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Category: Garage Floor Paint (Concrete)

Value for money

Depending on what you’re looking for, this is an inexpensive solution. However, for better adhesion, you’ll have to supplement with a cleaner/etcher.

Ease of application

If all you’re doing is applying straight out of the tin, then you’ll find this product extremely ease to work with.


Despite the simplistic nature of the product, reports on its durability are overwhelmingly positive.


This is a very viscous floor coating that spreads thickly and evenly, with ease. How far it goes exactly will depend on how thinly you spread it.

What I Like

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Simple application, requiring no pre-mixing. Use straight out of the tin
  • Thick consistency, which provides strong, even coverage with just one tin

What I Don’t Like

  • Lacks any cleaner and degreaser
  • Limited range of colors, and no colored flakes included
  • Strong, chemical smell can persist for some time

We like the United Gilsonite Drylok paint as a no-fuss approach to painting a concrete surface. With no accessories, cleaners or other equipment bundled in, it’s a straightforward approach to getting a more professional finish on a range of concrete floors around the home. Depending upon the current state of the surface to be painted, you may or may not need to supplement this product with a cleaner and degreaser.


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The UNITED GILSONITE LAB Drylok Concrete Floor Paint enjoys a good reputation as a long-standing, durable and high-quality garage floor epoxy paint.

The product itself has been around since 2007, though the manufacturer has produced a vast range of other products and has generally positive feedback from customers overall.

Unlike some kits that include stirring instruments or cleaners, this is simple a straight tin of paint that doesn’t require pre-mixing.

Who this product is for?

This product best suits the home user, almost exclusively.

The simplistic nature of the single-tin epoxy product is suitable for somebody with no prior knowledge of floor coatings, or who doesn’t care quite as much about getting a completely professional, glossy finish.

We say this because some floor coatings come complete with a surface cleaner and etcher, which helps to achieve a stronger adhesion and typically longer-lasting results, as well as color flakes that can enhance the surface and give it a showroom aesthetic.

What’s included

As mentioned, this is a very simple and straightforward product. For your money, you just get the single tin of Drylok floor coating in one color.

If you’ve already got the rollers and paintbrushes to spread the paint onto the surface, then this will suit you fine. However, you’re likely going to want to prepare a little, including:

  • Wearing personal protective gear. Some floor coatings can be difficult to scrub away from skin and won’t necessarily wash out of clothes. Make sure you dress appropriately
  • Obtaining a stirrer to ensure proper mixing of the paint. This paint typically settles into layers of varied consistency throughout the tin, so it requires a good stir prior to use
  • Supplementing the task with a separate cleaner & degreaser / etcher to prepare the surface. This helps to remove grime and debris, whilst etching the concrete to provide stronger adhesion of the paint
  • Covering skirting or nearby equipment you don’t want damaged. This is especially true if using a paint thinner to strip away a previous coating, as this could damage other surfaces

Features overview

This can of floor coating weighs in at around 11 pounds sealed, providing 1 gallon of coverage, and it comes in a couple of distinct hues of gray.

One notable advantage that the design of this product’s packaging has over certain competitors is that it comes in an airtight tin, with a seal that can be reapplied after use.

This allows you to potentially get more than one use out of the can, painting more than one room of average size.


Though there’s not necessarily a great deal to say about the Drylok range, it is a no-nonsense approach to coating your interior or exterior concrete surface in a gray-tone floor paint that can enhance the appearance of your home.

The only extras you’re missing out on compared to some of the more expensive kits is a paint stirrer and some cleaner/etcher, which could be purchased separately for a small price.