Orion Amps Reviews – Guide & Comparison

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In the context of vehicular use, an amplifier forms part of a modified music setup. When installed in a car or truck, the amplifier takes a low-power signal output from a music source (CD player, radio, connected device and so on), and converts it into a more powerful signal.

This allows the signal to in turn power a subwoofer or set of speakers, improving audio volume and quality, as well as bass.

Orion amps are good choices for use in a car audio system, so we’ve put together a list of 5 of the best Orion amps that you can buy on the market right now, as well as listing out their pros and cons to help you decide.

Our ​Orion Amps Reviews

Comparison Chart

31n9Bi8H1sL. SL500
Orion XTR4000.1D XTR Series Amplifier
41qDU6FbADL. SL500
Orion XTR2500.1DZ Class D Monoblock Amplifier 1-Channel Car Stereo 2500 Watts RMS
41NouAhz8ML. SL500
XTR 1500.1DZ Amplifier Class D 1 OHM Stable ORION MONOBLOCK Mono 1 Channel 1500 WATTS RMS
41uZzG2769L. SL500
Orion CB2700.2 Cobalt Series 5400 Watts 2 Channel Amp Car Audio Stereo Amplifier
41e9cqZoaXL. SL500
Orion HCCA11000.1D Competition Series Mono-Channel Amplifier

1. ​Orion XTR4000.1D XTR Series Amplifier

31n9Bi8H1sL. SL500

The XTR4000 model is one of the more powerful products from the XTR line of Orion amps, which were designed to widen the range of options available, increasing compatibility with a variety of in-car audio setups. This model has been around since mid-2013 and has a powerful output for a reasonable cost.

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  • ​Amp class: Class D
  • RMS: 4 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 1750 Watts X 1 Channel
  • ​2 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 2800 Watts X 1 Channel
  • 1 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 4000 Watts X 1 Channel
  • ​Bridged: Unspecified
  • Max power output: 16,000-watts
  • Features: MOSFET power supply, bass optimization

​Product Highlight :

Below is a list of the key components and features to be aware of when looking at this model:

  • ​Orion XTR4000.1D Class D mono block
  • ​1 x 1750 @ 4ohm
  • ​1 x 2800 @ 2ohm
  • 1 x 4000 @ 1ohm
  • 8000 Watts nominal power
  • 16000 Watts max power
  • ​Dimensions: 9-1/4″ x 2-1/2″ x 21-1/2″
  • ​Classic Orion Industrial Design
  • All MOSFET Power Supply and Output Stage
  • ​IntelliQ Bass Optimization Circuit and Remote Gain Control (XTR5002, XTR5004)
  • Heavy Gauge Direct-Wire High Current Power and Speaker Terminals
  • 12dB/Octave Low-Pass Filter

​​​​​​​​​​​​What’s to like about ​it:

Orion amps are well-known for being built from durable materials, particularly at the higher end of the budget, as is the case for this amplifier. This unit also has the highest power output of all the Orion models we’ve looked at, though it’s not very expensive.

What’s not to like about ​it:

As the biggest and most powerful amplifier on the list of Orion amps that we’ve reviewed, this model is also the most heavy and cumbersome; it’ll take up the most space once installed in a vehicle. It’ll also place a big drain on your car’s battery, so you’d better make sure it can handle it.


  • ​Good build and high-quality materials
  • ​It has the greatest power output capability of those we’ve reviewed


  • ​Heavier and more cumbersome model
  • ​Places the biggest drain on your car’s power of the models we’ve reviewed

​2. ​Orion XTR2500.1Dz XTR Series 2500 Watts

41qDU6FbADL. SL500

The Orion XTR2500.1Dz is one of the more recently available amplifier models on the market, coming in at around the mid-range for budget and power output. General feedback from consumers is positive, and the brand enjoys a trusted reputation in general.


  • ​Amp class: Class D
  • RMS: 4 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 1050 Watts X 1 Channel
  • ​2 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 1600 Watts X 1 Channel
  • 1 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 2500 Watts X 1 Channel
  • ​Bridged: Unspecified
  • ​Max power output: Unspecified
  • Features: Input and output configs, level control, subsonic filter

​Product Highlight:

Thebelow list contains a breakdown of some of the most important included featuresand components that comprise the Orion XTR2500.1Dz amplifier:

Signal input and output configurations:

  • ​Output config
  • ​Subsonic switch
  • ​Gain controls
  • ​Low pass crossovers
  • Bass Boost
  • ​RCA inputs

Level control:

  • ​Level adjustments for easy integration with any source unit
  • ​Sensitivity adjustable from 200mV to 8V

Subsonic filter:

  • ​Improves efficiency of amp’s power supply and output devices
  • ​Protects speaker by regulating power

Phase shift control:

  • ​Two different configurations to control staging in a vehicle

​​​​​​​​​​​​What’s to like about ​it:

The Orion XTR2500.1D series features a heat sink design that keeps the model from overheating when in operations. Furthermore, all the required connections and controls are positioned on one side of the product, which is highly-convenient to the user when installed in the vehicle.

What’s not to like about ​it:

Although the unit has been designed well, with cooling properties at the forefront of the design, it still tends to generate a fair amount of heat. Additionally, it requires a powerful battery to run this unit, despite not having even nearly the highest power output on our list.


  • ​All controls located on one side
  • ​Powerful heat sink / cooling functions


  • ​Still generates some heat
  • ​Requires a strong battery or alternator

​3. ​​Orion XTR1500.1Dz XTR Series 1500 Watts

41NouAhz8ML. SL500

The new XTR series of amplifiers from the Orion brand offers more variety in models than in the past, giving more options to the owner and installer. They have some of the best power-in-class for Class D mono subwoofer amplifiers.


  • ​Amp class: Class D
  • RMS: 4 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 600 Watts X 1 Channel
  • ​2 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 975 Watts X 1 Channel
  • ​1 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 1500 Watts X 1 Channel
  • ​Bridged: Unspecified
  • Max power output: 1,500-watts

​Product Highlight:

A list of the key components and features that are included as part of the Orion XTR1500.1Dz STR series amplifier can be found below:

  • ​RMS Watts @ 4 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 600 Watts X 1 Channel
  • ​RMS Watts @ 2 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 975 Watts X 1 Channel
  • ​RMS Watts @ 1 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 1500 Watts X 1 Channel
  • RMS Power Watts: 6000 Watts
  • ​Frequency Response 20Hz~300KHz
  • Signal Noise Ratio: 90dB
  • Hi-Pass Freq. 30Hz-250Hz / Low Pass Freq. 30Hz-250Hz

​​​​​​​​​​​​What’s to like about ​it:

Thanks to its relatively low range of power, this model retains a small footprint, which makes it super-unobtrusive and easy to install within smaller vehicles. Installation is also quick and easy.

What’s not to like about ​it:

For one of the lesser-powered amplifiers on our list, this model still manages to be pricey. It also lacks some of the circuit-protecting features seen in competitor models, meaning that you could fry the circuit if you try to use an incompatible setup, or run through too much power.


  • ​Simple and quick to install
  • ​Very small and unobtrusive


  • ​Pricey for a weaker model
  • ​Lacks circuit-protecting safety features

​4. ​​Orion CB2700.2 Cobalt Series 5400 Watts

41uZzG2769L. SL500

​The Orion Cobalt range was created to offer a fresh look and extended 16-line amplifiers. It handles power ratings ranging from around 300-watts up to a large Class D woofer that can handle 5-6,000 watts, at 1 Ohm.


  • ​Amp class: Class D
  • RMS: 4 Ohm Stereo 14.4V: 450 Watts X 2 Channel
  • ​2 Ohm Stereo 14.4V: 675 Watts X 2 Channel
  • 4 Ohm Bridge 14.4V: 1350 Watts
  • Bridged: Unspecified
  • Max power output: 5,400-watts

​Product Highlight:

​Below is a list of the key components and features of this amplifier from Orion:

  • ​RMS Watts @ 4 Ohms Stereo 14.4V 450 X 2
  • ​RMS Watts @ 2 Ohms Stereo 14.4V 675 X 2
  • ​RMS Watts @ 4 Ohms Bridge 14.4V 1350
  • Watts Nominal 2700
  • ​Max Music Power Watts 5400
  • ​Frequency Response 10Hz~36KHz(-3dB)
  • Signal Noise Ratio 90dB
  • ​Input Impedance 22K Ohms
  • ​Input Sensitivity 250mV~5V
  • ​T.H.D. <0.05%
  • ​Hi Pass Freq. 50Hz-4KHz
  • ​Low Pass Freq. 40Hz-500Hz
  • ​Bass Boost 0~+10dB
  • ​Supply Voltage 11~15V DC
  • ​Dimensions(mm) 274x190x50

​​​​​​​​​​​​What’s to like about ​it:

Although the power output isn’t the highest around by a long shot, the output from this unit is strong and normally enough for most vehicle owners who aren’t looking to blow the windows out with their bass. It’s also built sturdy, whilst being small enough to install covertly within a small space.

What’s not to like about ​it:

This product lacks some of the grounding wires required to complete the full product installation, so you’ll need to be sure that you have these before going ahead. Once installed, it can take some time to fully optimize the gains and high/low pass filters.


  • ​Impressive power output
  • ​Strong and durable build quality


  • ​Not all required installation wires are included
  • ​Optimizing gains and high/low pass filters can be tricky

​5. ​​​Orion HCCA11000.1D Competition Series Mono-Channel

41e9cqZoaXL. SL500

The Orion HCCA11000.1D is a complete beast of an in-car amplifier, with a massive maximum power output of 11,000-watts. This unit is only going to be needed by those people who have an extremely complex and power-hungry audio setup within their vehicle.


  • ​Amp class: Class D
  • RMS: 4 Ohm Stereo 12.6V:   4650 Watts X 1 Channel
  • RMS Watts @ 2 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 7330 Watts X 1 Channel
  • arrow-circle-rightRMS Watts @ 1 Ohm Stereo 12.6V: 12200 Watts X 1 Channel
  • arrow-circle-right​Bridged: Controlled bridge mode
  • arrow-circle-right​Max power output: 11,000-watts
  • arrow-circle-rightFeatures: Bass boost, remote gain input, level control

​Product Highlight:

Below is a list of the key components and features that are included orintegral to the Orion HCCA11000.1D in-car audio amplifier:

  • ​Power & Protection Indicators
  • ​RCA Input: accepts low-level RCA inputs (200mV-4V)
  • ​RCA Output: provides easy connection to additional amplifiers
  • ​Level Control: continuous adjustment for full power output
  • ​Variable High Pass Filter x10/l 40Hz-1.25kHz / 400Hz-12.5kHz (button VS non-button controlled)
  • ​Cross Over: (Low, Full, High)
  • Bass Boost: continuously adjusts from 0 to 18dB of boost centered at 45Hz

​​​​​​​​​​​​What’s to like about ​it:

The power output from this amplifier is rivalled by very few other alternative models. If that’s something you need, then it’s a big positive point. Additionally, the inputs and outputs are all on one side of the unit, which is useful given its large size and likelihood to be installed in a tricky position.

What’s not to like about ​it:

This is by far the most expensive unit on our list, nearly 5x as much as one of the cheaper alternatives; however, it is also the most powerful. Thanks to its output, it is of course going to be very bulky and far heavier than other units. This makes it harder to install and require more space in the vehicle, too.


  • ​Incredibly high-power output
  • ​Inputs and outputs on one side of unit


  • ​Incredibly expensive amp
  • ​Very big, bulky, and heavy unit

Final Verdict

To summarize, the ​Orion XTR2500.1Dz XTR Series 2500 Watts our pick of the bunch from these 5 Orion amps. It has the greatest power output of any of the models we’ve looked & consist of cool features like Input and output configs, level control, subsonic filter etc.