formula
  • No residue
  • Perfect for all colors and paint types
  • Ideal for clear coat finishes
  • Excellent shine
  • Pleasant smell


  • Doesn’t last as long as other waxes
  • Limited supply in bottle

Types of Car Wax

When it comes to caring for your vehicle, you want to make sure that you’re getting a product that is both durable and reliable.

There are quite a few types of wax on the market, and each one performs differently. As such, you want to find a variation that works best for your needs.

Here are the most common types from which to choose.

Carnauba Wax

This material is native to Brazil and comes in two different colors.

White carnauba wax has been mixed with other waxes, making it softer but less efficient.

Yellow carnauba, on the other hand, is more expensive and provides richer detail.

This kind of wax is coveted by purists because it is all natural and provides exceptional results.

We highly recommend it for darker colors or black cars because it will add intensity and gloss that makes the vehicle stand out.

When compared to synthetic waxes, however, carnauba doesn’t last as long. Because it’s natural, it won’t stand up to environmental factors as well and will start to peel much sooner.


We briefly touched on this before, but the primary reason to go with synthetic is to get better results with less material.

Technology and science keep improving every day, while natural carnauba can only do so much.Overall, synthetic waxes (also called sealants) are best for any color and will provide equal or better results than any form of carnauba.

Also, they are usually easier to apply and will bond easier with your paint. However, that also means that they can be difficult to remove, so keep that in mind.

Spray vs. Paste

As we’ve seen, when picking out a car wax you can either choose a thick paste or a liquid spray. For the most part, pastes are ideal if you can take the time to rub them into your car’s finish by hand.

A paste will usually last longer and provide a deeper, richer finish, particularly if you add multiple coats.

Spray waxes are ideal if you don’t have the time or energy to polish your car by hand.

These usually are applied right after washing (while the car is still slightly wet) and provide a decent coating. Sprays typically don’t last as long, but they are much more convenient.

Essential Fabric Products for Waxing Your Car

Microfiber Car Cloth

A microfiber cloth is highly suggested for removing extra wax from your car’s surface.

It is softer, more absorbent, less abrasive, and wouldn’t leave lint like paper towels.

These properties make the microfiber cloth exceptional for removing residuals like moisture and excess wax.

Microfiber car cloths are also superior to cotton towels when it comes to the surface area. They can take more debris, which reduces the need to use fresh cloth.

Check the material composition, pile height, and texture of a microfiber cloth before buying because these factors determine its effectiveness as a car care tool.

Microfibers tend to collect dust and other debris efficiently, sometimes to their own detriment.

It’s highly recommended to keep microfiber cloths separated from other cleaning fabric materials. Also, if they come into touch with a dirty surface or fall to the ground, clean or replace them. 

Car Wax Applicator Pad

An applicator pad is a soft, circular item used to apply car wax, polishing solution, and other similar products. It is available in a number of materials, but the most common are composed of foam or a microfiber cloth-covered foam.

The ones with microfiber cloth are preferred by most as it is more practical to use and durable than regular foams. Always check if the microfiber material is soft before use because hard applicator pads can scratch the paint of your car.

You’re not always obligated to buy one because some car wax products include a free applicator pad.

Car Waxing Benefits

1. Scratch Prevention

The scrubbing motion of washing the vehicle may crush microscopic particles into the paint and could cause scratches. Once the car wax is fully applied, it adds a thin, protective layer to the paint surface.

The wax layer allows dirt and debris to slide without resistance instead of letting them latch on the paint and cause damage.

2. Preserve Paint Finishing

Natural elements like sunlight, wind, snow, and droppings could impact the aesthetic qualities of your car. Damages are usually associated with oxidation, a chemical reaction that reduces the integrity of paint coating.

When this happens, the shine fades while dirt and debris appear more evident than usual.

Fortunately, many car waxes are affordable and easier to apply, especially spray-on products. You may coat your vehicle as often as you desire, unlike car polishing.

Maintaining your paint finishing will help save you restoration costs as you’re less likely to need one, provided car wax is applied regularly.

Car Wax Usage

Many ask when you should apply wax and how often should you use it. The answer to how frequently you should apply wax is a little more difficult to give, as it is largely determined by a number of factors.

Weather also plays a role because it can speed up the process. If you’re driving in the city and the roads are paved, you’ll probably apply wax three times per year.

Ideally, it has to be at least twice a year, one in the spring to prepare for hotter temperatures and another application before the rainy or winter season to protect against water and snow.

However, if you want additional protection for your car, waxing it four times annually is recommended. If you skip car waxing on a regular basis, it will be vulnerable to more surface damage, which might reduce its resale value.

Hand Wax vs. Buffer Machine

This is an argument had by many car wax enthusiasts, but the fact is that there is no “correct” answer. Here are some things to consider with each method.

Hand Waxing

  • No potential for damage to the car from over polishing
  • Can get into any nook and cranny with ease
  • Takes a long time to do it right
  • May be exhausting

Buffer Waxing

  • Faster operation
  • Produces more even results
  • Can potentially rub paint off if you’re not careful
  • Can be noisy

Overall, we recommend polishing by hand if you are really serious about getting the best results for your car. If you’re not super anal about it, though, a buffer machine will make the whole process much simpler.

However, if you’ve never used a buffer before we suggest that you practice first so that you don’t risk damaging your paint or other surfaces.

Final Verdict

After looking at each of these waxes, we have to say that our top pick is by far the McKee’s 37 Wax blend.

We love the way it feels when we apply it to the car, and we really appreciate the way it makes our vehicles look.

Plus, it lasts longer than anything else on this list, meaning that you don’t have to use it as often, which will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.