Schumacher SE-3010 Review

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Update: We've not been able to find this battery charger through online retailers lately. Most places are Out of Stock. If you find a place where to buy it please leave it on the comments below.

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So far, we’ve seen Schumacher Chargers that are built for fleet vehicles and cars, but what about if you need to recharge a battery out in the field?

The one’s we’ve seen are far too large and cumbersome to be portable, but the amount of power you get is incredible.

Fortunately, the SE-3010 Model is a more travel-friendly version, meaning that you get the same high-quality results without having to lug a massive machine with you.

In fact, this particular charger is made for outdoor use on the farm or the ranch, which is helpful because that also means that it’s insulated for protection against the weather.

It’s not completely weatherproof, but it will last a lot longer than most other chargers.

Also, it’s relatively lightweight at just over twenty-five pounds and it has an easy-carry handle so you can bring it out to your tractor, combine, or whatever else you may have.

As far as performance goes, this unit works as well as everything else we’ve seen.


Schumacher SE-3010 review

It can work with both six and twelve-volt batteries, and it provides either ten or thirty amps of charging power, meaning that you can get your vehicle ready to go in much less time.

Not only that, but it has a 200-amp starting charge that can revive a dead battery instantly.

The only downside to this model (and the others we’ve seen) is that it doesn’t have automatic overload protection.

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This means that you have to pay attention to when the battery is full so that you can stop it in time.

Otherwise, it could cause the battery to overheat and potentially create a fire hazard.

Thankfully, the charging meter is backlit so that you can see it clearly in any condition without problems.

Overall, this portable charger is a great buy and can provide excellent results for any vehicle you have, large or small.


  • Amp Output: 10 amps fast charge, 30 amp rapid charge, 200 amp starting charge
  • Charges 6v Batteries: Yes
  • Charges 12v Batteries: Yes
  • Fast Charge Mode: Yes



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Schumacher SE-3010 Review
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