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My name is Alex and I'm a certified grease monkey and a purebred gearhead.  I've spent the last 11 years (man time flies!) fixing things with wheels and learning about car electronics, mechanics, car care and what not. 

I've worked for top automotive brands such as Mazda and Citroen, as well as an specialized Mercedes garage amongst others. I've installed car audio equipments from simple get this out put this in to crazy setups with everything you could dream of, for more than 6 years now. 

After a couple of years getting a lot of requests from friends and family who wanted to install mobile audio equipment in their cars but didn't know how, or had problems with their cars and wanted advice, or wanted me to detail their rides because they didn't thought they could do a good job themselves... I decided I could actually share what I know and do on a daily basis here, at Gear4Wheels.

My mission at Gear4Wheels is to help others pick the right components for their car, teach you how to take care of your ride, as well as to bring light to some topics on which there are too many myths. I hope to be a helpful advisor for all your automotive needs!