Battery Comparison: Odyssey vs. Optima

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When it comes to your vehicle, one of the most important things to consider is your battery. Your ride might have all the bells and whistles available, but if your battery doesn’t work, what good are they?

Having a good, reliable battery that you can trust is of utmost importance, so it makes sense to take your time when shopping for just the right one. There are a lot of batteries out there to choose from, but two that you should definitely check out are the Odyssey PC680 and the Optima 8040-218 YellowTop.

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Both of these batteries provide power and strength when and where you need it, with the ability to start and run vehicles with a variety of power needs and options. However, when it comes down to it,  there are enough differences between the two that it’s not hard to see which is better.

When all is said and done, the Optima 8040-218 emerges as a clear winner.

NameOdyssey PC680



Optima 8040-218 YellowTop
Size7.2 x 3.1 x 7.5 inches9.4 x 6.8 x 7.7 inches
Weight15.4 pounds36.4 pounds
Amps18 A48 A
Volts12 Volts12 A
Cold Cranking Amps170620
WarrantyLimited 2-year full gear4wheels1-20nt warranty3 years full gear4wheels1-20nt

The Odyssey PC680

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The Odyssey PC680 is a deep-cycle battery that gives users fast, reliable charging when needed. This battery provides 170 cold cranking amps to help you start no matter the weather conditions outside. The sealed casing provides a spill-free experience, and the battery is designed to be vibration resistant, resisting shocks and impacts from the harsh conditions you’re sure to put it through.

Odyssey boasts that the PC680 has a longer life cycle than any other deep-cycle battery on the market, lasting up to 70% longer than most other batteries. In addition, the PC680 recharges faster than other conventional deep-cycle batteries, with a full charge reached in only 4 – 6 hours.

Of course, if there is a problem with the battery, it’s good to know that Odyssey has your back with its 2-year full gear4wheels1-20nt warranty. The good news, though, is that you shouldn’t need to worry about that, since the PC680 should easily provide you with up to ten years of service.

Optima 8040-218 YellowTop

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Optima puts out several different lines of batteries depending on what is being asked of them. The YellowTop signifies that this battery is designed for vehicles that require more than a standard load of electricity. This could be due to a vehicle with multiple after-market additions and electronics, diesel engines or racing vehicles without their own charging systems.

Whatever your situation might be, the 8040-218 can handle it. With an impressive 620 cold cranking amps, and 48 ampere hours, this battery delivers. Simply put, you can depend on this battery to run or start just about anything that you need it to. Its versatility allows it to act as either a deep cycle battery or as a starter, depending on your needs. In addition, the 8040-218 carries with it up to 98 minutes reserve capacity for consistent and constant performance.

This battery is also built to withstand the physical demands of use, with vibration-resistant technology and a spill-free build.

Optima constructs its batteries with a unique spiral design, winding pure lead plates into coils to create batteries that can deliver pure power. However, if you do have a problem, they also stand behind their product name, with a generous three-year gear4wheels1-20nt warranty. So, you can buy and use the 8040-218 with confidence, no matter your needs.

Optima vs. Odyssey

When you compare these two batteries, the result is obvious. While the Odyssey is a perfectly fine battery for most needs, the Optima simply out-performs the PC680 in virtually every area.

The Optima brings you higher cold cranking amps (620 as compared to 170), more amps in general (48 vs. 18) and even comes with a much better warranty (three years as opposed to two). When you look at all of those features, it’s easy to see why the Optima 8040-218 YellowTop battery is the clear winner in this match up.


When it comes to your vehicle, you need strong, reliable performance in any condition. There are a lot of batteries on the market you can choose from, and it can sometimes be difficult knowing which one to go with.

The Optima 8040-218 is definitely a battery worth checking out. If you’re looking for long-lasting power and performance, this battery delivers.