Pioneer TS-SWX3002 Review

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Review of: ​Pioneer TS-SWX3002

Category: ​​Shallow Mount Subwoofer

​Build Quality

​Pioneer haven’t skimped on quality audio components.

Value For Money

​Decent quality, though lacks the power of larger subwoofers.


​Compact unit won’t consume all your trunk space.

​Ease of Use

​Straightforward to connect to an existing audio system.

What I Like

  • ​Relatively inexpensive
  • ​Brand known for quality
  • ​Takes up a small footprint in the trunk

What I Don’t Like

  • ​No side brackets for mounting
  • ​Only a single subwoofer
  • ​Won’t give you ground-shaking bass

​Perhaps you’re looking for an everyday component to improve your vehicle’s existing subwoofer, or maybe you need a powerful sound system that can compete with the best of them. In this review, we’re going to look at the Pioneer TS-SWX3002 subwoofer, a unit that’s used to boost low-frequency bass, improving your in-car music experience.

​Product ​Overview

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​Due to the subwoofer’s innovative pre-loaded enclosure design, the TS-SWX3002 enclosure is compatible for installation in either the vehicle’s cabin or the luggage area. This allows greater use of limited vehicle space, unlike bulky systems that command the whole trunk. Compact dimensions mean that you can also install this subwoofer in the cab of various sized trucks. What’s more, the enclosure is entirely carpeted, resulting in a scratch-resistant, non-slip design.

​Who is This Product For?

Given that this is just a single subwoofer, it won’t give you the most powerful low-frequency bass sounds you’d expect from a comprehensive sound system. However, it’ll still add more punch to your music in the car. Essentially, it’s well suited to somebody who doesn’t want to spend a great deal on a larger, more well-equipped model.

 Similarly, anybody concerned about space within their vehicle would be best-suited to a subwoofer of this size. This compact model doesn’t take up a great deal of space. Unlike larger models, it occupies a very small footprint, leaving heaps of room in the trunk for other equipment or for shopping.

​What’s Included

​The Pioneer TS-SWX3002 comes in a solid box that should safely protect all the components in transit. Positioned at the top of the packaging are your mounted brackets, which are used for securing the subwoofer, plus the associated screws. The main subwoofer is securely packaged within Styrofoam and the associated power cables are included beneath. The surface is carpeted, making it non-slip and resistant to scratches. It’s also sturdy enough for other components or items to be stacked on top when the vehicle’s full.

​Overview of Features

This unit comes with a shallow-mount Pioneer subwoofer preloaded, with a large cone build that provides enhanced gasket and cone surface, yet without changing its standard external dimension. This design choice permits the subwoofer to put out deeper and louder low-frequency bass by manipulating more of the surrounding air.

Build quality is good, using extremely rigid cone that’s produced from injection-molded MICA resin. This results in a highly rigid and durable cone structure. There’s also a dual-spider design, which enables greater cone motion control. Finally, it’s worth mentioning the inclusion of angled push terminals, which make it incredibly straightforward to hook up to speaker wires.


​Though it may not be the most powerful subwoofer around, this Pioneer subwoofer will do the job for your average user. This subwoofer provides very accurate bass owing to its smaller, sealed design. Drum basslines are tight and punchy, while guitar notes are sharp and not muddy. If you’re conscious of either space or budget, then this could be the perfect entry-level subwoofer for you and your vehicle.

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