Rockford Fosgate Speakers Review

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Jim Fosgate made a discovery while working in his garage in 1973. He realized music and the human ear have different audio properties.

He discovered the human ear didn’t have the same sonic curve or signature as music.

This leads to lower frequencies at soft volumes sounding different than the actual music.

From this discovery Jim Fosgate and his friends spent days and nights engineering the perfect sound equipment for consumers.

The timeline of innovative products began with the PR-7000 amplifier.

Shortly after its success, Fosgate introduced the Punch and Punch Power brands to create sound quality that was never experienced before.

Rockford Fosgate Speakers Series

  • Prime
  • Punch
  • Power

The prime speaker series kept the original essence of the brand when it was first introduced.

It has, however, improved with time to keep up with demanding trends.

Prime speakers are the perfect gear4wheels1-20nts for most cars’ factory speaker systems.

Rockford fosgate prime serie

All speakers listed under the Prime series have vacuum polypropylene cones. The cone shape is quite important for sound systems because it delivers directivity and suppression of resonance.

The speakers are either two-way components or full-range speakers.

The Punch series speakers deliver the music power you want.

All speaker systems under the Punch series have the design and technology to deliver optimum sound performance.

The Punch series is perfect for those audiophiles who want to “feel” rather than listen to music.

Rockford fosgate punch serie

The Punch speakers have the handling power and sensitivity range to guarantee sounds are rich and clear with no distortion.

The type of speakers can be full range or component. It can also be two or three way. Two way coaxial versions are also available.

The top-class speaker system is a collection of components and two-way type speakers.

The Power speaker systems deliver a new world of sound elevation in greater accuracy and clarity.

You’ll never miss a beat or sound range with the Power series.

Rockford fosgate power serie

The Power product range exceeds most of the handling power to deliver the sound expectation. The design of the speaker and the rubber surround work together to push amplified and clear sounds.

The speaker systems arrive with a full set of sound equipment with the relevant hardware. The Rockford branded hardware shows parts are genuine. The parts work together to deliver optimum quality sounds.

Rockford Fosgate Speakers Reviews

Comparison Chart

31sLbEyVZiL. SL500
Rockford Fosgate P165-SE Punch 6.5″ 2-Way Component Speaker System with External Crossover (Pair)
31CHQa5kE1L. SL500
Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 6″x8″ 3-Way Coaxial Full Range Speaker – Black (Pair)
31eLk6EkOLL. SL500
Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 4″x 6″ 2-way Full Range Speaker (Pair)
31HcK+pDejL. SL500
Rockford Fosgate P132 Punch 3.50″ 2-Way Full Range Speaker (Pair)

1. Rockford Fosgate P165-SE

31sLbEyVZiL. SL500

A division of the Punch series the P165-SE has the power to boost your car’s sound system.

The unique use of the injected molded mineral filled polypropylene cone delivers accurate sound.


  • Sensitivity:88dB
  • RMS: 5-60W
  • Peak Power: 120W
  • Frequency Response: 44Hz-20KHz
  • 2way/3way/4way: 2-way

The signature Vertical Attached Sound Technique (VAST) expands the surface of the cone to amplify the bass response.

At high volumes when the bass gets heavy the speaker still provides a full range of sounds without distortion.

The P165-SE has an updated external crossovers design. The new crossovers will deliver smooth high, lows and mids.

These speakers can fit well into European made cars such as Volkswagen and Citroen. Instead of using screws that may not fit, the P165-SE features a slot design on the outer edge of the speaker.

The P165-SE speaker system consists of the following:

  • Two woofers
  • Two tweeters
  • Two crossovers

Included in the package is the hardware and instructions to help you install the speaker.

The dome tweeters are made with polyether imide, which is a polymer film that produces superior sounds.


  • The whole system is easy to install
  • There is improved sound clarity compared to a car’s factory speakers
  • There is hardly any distortion even when volumes are high
  • The P165-SE can pair well with any stereo


  • The speakers can sound too harsh If one component fails you’ll need to remove and replace the entire sound system
  • The speakers overheat drastically
  • The speakers can blow within a few months

2. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683

31CHQa5kE1L. SL500

The Punch P1683 follows a butyl rubber surround which dampens unwanted distortion.

Weather conditions won’t affect the sound performance of the speakers. This contributes to less distortion, superior frequency response and durability.


  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • RMS: 6-65W
  • Peak Power: 130W
  • Frequency Response: 65Hz-24kHz
  • 2way/3way/4way: 3-way

The three-way speakers are embedded with VAST surround. This feature increases the speaker’s effective radiating cone area by up to 25%.

The Multi OEM adapter allows you to connect the speaker to most OEM opening. This increases the possibility that the speaker will fit into your vehicle. The unique Flexfit slotted design also increases the possibility of a perfect fit.

The built-in Integrated Concealed Crossover (ICC) decreases and simplifies the installation time because the passive crossover is hidden.

The kit arrives with two woofers which are mineral filled, injected molded polypropylene. This gives the speaker’s cones the uniform thickness they need. The thickness contributes to the superior impedance Ohm and clarity. The woofers are also lightweight yet sturdy for decreased distortion and improved sound bass.

Each speaker also has two tweeters made from polyether imide materials. The materials boost sounds for a wide soundstage.


  • Sound clarity is improved greatly from the standard factory speaker system
  • Installation is quick and easy if the speaker size fits your car
  • Lows, mids and highs are crisp with no distortion Works well with other amp or sound equipment brands


  • The speaker system doesn’t fit some cars as advertised
  • A speaker can make a rattling noise which indicates it can fail
  • The mounting grill isn’t strong enough and can break before it’s installed
  • The housing for the speakers can be too big for standard OEM holes

3. Rockford Fosgate P1462

31eLk6EkOLL. SL500

Is your factory sound system not powerful anymore? Replace it with the Rockford Fosgate P1462. This two-way speaker system will be an instant improvement giving you back the music joy you love.


  • Sensitivity: 87.5dB
  • RMS: 6-35W
  • Peak Power: 70W
  • Frequency Response: 90Hz-22kHz
  • 2way/3way/4way: 2-way

The Fosgate P1462 features two speakers with OEM adapter plates. These plates make it easier for you to fit the speakers into your car’s OEM opening. They make it possible to fit a variety of cars.

This speaker system also implements the Flexfit design. The frame utilizes slots instead of screw size holes. Not every car uses the same size screws. Slots are standard for most cars; this leads to no disappointment because the speakers can be a perfect fit.

The ICC conceals the crossovers inside the speaker’s basket. This contributes to a cleaner look and also easy installation.

The VAST surround found again in this speaker series increases effective radiating cone area by 25%. The size of the basket remains the same even though the cone increased.

This ensures the full coaxial speakers can fit into most vehicles.

The butyl rubber surrounds contributes to no distortions. This remains the same for all weather conditions which leads to ultimate frequency response and durability.


  • The bass is powerful and undistorted at high volumes
  • Can connect with most factory stereos Installation is straightforward
  • With no amp the speakers are powerful at high volumes


  • Buzzing sounds can occur even when volumes are low
  • Modifications need to be made because the speakers don’t fit in some cars
  • The mounting hardware is very flimsy and can easily break
  • High frequency ranges can cause the tweeter in the set to burn out

4. Rockford Fosgate Punch P132

31HcK+pDejL. SL500

This 3.5’’ two way coaxial speakers are great for your factory surround systems. The 40W peak power drives rich and full sounds without distortion.

There is no need to install other sound systems to amplify sounds.


  • Sensitivity: 87.5dB
  • RMS: 2-/40WW
  • Peak Power: 40W
  • Frequency Response: 120Hz-22kHz
  • 2way/3way/4way: 2-way

The Flexfit and OEM adapter plate allows the speakers to fit into most vehicles. The Punch P132 can fit into Europeans cars too.

The injection-molded polypropylene design makes the speakers thick enough to deliver linearity and clarity. The thickness of the speakers won’t impact the size making them easier to fit in most vehicles. The 25% increase of the effective radiating cone won’t affect the size of the basket either.

The tweeter dome has a built in crossover. This lowers the frequencies to produce rich sounds for a wider soundstage.

The ICC hides the crossovers to eliminate the need for modifications to make the speakers fit.


  • It’s simple to make modifications to the mounting hardware
  • The small size adapts to the different speaker holes better
  • You don’t need to break into the sound system to hear an improvement
  • All sounds are heard with great clarity


  • The speakers may need to be modified to have a perfect fit in your car
  • If the power received is from the factory stereo, distortion sounds can be heard
  • A lot of hardware and wires are needed to install the speakers
  • The speakers don’t produce full and loud bass may not meet with some car audio fans expectations


I have delivered a through, honest review of Rockford Fosgate car speakers that will help you to decide which system better fits your audio needs on the go.