Are VM Subwoofers Any Good? [Honest Review]

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VM Audio is a globally established and expert industry leader in high-performance sound products.

The company is dedicated to bringing all music lovers quality sound products that deliver music unparalleled by any other sound company. 

Through the company’s unbending dedication, it has expanded its audio range to more than simply one type of listener.

From the casual listener to the professional DJ, there is a product for all. Listeners can enjoy fine tunes from their cars, Smartphones and/or computers. Yes, even from your yacht.

VM Audio professional engineers listen to their users and sculpt new product lines based on customers’ opinions and experiences.

Let’s find out if they qualify to be on our list of the best car subwoofers!

Subwoofer series


You’ll never guess this is an entry level speaker series.

All products under the Shaker Series produce phenomenal sounds without you paying a high price.

The Shaker Series is best suited for casual listeners as they can’t easily distinguish different notes compared to professionals.

All models have a sleek and sophisticated design. 

vm subwoofer the shakers series

The entry level speaker series keeps to the same quality construction standard of VM Audio’s other products.

The Shaker Series gives you sound systems that have extensive versatility, durability and they’re user friendly. 


The second level speaker series from VM Audio brings power and extravagant performance.

The products under this series are better suited for more intermediate listeners.

These listeners appreciate different sounds and music, and they understand how high-quality sound systems give them the most out of their albums, movies and video games.

The Exlus Series delivers rich pure audio performance for the true audiophile to enjoy

vm subwoofer elux series


As the name stipulates this is the series that is the “jaw dropper.”

Professional DJs, sound mixers and editors will enjoy the pure and highly detailed sounds the Encore Collection offers.

The collection features a combination of performance, style, exclusivity and it’s VM Audio’s revolutionary line.

vm subwoofer the encore collection series

 The sound engineers have accurately sharpened, refined and rethought every detail of all the products. The result of their hard work is the truest and purest sounds and bass tones.

VM Subwoofer Reviews

Comparison Chart

41W9Kg2v5aL. SL500
2 VM Audio SRW10 10″ 1600W Car Subwoofers Power Subs Woofer DVC 4 Ohm 1600 Watts
312oq6Y0INL. SL500
VM Audio Dual 10″ Elux Sealed 4200 Watt Car Stereo Subwoofer Box with Amp
51NXY3hgWTL. SL500
VM Audio Encore 12 Inch 3000W DVC Competition Car Audio Power Subwoofer | ECW120

1. VM Audio SRW10  

41W9Kg2v5aL. SL500

The 10’’ subwoofer is made with the strongest materials to provide the maximum durability you need. It’s air ventilated, impact and harsh weather resistant. The entry level subwoofer is virtually indestructible and gives undistorted sounds throughout its lifespan.


  • Sensitivity: 86dB
  • RMS: 400W
  • Peak Power: 800W
  • Frequency Response: 3-500Hz

The sophisticated design elevates the sound performance. The wide rubber sounds and nickel-plated connections resist oxidation and moisture. They ensure no rust builds up on the sub which extends the durability and lifespan.

The subwoofers were designed to maintain low frequency and long displacement suspension systems. You can listen to loud music and get clean bass notes.

The direct voice coil cooling system and the vented pole direct heat away from the subs for optimal operating temperature.

The good

Other entry subwoofers barely have the power to match the VM Audio SRW10. You can connect the sub to an amp and the sound performance will be better than you expect.

The not-so-good

The subwoofer is not compatible with some sound systems which are powerful. They can potentially blow the subwoofer.


  • The subs produce consistent, undistorted sounds
  • If connected correctly the subs can be attached to your home sound system for optimal sound performance


  • You must be sure not to install the sub with your professional sound system. Professional audiophiles will hear sound differences that entry level subs produce.
  • It must be connected to a power source which it can handle. If not, the subs can blow. 

2. VM Audio EXW12 Elux

312oq6Y0INL. SL500

With maximum performance comes a heavy-duty long lasting product. People with a taste for detailed and pure sounds will love what the EXW12 Elux offers. It’s the perfect sub to help you improve your music distinguishing skills. 


  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • RMS: 1200W
  • Peak Power: 2400W
  • Frequency Response: 27-360Hz 

The EXW12 Elux was built to last almost a lifetime. The subwoofer is built with a durable rubber surround and nickel-plated connections. It can resist dust, corrosion and moisture.  

The subwoofer offers you installation flexibility. You can install the sub either on the ported or sealed side. Both offer dual and single impedance configurations.

The good

The top tier bass responsiveness meets all your music and bass needs. This is accomplished with the high excursion mechanical suspension system.

The not-so-good

The 12’’ sub can be challenging to install in some cars where the socket is smaller than the norm.


  • You hear an instant bass improvement
  • They’re easy to install and hook up to your factory stereo 


  • The sub doesn’t have the peak handling power as advertised
  • The heating thermal is not as effective because the internal components can easily burn up 

3. VM Audio Encore 12 Inch

51NXY3hgWTL. SL500

This advanced level subwoofer is a perfect match if you want to listen to soft clean music or hard, heavier bass sounds. The subwoofers supply the power you need for all music tastes. 


  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • RMS: 1500W
  • Peak Power: 3000W
  • Frequency Response: 23-340Hz

The low frequency subwoofer ensures that low sounds are delivered in a pure form with no distortion.

The subs are resistant to oxidation and the die cast aluminum frame ensures the unit is long lasting. The voice coil provided directs heat away from the sub so it doesn’t burn out. The magnetic structure also increases the speed of cooling. The magnets provide excursion and power to deliver sound performance professionals need.

The good

The sub is lightweight, yet it drives a powerful performance unexpected for its weight and size.

The not-so-good

You have to make sure the Encore 12’’ products you purchase arrive as a pair. Sometimes only one sub is provided. Make sure what you order.


  • The sub provides a powerful and clean sound even if an object is placed in front of it
  • The sub can fill the whole car with full sound even at low volumes


  • The sub can rattle even at low volumes
  • The magnetic structure is not strong 


I hope I have informed you extensively about the the possibilities of VM Subwoofers in this review. The final decision is yours, but we believe there are better out there.